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Explore the hidden charms of Myanmar for an adventure 7-day tour teeming with well-known tourist destinations. Step back into the Burmese history to behold tremendous colonial constructions in Yangon city, visit ancient temples in Bagan telling you untold stories…. Your Name required.

Your Email required. Website optional. Services and Support Click here for Support. We are recommended by Tripadvisor five years in a row. Even after a lifetime in Myanmar, there would still be more to see, taste, discover and experience. Take a trip back in time to discover peaceful pagodas, sacred sites, ancient towns and monasteries of Myanmar. Within over 10 years experience in Burma tourism industry, our travel specialists have created a variety of Myanmar tours, travel packages, and tourism services throughout Myanmar for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes. Even more, we work with you to create a unique Myanmar tour to suit your specific interests and preferences.

Contact and let us assist you every step of the way to Burma. Es, TV Shows. Be enchanted by the natural beauty, the diverse culture, and the warm of the friendly Burmese people in this short trip to Myanmar. During 5 days, you will have a chance to visit three of the most fascinating cities in the country including Yangon, Bagan…. This 4-day Burma tour delivers you an opportunity to explore a variety of attractive spots in Yangon and the surrounding.

Visit both the popular sites in Myanmar as well as ethnic tribes at remote areas…. This day fabulous Myanmar tour will lead you to build unique feelings, make satisfied your eyes with the magnificent pagoda architecture, unspeakable beauty as well as a mesmerizing appeal…. Enjoy the most breathtaking time in this Myanmar vacation for 1 week to observe quintessence in main tourist attractions…. Take this day Myanmar tour to capture the essence of the Golden Land, explore the sensational landscape and gain insights into Burmese culture.

Even better, get a first-hand experience of a balloon ride over Bagan, an amazing trek…. Witness the glorious mix of Burmese and British colonial architecture, ride a horse carriage through snaking roads, join in exciting biking trip around Mandalay. This 9-day Myanmar tour allows you to linger in front of colorful vendors in local markets…. Myanmar is one of the most wonderful and exciting countries in the world that now also open to tourism more than at any time in its history.

Let your heart bewitched by this Myanmar itinerary 6 days to experience an incredible journey…. This luxury Burma tour package of Culture and Beach Holiday is a perfect mixture of cultural aspects and beach relaxation. Am planning to go for 2 weeks to this newly open up country this coming Feb. I did not book the accommodation early as I plan to just walk in to book when am there. Enjoy… you should be fine walking in without a booking in February but it might be worth booking your accommodation in Mandalay and Yangon and they are always busy.

Enjoy my favourite country! Hi Becky, Thanks for the most informative and suggestive commentary on Myanmar. I am about to leave Bhutan for Mandalay via Bankok. The news about ATMs is welcome,the lack of wi-fi is not. Will manage somehow. BTW do come to Bhutan if you have not already done so,this young tourist industry desperately needs more young tourists,there are far too many of us over 60s travelling here. Regards John. And it forces you to quit relying on it and just get out there in the open!

Thanks for your warm note and kind understanding for us Becki. I wish you could write one more note about our local foods too. You write that bargaining is unheard of in Myanmar. A quick google search shows that this is not the case. In fact, bargaining appears to be an essential part of the culture. Perhaps you should consider changing the information on this website. I only write from my own experiences after travelling there for one month.

Bargaining is not on the scale I have seen in the rest of Asia, and in many cases, it was met with a blank look and not acknowledged at all. I have not been there, I leave in a few days. I will go for one month. I have read on numerous travel forums that bargaining is in fact the norm in Burma.

I would hate to see Burma turn into a place like Vietnam where tourists are constantly overcharged for almost everything. Obviously I realize that paying a bit extra is ok considering the economic disparity, but paying the original quoted price, if bargaining is expected has negative consequences for tourism and the local people. Bargaining is indeed the norm across Asia, and very much a part of every business transaction.

I lived in Asia for a long time and it was normal for me to do so. However, I am not saying my information is correct or incorrect, just that in my month there haggling was in no way a huge part of the culture. There were set prices, and haggling seemed like an alien response. Yet, even in the cities and main towns, haggling was either non existent or very difficult.

Most of the time, the set prices were very good, or you could get a very little bit knocked off, other times I never made the purchase most hardened travellers know not to purchase at the high price. Also they dont seem to worry about the condition of euros, I changed euro worth of folded older notes and they didnt say anything about them.

Very informative notes. I will be travelling this weekend and this information is just perfect to plan my trip. Additionally I could read elsewhere about the gem stones in Myanmar. I am not really fascinated in shopping but like to hear if you have any experience buying them. My plan is to only book my 1st stop Yangon to Bagan because that is the only one that i i have 1 day in that city. I booked most of my night buses via the accommodation I was staying at. Either that or I got to the bus station is good time to score a ticket. You should be fine booking 3 days in advance!

Beaches & relaxation

Good luck with that. Whilst the Myanmar bus system is growing, not all are comfortable, especially as most of the roads are not exactly… brilliant. And be warned, music and karaoke can be on full volume in the bus until the early hours. From your experiences, which would you recommend for a week detour? If you are keen on doing some decent trekking with breathtaking scenery, I choose Nepal.

You have Everest Base Camp and Annapurna to choose from, alongside some smaller treks. Kathmandu is also a truly incredible place, like going back in time. Thank you for your most informative guide. Could you suggest an itinerary? And accommodation? We are fit, love walking, but still like some comforts from home, like a shower and bed.

Just a couple of quick questions. We stupidly booked out trip before we thought about visas, so inconveniently we have booked 5 weeks and our visa is only 4! How possible is it to cross a border the update a visa four our remaining week? Thank you, Sam. Glad you found it useful. There is a border into Thailand at Mae Sai. Hi, just read your article and it brought back many fond memories. I travelled to Thailand, Nepal and Burma in and absolutely loved Burma. It was like stepping back in time approximately 50 years! The people were fantastic, very friendly, lots of smiling faces and we were treated as superstars in places with many locals just following us around.

Yes, the travel was difficult at times, food in some places was ordinary to say the least, but I remember having one of the most delicious meals ever at a local restaurant in Rangoon. We were only allowed to stay a week at that time — nowhere near long enough but I hope to go back next year and see just how much has changed in 25 years. The temples at Pagan covered in the early morning mist were just incredible. Hi there, your post about Myanmar is very informative but is it safe to go there now?

No more political problems though? Safety of tourists is a huge priority there and as much as there is still military control, it is not as prominent and where it is is in parts of the country that tourists still can access. Hi Becki. Great information, thanks for sharing. Did you hear of any other travellers that did? Or do you have any advice about how to get out there? Are there any special permissions required to fly to Myeik? Cheers and thanks again. No local was licensed to take us out on the boat. Normally to get to the islands you have to pre-apply to the government to get a permit not sure how much this has changed within the last year.

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  • Myanmar (Burma).

Put tourists up in accommodations 2. Have the insurance to take you on big excursions such as this. My most random adventures were from random chats and trying to see what was out there. Good luck! Thanks for this interesting and informative post All ages and all types of travellers — plenty of other people to share costs. You are going at a popular time of the year so have no doubt you will meet plenty of travel buddies!

We are looking to go in September but only have about days. Fly into Mandalay and out if Yangon. Bagan is a must. How would you recommend getting around? Would inle lake be doable as well? Budget will be a consideration and we are around the 50 yr of age! I can honestly say you will not be able to fit all of that into five days — not without skimming through towns and cities in a matter of hours, before jumping on a night bus to the next place and being constantly exhausted. You could fly internally to Yangon after your time in Mandalay and Bagan, that will save you time. There are a few options — Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways etc.

Your best bet is to speak to a local agent when you are there to work out the cheapest deal. Be warned, they are super expensive for what is essentially a short journey.

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Hi again. Main appeal are visiting out of the way places where I can see some crafts that are close to rivers. Can you suggest some places? If you are looking for specific places with crafts you are best asking the locals. I went all the way south and people were not even insured to take us out on boats and some areas required us to get permits to travel to certain islands etc. Thanks so much for your informative post! What do you think? For December, my advice will be to try and book most of it up in advance.

And ring ahead when you are actually in the country to secure bookings and make them. Hi Becki, your advice and tips are really great and very much appreciated. We did Lao last year and Cambodia the August before and all are looking forward to Burma. Can you recommend a guest house in Rangoon and how long would you suggest we stay in Rangoon before training it up to Mandalay? Hi Simon. I stayed in the Motherland Inn in Yangon. Hello Becki, Thank you for your post, it is very useful!

Do you know anything about the border limitations? It seems that the best way is going from Thailand by bus recently authorised by the Myanmar government. Do you have any information about this? Or where can I find more about this topic? How did you go there? By plane? Thank you very much!

A Complete Myanmar Travel Guide: What To Know Before You Go

However, Thailand has been changing the rules recently at Mae Sai border, and even before the changes and the now military coup, you could only enter for up to 15 days — this specific area of Burma having different rules. I flew into Yangon and out of Mandalay. Most people do this to ensure maximum time in the country, working from one end to the other.

This is one of the very rare posts written by a tourist to Myanmar and I completely agree. No exaggeration, no insult, no lack of local knowledge. Very well done. I had a chance to go last year but put it off for this year and was struggling to get the latest news on traveling there but here I am with all this useful information! Thank you! I plan to buy a one-way ticket for arrival and a one-way for departure. I would suggest Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay for easier flight routes in and out.

Get the buses or train up and stop somewhere on the way. Otherwise you will be doing Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan-Mandalay. Have fun! Glad to stumbled upon your advise. Hi thanks everyone for the posts here my wife and I are about to book to travel to Myanmar 17Dec — 2 Jan only time we can. I am a little concerned as all my previous travel in Asia I have just got airfares and worked it out with the locals when I got there.

Is it possible?. I booked my first accommodation in advance and then booked each one as I went along. Each guesthouse was helpful in letting you call the next etc! Hello; i was in Myanmar in July and we rented motorcycles in Mandalay and did a great country trip up to Hsipaw. Namsham and even got to Mogok. Is i possible to travel the Burma road from Lashio to Mu-see to Bhamo and than take the river to Katha and back to Mandalay. WE are also looking into getting permission to go back to Mogok legally this time with a car and permission.

You will have to contact the tourism authorities and check where you may need a permit to enter. Great information. I am planning a trip for May , the dream is to trek deeper into the mountainous regions but it sounds like that might be difficult. Did you run into any travelers who had similar plans when you were there? Hi Connor. I have no idea about the mountainous regions, sorry. Can I get any other information on what to prepare if i wanna go there? My friends are in Yangon.. Is this place a good place and is it gonna be easy to go around Myanmar if i stay in Yangon? So glad I stumbled upon this post.

I am planning to take my 14 year old son to Myanmar for 3 weeks in June. We traveled through Cambodia and Vietnam last year, and many people we encountered recommended Myanmar. We enjoyed doing family home stays in Vietnam, and I wondered if this is possible in Myanmar or if there are restrictions about staying with locals.

Hi Jennifer. I stayed with a family during one of my treks, so homestays certainly are possible. The best advice I can give is ask around — especially guesthouse owners who can recommend what they know in the area or in other areas on your itinerary. Hi Becki, can you point me to your other Myanmar posts?

Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations in Southeast Asia | Austin Adventures

My daughter are I are going for 5 days in late February. We fly in and out of Yangon. Do you recommend we book our hotels ahead of time?

Any must see area to explore? Five is super tight and my guess is that you will only have enough time to see two places, or three if you fly internally and whizz around. They are the hotspots. Everything else in between requires travel time. Great source of useful information, thanks Becki! Oh wow — you lucky things!

Looking forward to hearing about your journey there! I miss it so much. Did you have any problems communicating in Myanmar? Such as ordering food… are menus in both burmese and english? Also, did you use any travel apps that you found particularly helpful? A lot of locals speak English and just as you would in other countries where English can be limited, miming and sign language also help. However, I never felt too much of a barrier as I would in say, China. A lot of menus are in English too. I just took everything as it comes and having a guide book everyone has the Lonely Planet there is a VERY useful addition.

There is no point over planning or over analysing in Myanmar. Best just to go with the flow. Only a week ago I came back from wondrous two weeks in Myanmar. I can only confrim all you wrote about the country. The peaople almost without exception friendly and helpfiul, unspoiled — as if they did not know the concept of atip, they always returned them. Shame we had to do some dollar spendings, which probably went towards the bad guys, as we were buying time, but hopefully in most cases we managed to do right and support the locals, thou it is not exactly clear, when itthis is actually happening.

Take care, I love your writing….. Thank you so much Pedro. Hi Becky, great post — making the place quite approachable, thanks for putting this together! We are mostly interested in off the beaten path areas understand we need to consider local permits and wondering if you have any insight on the following 1. What will the weather be like at that time especially far south, along the river to mid North Mandalay and east of there and the western beaches?

I read conflicting info on the amount and locality of rain. We are thinking about renting a scooter or motorcycle for the period to get around — any thoughts on feasibility considering roads and weather in those regions? Many thanks, Kat. Another reader went in July and was stuck indoors because of heavy rain often.

You might need to do some more digging, but it appears it may not be the most ideal time. As for motorcycles, the roads outside of the main city streets are pretty terrible. I would reconsidering if you are thinking of taking long motorcycle trips to reach destinations — the buses are bumpy and jumpy enough!

My best friend lives there and I cant wait to see him. I am glad I have someone waiting for me on the tail end of the journey. Thank you for your very comprehensive write-up of my beautiful country. Myanmar is undoubtedly one of the most spiritual and unique tourist destinations in the world, and I wish all those visiting there, a very rich and rewarding experience.

Hi Becki, my partner and I are heading to Myanmar in a month. Distances of travel between each place are a main factor also — 10 days hopping quickly everywhere will knock you out. I set him a challenge of 14 days. Joslyn, I am curious to know whether you managed to convince your partner to stay for two weeks in Myanmar? Thanks for all the great info! I will be traveling to Myanmar at the end of August I will only be visiting Yangon and Bagan, do you feel there is any real risk of Malaria in either of those locations?