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This hi-res remastering adds new depth and warmth to an already essential audiophile live set. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in The transfers are made in a facility dedicated to getting the most quality possible from these masters, and preserving all of the information in the files so that it's available to the listener.

I'm an experienced mastering engineer, but I've also been an audiophile myself for decades. Because of my background in the audiophile world I am sensitive to the qualities of sound that an audiophile values, more so than many engineers in the pro recording world. First, it is critical to recover as much information as possible from the tapes, since detail lost at any stage can never be restored at a later stage.

The playback electronics that came with these decks years ago just don't compare to the audiophile grade electronics we've all gotten accustomed to in our systems. The custom electronics that we use recover much more musically meaningful detail, more spatial cues, and more texture and three-dimensionality than the stock electronics. Any circuitry in the signal path, as well as cabling and AC power, are chosen for sonic performance.

Waltz for Debby - 180 Gram (771728 LP)

At the crucial step of analog to digital conversion, we have chosen the Pacific Microsonics Model Two designed by the legendary Kieth Johnson of Reference Recordings fame. As important as all this is, there are two even more important parts of the puzzle: first, the experience and judgment of the mastering engineer in deciding when to adjust something and when to leave things alone.

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Second, our commitment to work as hard as necessary, and to avoid any shortcuts which might compromise quality. The file conversion programs are pretty good these days. This is a question we lose no sleep over.

Taihei Asakawa: Waltz For Debby

We take the extra care; we wind the tape back to the beginning, reset the capture system to 96K, and transfer it again. It's more work, but the result is something we can stand behind unequivocally. First time on HDTracks. Not sure about what formats to pick?

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No problem! We offer "high definition"audio in FLAC format, which means you're going to hear everything you've been missing with MP3 and other "lossy audio formats. Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby.

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