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Of course we, as adults, do not sound out the words we read; so our goal is for children to commit words to memory for both reading and spelling. But for beginning readers, it is most beneficial to sound it out. We set a student up for success from the beginning by giving them the tools to decode words through phonics learning and by providing adequate time to review and master older concepts, or sounds, before introducing new ones. Each of the Phonics Readers below does just that. They reinforce the learning. Many children can read long before they can print their letters or begin copywork or writing stories.

I know three year olds who read fluently, and six year olds who are not quite there yet.

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Each child will learn at their own pace. Becky wrote about three important skills needed before reading. It is important to only introduce Phonics Readers if your child knows some letter sounds, shows interest, and can sit in one place for minutes. There are many Reader Sets that teach the phonetic approach to reading. We want to set our children up for success!! And I wholeheartedly recommend any of the below 10 Sets to you today! I have weighed pros and cons for each reader, and I share my favorites.

The most important thing we need to ask ourselves is:. While there is a need for hands-on printables and workbooks, I believe a child greatly benefits from owning their own small Phonics Reader Set. To be able to hold their own books, and be able to synthesize the words without struggling, children will grow confidence!

We read to our children every day, but they rely on us to read to them. Reading a book on their own will make all the difference in their learning and desire to read! Oh the first joy to see them read their own book for the first time! Bob Books are an incredibly effective and affordable option for any child. They include simple illustrations, so they do not distract from the simple developmental text. Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers starts with simple sentences such as:. After phonetically sounding out words, along with recognizing the common sight words in each book, children can begin to comprehend and connect with the text for further understanding.

These are perfect for reinforcing concepts and further hands-on learning, and they are FREE!! My favorite phonics-based book set are the Storybooks from Primary Phonics. I think I am nostalgic because I learned to read with these sweet little books! These books begin with sounds m, n, r, f, s, l that can each be voiced without a vowel sound.

Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game

This makes them easier to blend with the vowel. It also introduces letter Aa as the first vowel sound, which is the case for all the Phonics Readers listed. At the beginning, your child will be sounding out:. The illustrations in Primary Phonics are very simple, and the readers progressively learns their vowel sounds.

These Storybooks Starter Set 1 are the perfect introduction to phonics-based early reading. The books contain decodable stories, so they have an added comprehension element while the inside covers clearly list phonetic concepts and sight words included in each book. Fun Tales are the first readers offered from the homeschooling curriculum, Sonlight. Just like A Beka, they are a Christian company, but they do not have any religious references in their phonics books. I love the fun, simple illustrations, and again, they progressively move through the letter sounds, as your child is able, introducing only a few at a time.

How to teach reading with phonics - 11/12 - Long U Sound - Learn English Phonics!

The Very First Reading Set from Usborne includes shared reading for an adult and child to enjoy a fun story together. The first book, Pirate Pat , uses only 8 letters to create the sentences that your child will read. And each book adds more letters to create more words to sound out together. On the left page, the adult, or older child, will read a more descriptive text that sets the scene or makes the story more exciting! Children start by learning just a few phonemes, then learn to combine these in order to read beginning words.

The Very First Reading Set has 15 high-quality books in all which will be used through the kindergarten and first grade years. We love the fun stories and vibrant pictures, so they are great for children who like an extra visual element! A Beka Phonics Readers start very slow, and they only introduce six sounds at once. These are perfect for readers just starting out. The text is large and accessible for the youngest readers. For example, the Little Books your child can sound out:. CVC consonant-vowel-consonant words are progressively learned with delightful, full-colored pictures.

Learning the vowels — because they all sound so similar to a child just becoming phonologically aware — is not beneficial for most children. These readers may work for your child as a review of the letter sounds or if you think they can distinguish easily between the vowel sounds.

The second two sets of phonics readers are excellent for fluency and early story comprehension: Animal Friends Books , and Basic Phonics Readers Set. Alpha-Phonics Companion Readers are an excellent edition to the tried and tested Alpha-Phonics program, another program that has been around for years.

These readers drill a reader on their vowels sounds before moving to the next letter. Here is an example of the first page of text in the first reader:. I absolutely love these books, particularly because of their large text. A child can sound out each word in the word family with confidence.

These are an incredible resource and I highly recommend them! If you want to save time, you can purchase all developmental phonics books at her store in one click. I created these readers for my son who struggles to sound out three letters together h — a — t , but can understand and synthesize two letters being sounded out together h — a. These are similar to the A Beka Readers, in that they progress slowly and steadily, but they begin with only one vowel Aa , and add more vowels as they are progressively comfortable for the child.

My son, a struggling and impatient reader, has been gaining confidence with these little readers, and I hope they benefit your child as well!! Your student will learn many concepts with the All About Reading: Level 1 curriculum. Click on HERE. Greetings from South Africa …………Thank you for these awesome booklets. Great in helping my boys remember the sounds.

Great in helping my boys remember their sounds. Thank you Anna. I am homeschooling my 7 yr old bright daughter. Your work is a blessing to me. I need not look any further. God bless you. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Do you have any opinions for purchasing these books pre-assembled? Very excited to have found you! Thank you so much! Those books are amazing. I am a teacher from Hong Kong.

I found it hard to teach ESL kids phonics, and your work definitely inspires and helps me a lot! Our family spent a semester in Hong Kong about five years ago when my husband was teaching there. We lived in Mei Foo. It was a special time! Hi Anna, I love all of your little books!

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I use them all the time with my struggling readers at school. I would like to make some of my own on specific things that were are working on in school. I was wondering if you use a template for making these books and if so, if you would be willing to share it with me so I can create some of my own? I create them in MS Publisher using text boxes. You could do the same in Powerpoint or another similar program. I do not recommend MS Word. I pay a small fee for commercial use.

I think this is what is happening anyways…. Do you want me to send you an e-mail giving you permission to print them? I LOVE your phonics readers. Do you have a qu- words book? Thanks for the great resources! Click on the brown link to get the blog post which tells about the set. Then scroll down to the bottom of the post, where you can download it. These books are amazing and wonderful. They help me a lot. I am a teacher from Malaysia. Your book are a great addition to our school in Turkey. I hope you get a lot of use out of them, Jordyn!

I am not getting from where I get the book to print. Hi Vineeta! If you want to get to the post to print a book, click on the brown link on this page. Then scroll down once you get to the post. Such an amazing resources to use at home. I also plan on using these to tutor a little girl. I love that each book focuses on a particular digraph allowing the child to achieve real success in learning to identify it within words.

8 Unique Ways to Practice English Vowel Sounds

Thank you so much for making this freely available. Thank you so much for providing such good materials to support emergent readers. It is very effective too!

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I tried to make some thing easy and simple to read like this for my son. Hi Laura! My students love your books and so do I. Hi Courtney! This set of books is complete, but I do hope to create separate printables for reinforcing beginning digraphs in the coming months. Hi Rebecca! Tie 2. Lie 3. Pie 4. Cries 5. Spied 7. Fries 8. Tied 9. Dried They were made to use alongside the Reading the Alphabet […]. I absolutely love these books, particularly because of their large text.

A […]. Theses both will set your child up for success in reading past these […]. These will both set your child up for success in reading past these […]. This page contains affiliate links. My phonics books Each phonics book is a collection of sentences highlighting a particular phonics pattern.

Engaging Phonics Games to Master Reading

Even the later sets do not advance too quickly, making these a great resource for early and struggling readers alike. These readers are designed to use by themselves or alongside Reading the Alphabet , a wonderful hands-on preschool reading curriculum that our family loves. How to assemble Print the pages front to back, starting on page 2.

Fit the pages together in their proper order. Get the books! Set 1: -an, -at, -ap, -ab, -an, -ag, -ack Set 2: -ip, -it-, -ick, -ill, -ick, -id, -in Set 3: -op, -ock, -ot, -og, -ob Set 4: -ed, -ell, -en, -eck, -et Set 5: -ub, -ug, -un, -uck, -um Set 6: er, ar, ur, ir, or Set 7: Silent e Set 8: ee, oo. Set 9: ai, ay, igh, -y Set ea, oa, ow, ie Set ush, unch, ump, ust, ung, unk Set and, ash, amp, ang, atch, ank Set ind, ent, est, old, itch, ink, ing Set aw, all, oi, oy, ou, ue, ui, ew, dge, ow Set -s ,-es endings Set -ed, -ing suffixes Set Compound words Set Contractions Set VCCV words Set VCV words Set -el, -le, -er, -ar, -or Set -ie, -ey, -y Set -ture, -age, -on Set Prefixes and Suffixes.

Join , readers and get access to our exclusive subscriber library. It's free! Comments Thank you for all these books so invaluable for starter reading. I hope she enjoys them! These are the great books I could ever get. Thanks a ton. Keep up great work. God bless. Hello, Noura! Hello, I just wanted to thank you so much for these books!!!

These will be perfect for my son! Do you have digraph books? I love your printables! Hi Tracy! Thank so much for such wonderful materials. You are such a generous soul! So glad you and your students can use them, LaMareshia! Thank you very much sir. Your resources are very useful for me and my son. Thank you so much for such an amazing resource. This is just what my daughter needed:. Thanks again for all the wonderful books!