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An earlier legend tells of how Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury and built a simple church on the site of this great abbey - possibly the first Christian church in England, "the holiest earthe in England".

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There's also time to savour the special atmosphere of Glastonbury village with its medieval buildings and unusual shops. Visit the medieval village of Avebury ringed by the world's largest stone circle. Our walking tour will bring this ancient site to life. Try your hand at the ancient art of dowsing - prepare to be amazed! Take time to explore the pretty village with its thatched cottages, antiques and beautiful church and maybe enjoy a cream tea or a pint of ale in the Red Lion pub.

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We also drive through the Warminster Triangle, a mysterious zone renowned for crop circles and UFO sightings. Hear about the many theories explaining these strange phenomena and take a closer look at any crop circle formations en route seasonal. Budget Alternative - Click here.

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Including all relevant entrance fees. We also enjoy priority entrance into all attractions. Tours start 30 minutes later before March 1st Returns. Day Tours.

The Red & White Springs of Avalon

Extended Tours. The tower on the Tor is called the St Michael's tower and used to be part of an ancient church.

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It is believed that on top of the Tor the druids did their ceremonies long before any church was there. It has been a place of pelgrimage for many centuries.

The Spectre at the White Spring.

Around the Red Spring a beautiful peace garden has been created and it is called the Chalice Well Garden. The water of the red spring contains iron and it colours everything red, but it is also considered to be healing water. The name Chalice Well refers to the legend that the holy grail, a chalice, can be found underneath the well. The Goddess Temple has a special place in Glastonbury - the Goddess represents the feminine creative force that we all have inside ourselves. The Celts saw this power as something to be honoured and respected, they saw the earth as a mother.

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The Goddess Temple has been created years ago and not only can you be there to relax or meditate but they also organise Priestess of Avalon trainings and many priestesses and priests have been graduated from this training to bring the skills of love, creation and respect for mother nature into the world. Special Information Itinerary Reviews. Manon Tromp I have been a tour guide for many years and I always love showing people around in the very magical place and gee them an experience that is different than anywhere else. Price per Participant. Guidance - each additional participant pays less.


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