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Guitarist Tom Maxwell had returned to the lineup after being absent to heal from a broken foot early in the tour, sitting on the edge of the stage but still shredding. Chad Gray is an explosive frontman who spends as much time leaping thru the air as he does singing.


Hellyeah has also partnered up to support to the domestic abuse prevention organization, No More. Having the support from a band like Hellyeah has helped give comfort and solace to those who might have otherwise kept hush themselves, afraid or ashamed to speak out and seek help. You can find more information on the No More organization here view the video for Hush below. The sun slowly dipped below the expansive grass hill of the venue as the legendary King Diamond took to the stage.

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Still dealing with the symptoms of an eye infection, he was forced to appear without his trademark face paint this night. Even without his makeup, the King is still a formidable and daunting persona on stage. The band was backed by a two-tiered set made up to look like a church with candles, skulls, blood and other objects of the dark arts that set the tone for the musical hour-long sermon he delivered. The setlist encompassed songs from almost every era, as well as a few Mercyful Fate covers. The amphitheater was firmly enveloped in the dark of the night when Slayer finally launched into their performance.

Backed by walls of flame, crosses and a large video screen portraying endless scenes of carnage they blazed through a seventy-five-minute set that was satisfied everyone in attendance. There is no disputing Slayer as the champions and torch-bearers of the thrash metal genre. Brazen, unapologetic, and repentless to the end, they are the sum of what the annual Mayhem Festival is all about.

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Mayhem Festival Co-Founder Calls 2015 Tour the Last One Ever

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    Technically unsound. The following Heavy Metal movie images exquisitely and explosively hammer the might and mayhem of the combined art forms smack into your corneas. Mosh without blinking. Film fanatic Glenn Danzig adopted the fiendish face, Metallica bassist Cliff Burton appeared almost constantly in a Misfits logo t-shirt, and the punk-metal crossover took black-winged flight from there. Movies and heavy metal music have gone hand-in-cloven-hoof since genre-inventors Black Sabbath named their pitch-black hard blues ensemble after a horror anthology directed by Mario Bava and starring Boris Karloff—pictured here decapitated and, seemingly, loving it.

    Always a-head of the game, dear Boris.

    Mayhem The Dawn Of The Black Hearts CD Deathlike Silence Anti-mosh Bootleg | eBay

    Witchfinder General expertly realizes this duality. UK doom metal giants Witchfinder General restored the original name to full glory with both their very moniker and an eponymous anthem. The same year Black Sabbath established that rock proper would forever be dwarfed by the dark monstrousness of heavy metal, Mark of the Devil made plain that a new extreme epoch of gutbucket horror would reign at the grindhouse.

    The searing psychedelic poster imagery for English occult hair- raiser Simon, King of the Witches is likely better known than the movie itself, as metal bands have long incorporated its brain-popping eye candy into show flyers and other visual ephemera. You just have to keep watching it till it makes sense. LSD is recommended! This stark, elegant poster manages to be understated while also dominated by a cascade of blood pouring forth from a slit throat. Charges of connubial relations with the Prince of Darkness have been leveled at heretics from ancient times through the Salem witch burnings to a spate of sexploitation movies that parallel the evil-ution of heavy metal.