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Disaster dogs are called air scenting dogs. What that means is that they smell or scent the air for any humans in the area. Tracking or trailing dogs, such as Blood Hounds follow the scent of a particular individual that is deposited on the ground as we walk. Arizona Search Dogs is a nonprofit c3 organization that trains, certifies, and develops Canine Search Specialist teams to be mobilized with USAR Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces and to assist state and local jurisdictions in urban and wilderness search and rescue activities. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community and beyond.

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Welcome to Arizona Search Dogs. Visit our Facebook Page. Finding and training a Disaster Search Dogs. Murrah building that had been bombed. I returned home determined that, out of that unfathomable tragedy, some good must come. Standing there, I realized that strengthening disaster response in America was the way to make a significant difference, and honor those that perished on that day. At that time, our entire country had only about 15 Advanced Certified teams, and it was clear to me that many more were needed.

I knew someone had to make it happen, and realized that this someone was…me. And I knew that a small, strong and dedicated organization behind me could turn this vision into a reality. I teamed up with Canine Trainer extraordinaire Pluis Davern and we devised a plan to recruit rescued dogs, team them with firefighters, and train them efficiently and effectively for disaster search.

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We started with three Sacramento handlers and three amazing Golden Retrievers, and each year added more teams. In those days I was driving about 2, miles a month to help the teams train—ever in search of the rubble piles that were essential to their training. I knew we could do better.

I knew we had to create our own training center that would offer complex, changeable, real-life disaster scenarios. I kept turning these questions around in my mind: Did I know what size property was needed, where it should be, or how much it would cost? Did I know how to raise the money to buy the land and build the Center?

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Was I prepared in any way to launch such a project? That was in Thanks to this team, and to the amazing generosity of our donors, today I find myself steering a shiny red electric cart through the NTC as I visit the dogs and handlers in training. I see SDF teams training with other teams from around the country and the globe and learning from one another. I now see a far broader scope for our NTC than I did back in the beginning.

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And while the completion of the NTC marks the end of a long journey, it also stands as the first step toward the future of Canine Disaster Search in this country. For more information. Search Headlines The model of a national organization attracted the interest of wilderness search dog handlers from all over the country.

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At that time, many different search dog groups existed, some with minimal standards and frustrating performance issues. In , eleven handlers from various organizations and teams met in St. Louis to discuss the founding of a national organization devoted to excellence in canine response — from providing training opportunities to developing a comprehensive standard of certification.

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Teams from all over the world and the United States attended, and the cooperation and learning opportunities were inspiring to many. For many years SARDUS offered training stipends to groups all over the country to help provide the education and experience that search dog teams needed to reach excellence. Our website is www. SARDUS remains committed to the education, training, and evaluation of canine teams, through cooperation and mutual trust with other agencies and teams.