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Admittedly, Petit Champlain is one of the loveliest areas in Quebec City year round — but it simply transforms into a literal winter wonderland once snow graces its gables. The oldest part of Quebec City is equally charming as Petit-Champlain, with its striking facades and years old streets.

Or as I like to call them, Instawalks. Not too far from Quebec City, a minute car ride to be precise, the vertiginous Montmorency Falls actually the highest in the province of Quebec at 84 metres high, a whopping 30 metres higher albeit much narrower than the more iconic Niagara Falls are simply magnificent come wintertime. I would recommend spending a solid two hours in the park as there is a multitude of viewpoints from which to admire the willful falls. Open from early January to late March, weather permitting, the ephemeral structure is nonetheless stunning in both allure and architecture.

Montreal in the winter

Rebuilt and redesigned every winter as you know, summers in the province of Quebec are cold enough to keep an ice hotel running, quite the contrary in fact, as Valcartier Park is home to a water par the in summertime! Body warmth and high-performance sleeping bags keep visitors toasty throughout the night. Whatever you do, though, make sure to indulge in the tradition and have a cocktail served in a glass made out of ice!

Now in its 18th year of operation, Hotel de Glace is a truly singular destination that will have both young and not so young visitors in awe. All opinions are my own. When travel is concerned, I firmly believe that you should always, always stay in a place at least as long as it took to get..

S panning Kensington Market is not just a market, but a vibrant, living community, home to numerous waves of immigrants over the years. Guest Review Guidelines

When visiting, I.. My first brush with gin first serendipitously occurred a few years ago in a pub in Notting Hill, London, on a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon. Skip to content. Pinterest Instagram Facebook. Search for: Search Begin typing your search above and press return to search. The price is far less than what we have paid for similar spa experiences in other countries.

Mont Saint-Anne, a ski resort that hosts a wide variety of outdoor activities, is just a quick and easy 25 mile drive from Quebec City. Definitely book in advance because this is a popular activity. We love dogsledding. We first went in the Arctic Circle , and I am hooked. It is such an adrenaline rush to be zooming through the snow covered forest on a sled. We had our own jackets and boots, but needed the snow pants.

Top 10 Best Hotels Near Old Quebec, Quebec City, Canada

I also recommend using hand and foot warmers. The primary reason people visit Mont Sainte-Anne is for the downhill skiing. While at Mont Sainte-Anne we also went snowshoeing. This was a highlight of the trip.

Cold Midnight in Vieux Quebec

We got to hike through the. Definitely dress in layers if you plan to go snowshoeing — we worked up a sweat and were shedding layers as we went. Mont Sainte-Anne is home to the larges cross country ski center in Canada. There are kilometers of trails, and ski rentals are available. First off, they have a cheese cellar.

I had no idea that those existed, but now I want one. The cheese plate was exceptional. I had super tender chicken with a mushroom sauces, Kelly had scallops and risotto, and the men got steaks. This restaurant has an upscale feel, but it is still dress casually. It is popular, so be sure to make a reservation. The restaurant is located within the train station just beside the old quarter of the city.

Charbon is a restaurant that is beloved by locals, and for good reason.

Quebec City in November: My Guide To A Perfect Wintery Weekend in Quebec City – wareontheglobe

The meal was everything we could have asked for. Our steaks were perfectly cooked, we loved the sides, and the prices were lower than what we would pay in Chicago. This was the best hot chocolate that I have had since I studied abroad in Florence. It was thick and tasted like a milked down chocolate bar. Try to get a cozy table off to the side of the bar next to a fireplace.

Plus, there handful of locations in Quebec City. We just loved this place — the Paris meets nautical decor was chic and not cheesy, and the menu has a large mix of sweet and savory options. Kelly and I got a breakfast that mixed sweet and savory and had a poached egg with mushrooms and hollandaise on top and a crepe! This uber-popular bakery is the place to get a casual bite to eat. It is also one of few options for a late afternoon snack.

A restaurant that serves up classic French cuisine.

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The menu has items like tartar, duck confit, beef tenderloin, and salmon. Charles and I stopped in for a cheese plate and glasses of wine, and I loved the goat cheese. We chose this restaurant both because it has great reviews online, and because it was super cold and we were staying at Port-Royal Hotel where the restaurant is located.

Charles and Andrew shared a prime rib dinner for two, I had steak and potatoes, and Kelly had pork with risotto. A low key burger joint, we ate here the night we arrived in Quebec City after a snowy drive from Maine.

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  • There is a full menu of different burger options. We thought we were popping in for a quick snack, but learned otherwise.