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The Patristic Period c. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance c. The Reformation and Post-Reformation Periods c. The Modern Period c. It is an overview of Christian Doctrine through the centuries. The following serves as a brief overview on the various key events through church history. It is not meant to be comprehensive and many events that one would like to add in have been left out. In taking an overviewed survey of historical theology through the centuries, the writer must have a planned approach to covering certain events.

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In this section of the website, I have decided to include the most important trends and debates through the history of the church, and their theological overviews. This is not meant to be an exegetical overview of biblical doctrine that would be biblical theology or systematic theology. Rather, this serves to familiarize one with basic concepts through Christian History. Why is this critically important? Such an approach allows learners to concentrate on one tenet of Christian theology and its formulation in the early church, through the Middle Ages, Reformation, and post-Reformation era, and into the modern period.

Previously he served on Cru staff at the University of Notre Dame and overseas in Italy and the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. He is a pastor of Sojourn Community Church, and is the theological strategist for Sojourn Network, a church planting network of about thirty churches. Skip to content Enlarge Book Cover. Holiness of God. Holy Spirit. Irresistible Grace. Isaiah - The Righteous Servant. Jesus Christ. Kingdom of God. Law and Gospel. Leaders and Elders. Lordship of Christ.

Love and Charity. Luther, Martin. Means of Grace. New Perspective. Ordo Salutis.

Historical Theology: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine

Pastoral Ministry. Pauline Studies. Philosophy of Religion. Redemptive History. Reformed Theology. Roman Catholicism. Seeker Sensitive. Sermon on the Mount. Sermons By Author. Social Justice. Sola Scriptura. Sovereignty of God. Spiritual Disciplines. Spiritual Gifts. Spiritual Warfare. Systematic Theology. Take Up and Read. Ten Commandments. Terrorism and War. The Parables of Jesus. Theology Proper. Total Depravity of Man.

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