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Produktbeschreibung In preparing yourself for reading the Highlights Notebook of the Holy Bible, you must always keep in mind that by no means are you reading anything other than the words of a man and his attempt to give a brief synopsis of the greatest book ever penned. Gesamtwerk Die 8. Ihr Name:.

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It features numerous illuminated panels. Some of them are adorned with gold and a blue pigment derived from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. The layout and style of the manuscript are typical of Parisian bibles of this period. According to a handwritten note in the back of the tome, it was purchased in Constantinople.

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Since , this precious volume has been protected by an oak case designed to mimic the appearance of a book binding. Written over five centuries ago, this Renaissance-era school notebook is a very rare historical document. Beatus was around thirteen years old when he wrote out these lines, taking dictation from schoolmaster Crato Hofmann. This workbook bears the traces of these innovations, but also reflects the educational priorities of Crato Hofmann: combining moral and religious education, with close study of Latin texts from ancient and contemporary authors.

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An account of his four voyages of exploration is included in this volume. Only a handful of copies of this first edition have survived. One of the most celebrated works by emblematic Dutch humanist philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam, In Praise of Folly is a work of social, moral and political criticism denouncing abuses committed by the clergy, as well as the excesses of mankind in general.

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This edition proved to be a great success, much to the surprise of its author and in spite of the virulent criticism it received from the very theologians whom Erasmus lampoons in the text. The original Greek title, Moriae Encomium, was a chance for Erasmus to make a punning reference to his friend Thomas More, to whom the book is dedicated.

The sermons written by Johann Geiler on the subject of Lent — the period of abstinence observed in the forty days before Easter — are here gathered together in an edition compiled by his secretary Jakob Other in Geiler was a hugely popular preacher at Strasbourg Cathedral from until his death in Preaching his sermons in German, Geiler aimed to steer Christians back to the path of righteousness which leads to Salvation.

Throughout the Middle Ages, chronicles were a prime source of historical, religious and worldly knowledge designed to help readers make sense of the world. With the advent of the printing press and woodcut images, it suddenly became possible to print large numbers of copies complete with illustrations.

Liber Chronicarum is a fine example of this tradition, containing some woodcut engravings.

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The success of this work owed much to its numerous panoramic illustrations, including views of cities such as Strasbourg. This work bears witness to the emergence of botany as a genuine scientific discipline, based on rigorous observation. The illustrations contained in this herbarium are considered to be masterpieces of early-Renaissance botanical art.