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Since we are in the age of Laodicea, the church has every wind of doctrine. People cannot find a solid church.

History and Understanding the Past

The market-driven agenda is at fault, in part. All of this is predicted for an end-time generation. What can we do as we try to stand for truth? Jan Markell airs part 2 of her programming with filmmaker Curtis Bowers.

The endgame of the globalists is a one-world government but Jan and Curtis look again at the process and the use of the church in their scheme. By infiltrating seminaries they have turned all denominations to the Left and glamorized social justice. How has the banking industry been utilized?

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We carry the two DVD set in our store. Jan Markell spends the hour with filmmaker Curtis Bowers. While America is flirting with Socialism and Marxism, a one-world government is in the making.

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Learn the history of the Progressive movement in America and their plan to take the leader of the free world down. The Antichrist awaits to pick up the pieces. How is the interfaith movement and Chrislam furthering this disaster? The elites are setting the stage for the global crackdown on biblical Christianity.

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Understanding the Times: So How Close Are We?

Olive Tree Ministries P. Box , Maple Grove, MN, Also, we provide tools to help market your own website. As host of the weekly program Understanding the Times , Jan takes a compelling look at world events from a Biblical perspective with interviews of well-known authors and prominent leaders from around the world. Jan became a Christian as a young girl and has been in ministry since She has written several books and over articles for publication. Recent Episodes Jun Loading the player Jun Listen on Apple Podcasts.

Understanding the Signs of our Times

Olive Tree has got to be one of the most valuable resources for Christians today. Thank you for standing firm in truth. Jan, your program is the highlight of my Friday nights. I eagerly wait for my podcast to update so I can listen to you on my iPad. Your program has renewed the thrill of watching and waiting. I live in Seattle, a virtual spiritual desert. You have encouraged me, as a remnant believer, to thank God for this time and place. I just finished listening to your 2-part interview with Michelle Bachman I love her too!

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God bless you and your ministry and thank you for all you do. Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 8 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Annie F.