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Are there storms with or between your friends? Are there storms at work, between co-workers, or even between your company and the customer? What about your social groups, are there any storms there? But the question remains, what will you do?

Dancing In The Rain

But what about things which you have put on hold where the weather is still less than great? Are you going to get back to it? Are you going to learn to dance in the rain? Are you going to learn to enjoy the extra challenge? Will you revel in the chance to see if you are good enough to make it happen despite the weather? At least for some of them?

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If you choose to wait for the storm to pass, what are you missing? Are there opportunities slipping by? Yes, there are costs to waiting, just like there are costs associated with dancing in the rain. How many of those storms are you hiding from? While we all have our reasons or excuses, in the end, we either are doing things in the weather or we are not. That is our choice ; to do or to do not. It is also our choice to enjoy it or to be miserable. Which will you choose, dancing in the rain, or waiting?

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You should check the comments section more thoroughly before commenting, including the comments from both the author of the quote and her lawyer. And she published the work including the quote in , a full decade before Taylor Swift was even born. Thanks for stopping by, but you appear to have the wrong person.

Especially with degrees in Journalism and Communications. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this on your blog. Since Ms.

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Greene originally published the poem that the quote is taken from in , she has invariably published it under her name. Yet, because of the great popularity of the quote, others have appropriated it without her permission and failed to provide attribution, giving the false impression that it is anonymous. A notable example is a book called Motivatinal Quotes, which sold more than a million copies. Updated copies give her attribution. She received a copyright registration for this work in The quote is frequently used without her permission, and often without attribution to her.

Can you please clarify? People can be very difficult to predict. Think about what you want in a lover, then figure out where someone like that would be found. Talking at parties is always difficult.

Dance In The Rain

Find a hallway or a room or step outside so you can hear better. Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving your comment. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, life has been busy for me. The general idea behind this quote is that while you can wait for the storm to pass, you are losing that time, and missing the opportunity to try something new, like find a way to make what some consider an unpleasant event into something you can enjoy.

As for relation troubles, you can either sit back and hope things get better waiting for the storm to pass , or you can work with her to try to make things better dancing in the rain. My heart is aching, and the memory of good days just pass by my eyes like a wide blue strip of mighty sky and some fluffy white clouds in the background. The sun is as golden as always and shining down at us and the love in our hearts is breathtaking.


But my heart is aching and my eyes are raining. I decide to start a dance in the rainy day of my eyes, it is possible yes but my heart stil aching.. You are very welcome. Feel free to look around at some of the other posts, as I have over of them now. I am now learning to dance in the rain at the same time my soul aches. That folks is a dance in the right direction!!

Sometime is best to keep quiet until you know for sure its true. I like your kind words. Yes, sometimes the storm is of our own creation. That can be most unpleasant. It appears you have learned something from your experience. Anytime I learn something from an experience, I consider it not a mistake, but a success. This is the very first blog I really enjoyed. I will keep on reading your texts step by step because they give me so much to think about.

Thank you! Thanks for the kind words. There are plenty of posts here, over a thousand now, so feel free to dig around. I believe we all can improve, and should improve. And that improving is like a moving target. As you get better, you find better ways to improve yourself.

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Sometimes you have to be able to do what you have to do in the wet. Reblogged this on Ammie's Space and commented: haay.. I want to know why kids get this, but adults seem to loose it. Navigation Home Home About …the character of a man… Return to Content By philosiblog on 31 July in courage , decision , motivation , perseverance , procrastination , risk. Like this: Like Loading All generalizations are dangerous, even this one.

This quote is from taylor Swift.

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment, but I am going to have to disagree with you. Kubler 6 January at pm. My intention has been to set the record straight. Thank you.

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Thanks for clarification. Just wanted to make sure I was doing things properly. Frank Kubler 25 December at am. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify this point. Kubler Intellectual property attorney. As a young teenager in northern China, Melody regularly rose to the top of her classes. She loved to be in school clubs and often led them. Her parents and grandparents nurtured her and looked forward to seeing her blossom into a young woman. Qin had never spent a night apart from her parents or grandparents. Attending Fei Tian Academy would mean moving to a new country to start professional training among strangers.

Something emerged when she landed in new territory: the characteristics that make Qin one of the finest classical Chinese dancers in the world. No sightseeing. No relaxation. Qin traveled straight to the dance studio and dove in. When Qin arrived at Fei Tian Academy, however, her heart sank. She could see that her skills were far behind students her age who had attended world-class academies for years. Watching her teachers demonstrate, the gap between her and them seemed stratospheric. To compound things, she had to face every disappointment and discomfort without her family. She missed them so much, and the foreign culture and language disoriented her.

It was the perfect storm for someone accustomed to being the best and she seriously considered turning around. I have no choice but to dance well. Not only did she perform with Shen Yun, she was given lead roles.