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Garrido-Lecca, Celso (b. 1926)

The Presidents Gardens. The judges chose his translation from the shortlist of four works announced on 10 December The judging panel comprised publisher and translator Pete Ayrton chair , editor and translator Georgia de Chamberet, Jordanian author Fadia Faqir, and university lecturer and translator Sophia Vasalou. Luke Leafgren for his translation of the novel.

Vivencias Y Poemas Segunda EDICION (spanish Edition) Raquel Munoz De Franco

In this brilliant novel the personal, political and fantastical are interwoven to excavate and record Iraq's recent history in all its complexity, horror and absurdity. The translation by Luke Leafgren is imperceptible and mirrors the writer's many changes of register. The author is fortunate to have found a translator totally in sympathy with his writing. Faced with many difficult choices, Leafgren has produced a work both faithful to the Arabic and a work of art in English.

When Ibrahim is appointed to "care for these roses", he is impressed with how immaculate the garden appears on the surface - the crimes lie beneath. His job description and responsibilities keep shifting as he descends into the inferno until he becomes a grave-digger.

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Despite Ibrahim's fear and fatalism, he begins to give the dead a dignified burial, register the date and time of their killing, establish and document their identity by painstakingly gathering shreds of evidence like skin, teeth, nails, etc. Ibrahim's acts of salvation give a history to the thousands of Iraqi disappeared. The point is made that ordinary people can make a difference — giving an identity to nameless corpses ensures that they cannot be forgotten.

It is a seamless rendering of an outstanding work of fiction. Both author and translator are to be warmly congratulated.

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Publisher Christopher MacLehose says:. It gives a publisher immense pride that the scholarship and the genius of our translator should be recognised by the jury for your award.

He is also a keen sailor, and the inventor of the StandStand portable standing desk. While writing my dissertation and needing a creative outlet, I approached one of my Arabic teachers during the final years of graduate school to ask about how to get a start in literary translation.

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My teacher told me about a friend of his who was looking for a translator for his second novel. That friend was Muhsin, who passed through my teacher's hometown of Irbid, Jordan, on his way from Iraq to Spain in the early '90s. I found myself relating to the narrator's attempt to make sense of his place in the world, and the English translation came through almost as quickly as I read. Muhsin Al-Ramli writes on the MacLehose Press website about how he came to start writing the book in The people of the village found only their heads in banana crates, along with their identity cards.

I dedicated the novel to their souls. It was a huge shock to me.

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It horrified me, and, to start with, the novel was a reaction to this event undertaken without planning or a clear vision. The President's Gardens.

Poema: Vivencias

In the reading process you will delve into poetry that can only be deciphered with experiences of a world where everything surrounds nothing and opportunities. Ayala Lugo. Congratulations on this publication, Celia! May this mark the beginning of a rewarding poetic career. Skip to content. May 22 Ayala Lugo Congratulations on this publication, Celia!

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Share this: Facebook Twitter. Communism was outlawed and Neruda's arrest ordered. In Neruda fled to Mexico and lived there until his return to Chile in During his exile he continued writing the poems that were published as Canto general in ; they represent, in the opinion of most critics, Neruda's most significant work.

The work is his attempt to analyze and interpret the political and cultural directions being taken by South America.

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  • The book was banned in Chile. Subsequently, he began to write in a clear and simple style though always achieving a powerful effect. The poems in Odas elementales ; Elementary Odes , for instance, take as their subjects everyday, familiar objects and raise them to a point of dignity and grace.