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I enjoy an occasional espionage thriller, but this one bordered upon everything but reality.

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There was so much action and unrealism that it became mundane and boring. There could be much more editorial on the action in this book, but I feel that I would be describing a video game. May 31, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: action , military , thriller. Non-Series - Military fiction - The absence of an air-defense network on US soil prompts terrorist Henri Cazaux to use airliners covertly equipped with bombs in attacking many airports. When the danger goes national, Hammerheads protagonist Ian Hardcastle, now an admiral, is tasked with getting the network up and running to stop Cazaux's activities.

Just far too much Military jargon in this book. I honestly think it might have been pages shorter had Brown left out all the procedures and processes. Had he done that though, he'd never have convinced you to read and see how all the little breakdowns and human error can snowball into the utter destruction in this story. Jun 04, Dave rated it liked it. This was a pretty standard Dale Brown thriller about a terrorist using non-military aircraft to attack the US.

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The author's note at the beginning, dated , describes the book as a work of fantasy, and "I hope it remains a fantasy. Jun 27, Dennis rated it really liked it. I've read and enjoyed several of Dale Brown's books and I can now add this book to the list. It's a nice page-turner. It is a bit frightening though to think that some of this might actually be possible. It makes me think twice about flying anywhere!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this type of story. Sep 22, Brett Tompkins rated it really liked it. Good story. A bit slow in the beginning, setting the scene for the ending, but as it went on the pace picked up. A tad full of Brown's Air Force techno-babel, but I think that is what he is known for. Jun 25, Clint rated it liked it. So I started this audio book and quickly realized I had already listened to it, but thought maybe i just started it, so I fast forwarded and it was all familiar. I even remember being in an airport while listening to part of it, I wonder where I was going.

Storming Heaven

Oct 18, Pete rated it liked it. I like Dale Brown books. They are pure page-turners and I get to escape into a militaristic world where pretty much everyone's intentions are written on their sleeves. Not particularly complex, but enjoyable none-the-less. I do prefer MacLanahan as the main character, though. Mar 04, Lysergius rated it liked it Shelves: adventure-thriller. Yeah, right Aug 24, Kym rated it really liked it.

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Dec 03, Kathy rated it really liked it. For a fun read it kept me turning pages fast and I couldn't put it down. Dec 20, Laurie Smith rated it liked it. Seemed a bit like a Tom Clancy book with lots of details about the air force and planes. The story was very exciting at times. Aug 22, Shugga added it. I enjoyed the suspense of this novel. A good read. Dec 01, Toesnorth's mom added it Shelves: mom-s. Jan 14, Miguel rated it it was ok. A Bro. It assesses the strengths and limitations of workerism as first developed by Antonio Negri, Mario Tronti, Sergio Bologna and others.

This edition includes a new chapter looking at the debates around operaismo and Autonomia since the book originally appeared in , and is updated with a new foreword and afterword. Foreword by Harry Cleaver Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Weathering the s 2. Quaderni Rossi and the Workers' Enquiry 3. Classe Operaia 4. New Subjects 5.

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Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Weathering the s 2. Quaderni Rossi and the Workers' Enquiry 3. Classe Operaia 4. New Subjects 5. Posted By Spassmaschine Jan 23 Share Tweet.

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