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And it is still sad that in the end even the United States, is more sensitive to this difference although only for the purpose of combatting it. Elsewhere I will demonstrate the extent to which Cuba is a world language; and I will demonstrate that it is, at the same time, the last language of our ancestors, the already residual voice of the giants of and the defeated cyclops of the colonial wars.

It is a thin strip, a fingernail, a hair, a cork in the sea, a very fine cord, very fragile, perhaps badly tied, perhaps weakened, but it constitutes the only thread that still reminds us of the emancipation project of our great teachers, the last vestige of modernity devoured by the bureaucracy of capitalism. If Cuba fell, if Cuba lets itself raise up like a reef before the alluvium, not only the Cubans but all of us would have to begin from zero, as if there had never been either Greece or Spartacus or the Bastille or anything else.

We would have to go back and begin from the Ancien Regime or further back, against Tiberius, against Charles V, against Thiers and against Mussolini, from the natural acceptance - again - of slavery, theocracy and racism. To defend Cuba is not to defend public and universal health, free education, the general culture, the pioneering investigation, the shared in common medicine but also the poor nutrition, overcrowded housing, the gasoline shortage, blackouts, the execution of delinquents and the imprisonment of Raul Rivero, as if Cuba were a lot of creatures inevitably bound to each other or a complicated floral bouquet born of the same earth.

To defend Cuba is rather to defend that difference - whether we we call it socialism or not - in which the values are that which we have always defended and that within that difference even survives the things that we did not support or that we do not like. It is not about, then, how life in Cuba Cuban but what is at stake. How is life in Cuba? Let us speak the truth: life is bad and it does not help any of us who wish to live better to know than there are at least 87 countries in which life is worse.

But, what is at stake? Not only the conservation of some miracles that have become customs, and that have to do with equality and brotherhood; What is also at stake is the freedom and independence from a universal plot of unjust, humiliating and mortal submissions. The Cuban difference is inseparable from and is conditional upon victory in a war of national liberation which, one by one, all the countries of Latin America and the world have lost, and that has been a process in the island, beginning in , when Carlos Manuel de Cespedes proclaimed the freedom of the slaves in the Demajagua.

Vanity Fea

Because of this difference, this independence, conditioned upon all the others, there are many Cubans who not only accept living badly but would accept living a little worse; and to measure its narrownesses from where we sit, despising its sacrifice as useless and inadmissible, is to deceive ourselves of its superior political conscience, its superior moral stature and its superior human dignity.

Cuba would not have survived 45 years if the Revolution, which has not not been permitted to develop economically, had not prevailed intellectually and morally; that is to say, if most of the Cubans did not bear in mind less how they live in Cuba but what is being gambled there. Cuba, then, is a trench which the U.

In trenches life is lived; in trenches people smoke, speak, fall in love, write books and whistle songs; and in so great and so beautiful a trench, with so much complexity, so much flamboyance and so many palm trees, with so much intelligence and so many hands, sometimes to fight is a celebration. In a trench, in any case, the clarity is mixed with the shadows, heroism with everyday drudgery. The education of the resistance - confronted with the radical pressure of the enemy - is never so complete as to avoid the surrender of individuals: those that desert, those that look for their own advantage in the scarcity, those that end up yielding - poor things- to the individual solution or a private scam.

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But in this trench, in any case, the difference breathes and it is not about - I will say it quickly to put to protect me from a reprimand from my admired Juan Jesus Rodriguez Frialle, who a short time ago addressed to me some accurate observations in these same pages- it a not just a difference of degree: it is not that in Cuba thank heavens, there is less oppression, there is less injustice or less violence. It is true that from the superior position, where we do not have to argue about either land or vaccines with an invader, usually we tend to scorn the differences of degree, forgetting that a degree - or even less - is in most of the planet the difference that exists between the life and the death.

But it is that, in a worldwide system of exploitation and unequal interchange, the favorable differences of degree can only be understood as conquered privileges and defended at the cost of other privileges or as a hard-fought qualitative lack of continuity against a system of privileges. Less bad, less violent, less unjust, this less of Cuba is not simply the subtraction satisfied by an unchanging quota, resigned, by maximum evil; it is in history the qualitative opening - whether they close it or not - to another world.

To reduce and to resist are not to take pleasure in relative injustice: it is to confront Capitalism, within the very conditions that are still decided by capitalism, with a thread of another color; to nurture in the most hostile atmosphere imaginable the egg of another logic. Whether it triumphs or not, whether they bring it to its knees or not, Cuba is at once of this world and another; and we can only defend that other world there, on that rock, against those forces, within those walls.

Where else? Outside history?


Without either geography or arms or memory or libidos or strategies? I will add that I understand very well what Juan Jesus Rodriguez Fraile invokes with his imperative "to always want that which is universal", but is better to raise it another way, beginning at the root of the grape vine and not from the wine glass.

Throw the chopped onions and garlic into some olive oil in a pan and simmer over low heat. In the Yucatan, you are using a gas stove instead of one of those horrendous electric jobs they sell you in Canada or the USA; gas is the way to go if you want better control over your heat.

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While the pasta and the onions are doing their thing, get some of those great Kalamata olives you can now find at Costco, already pitted and full of real flavor. Two tomatoes, also chopped, can then be added to the sauteing goodness in that pan. Stir it up a little to mix everything and ensure nothing is burning. Remember that salmon you made yesterday? The one from Costco, a whole half fresh salmon. To the simmering salmon, add a half container of fresh cream.

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By fresh I mean not the canned variety. Alpura makes the best dairy products, from yogurt also spelled here as yoghurt, yoghur, yoghurth, yogurth, among others to milk to butter to cream. Speaking of dairy products, one of my favorite awful names for cheese is a brand called Gonela. What does THAT name conjure up in your mind? Anyway, stir it up until it mixes nicely and acquires some consistency. Add salt if you wish.

Besides the possible damage or not caused to the site by all those trampling feet and the vibrations or whatever some people are saying, the fact that the site is being used for commercial purposes like this one when there is no benefit to the Yucatecan taxpayer or average citizen. The idea that Elton can come and play and the story about the Mayan elders who can not perform their ceremonies there, probably because no one can make a buck off of them.

Seems a little strange to this neurotic foreigner. An abhorrence for crowds and dubious organizational skills as relayed to me by a friend who was at the Sarah Brightman concert. So I am not going. I admit I am out of the loop and the news that all those little eco-hotels and boutique-y palapa hotels in the Sian Kaan reserve at Tulum are gorgeous will come as no surprise to fans of Quintana Roo beaches, but I was impressed!

I will never go to Cancun or the Riviera Maya again! These are all iPhone photos; there are lots more on Facebook in an album with the original name of… Tulum. At the time there was to be a mass protest by Mexicans against the CFE in which everyone was to turn off their lights at a certain hour to deprive the state monopoly of revenues for that hour. It is a very though-provoking email.

Perhaps one day I will translate it into English. Ya basta. No, gracias. No apago nada. Lo siento. Pero no apago nada. Es un mensaje para todos los mexicanos.

Hi William. Have you been there and did you review it? Last but not least — a delicious Pad Thai with pretty hefty grilled shrimp — that was the highlight of the night. It was the one thing we ate that pretty much hit the mark on authentic thai cuisine. The decors is nice, modern, very loungy and comfortable. Typcial yucatecan service….. Of course — they were out of scallops — something the waiter should have mentioned when he laid the special card on the table. Lots of waiters and bus boys walking around but no one got around to cleaning the wet noodles off of the table and we had to track people down whenever we needed anything additional like a glass of water.

I have been tweaking and pinching this and that WordPress theme, and this one seems to be the winner so far.

Yesterday, I imported all my posts on blogger. They should be all here now. Unfortunately, I lost some of the new posts I had put up here, but I am certainly not Hemingway so no big deal there. Plus, a way of seeing the post archives since at the moment only the latest 10 appear.

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Thanks, MexicoBob for pointing this out! Not as mysterious as a good black Christ legend, but still puzzling. If you have the answer or know of a good theory, let me know! On a very recent last week visit to the church at Chumayel some friends remarked on the black Christ, finding it most unusual and so asked me about it.