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Please add your favorites in the comments. The books are primarily for the 10 and under crowd but, rest assured, a list of 64 Young Adult novels about grief is on the horizon. The Saddest Time kids Where Are You? The Scar kids Someone I Love Died kids What Happened When Grandma Died? A Taste of Blackberries kids Bridge to Terabithia kids My Grandson Lew kids Goodbye Mousie kids The Memory String kids Sammy in the Sky kids Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories kids Old Pig Picture Puffin kids Saying Goodbye to Lulu kids Rabbityness kids Can You Hear Me Smiling?

The Copper Tree kids Ladder to the Moon kids I would be very appreciative if you could add it to your list and give one more book to explore for caregivers, educators, and children. Thank you! As a parent of two daughters who have lost their father and also as a funeral director, I have researched and read endless grief books for children. It is a story that also has small workbook parts children can complete.

Again, highly recommended!! Hi, I looked up this book and could not find it. Will you please let me know where you purchased it. Another great book is Storm of Joy by Sherri Sengsouvanna! A true story of love and loss … Sometimes there is nothing more that can be done for our loved ones battling illness. In this beautiful book, Goodbye Horse, horse and companion discover the true meaning of their relationship, the strength to fight the battle, and the heartbreak and pain of letting go.

I am looking for a book for a 10 year old on the death of both parents. Does anyone have suggestions? Most books are about the death one only one parent. And beautifully illustrated! I would love to find this book again. A very heartwarming story. Ida got sick and died and we see how Gus dealt with her illness and death. Sounds like a very good book, Sonja!! I will look for it. If the children themselves like it so much, it must be worth having! WHY are there so few books for teens?? We are opening a Grief Center in our community and resources for this age 12 and up is hard to find.

There are an abundance of books to choose from for young children. The younger teen years are really the gap in my mind, as older teenagers grieve in many of the same ways that adults do. We do have a post that discusses a few books for teens that you can read here. There are far fewer on this list six. Beyond that I would recommend opening your resource list up to include online resources. Websites and blogs may appeal to teens for obvious reasons and there are a few sites geared specifically towards teenagers.

Please keep your list of books going dealing with this issue. Oh man, Bridge to Terabithia! I first read that book in elementary school for a class before my friend died and it had no effect on me. I reread it in high school, after the death of my friend and I was an emotional wreck. Now I cry every time I read it. Listen to my questions and try to answer them.

What kind of home does Marlyn's family live in? Where do they live? What can they see near their home? What does her father do? What time does What can you say about her father? What does her mother do? Who goes with her? What does Marlyn do while they are away? What does Lola Luisa do? What can you say about Marlyn's family? What did the storm do to their house? How do you think did that happen? How did Marlyn feel when that happened? Was anyone from her family hurt by the storm?

What did her mother say to comfort Marlyn? What do you think will they do after the storm? Let's Recall In our story yesterday, who were living in Marlyn's home? Father is a fisherman. He wakes up early to catch fish. Mother is a vendor. She sells the fish that Father catches. The family lives in a nipa hut.

It is near the sea. In sentence a, who is a fisherman? Lesson 12 In sentence b, who wakes up early to catch fish? Is Father a man or a woman? How many persons is the sentence talking about? What word was used to replace the word Father? In sentence c, who is a vendor? In sentence d, who sells the fish that Father catches? Is Mother a man or a woman?

What word was used to replace the word Mother? In sentence e, where does the family live in?

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In sentence f, what is near the sea? Is nipa hut an object? How many objects is being talked about in this sentence? What word was used to replace the word nipa hut?

Let us now have a look at 40 such popular and amazing stories for kids:

Think about one object in your home that you would want to share. Don't forget to use he, she, or it. Remember This The pronoun he is used to replace a name of a person. He is only used of boys. The pronoun she is used to replace a name of a person too. She is only used for girls. The pronoun it is used to replace a name of an object or animal.


He is a taxi driver. This is a spoon. It is used for eating. Listen as I read the sentences. Look at the pictures beside the sentences. The bag is on the mat. What is on the mat? Dad has a hat. Who has a hat? The ham is on the pan. Where is the ham? Mama has a rag.

Who has a rag? Try to read the sentences on your own out loud. Were you able to read all sentences? Were you able to answer all questions? Choose the correct sentence for each picture. Sam has a fan. Sam has a pan. The bat is in the net. The bat is in the bag. Ram has a wet leg. Ram has a wet bed. The man has a hat. The man has a bat. Jed sat on a mat. Jed sat on a bed. We Can Do It Look at these pictures in front choose 2 famous people and 1 popular object. Choose one picture and say something about that person or object.

Complete the sentences by writing the missing words in your notebook. Lesson 13 Ben has a red mat. The man is mad. The cat is in the car. Let's Answer Read the sentences. Answer the questions about each sentence. The red bag has a tag. What has a tag? Pam is in the car. Who is in the car? The rat is fat. What is fat? The cat sat on the mat.

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Where is the cat? Len has a fan. Who has a fan? Choose one picture and construct 3 sentences about your chosen picture. Don't forget to use he, she, and it. Answer the question I will ask about the sentence. The bats are in the van. Where are the bats? The cat is fat. The pens are in the bag. Where are the pens? The rats are on the mat. Where are the rats? The men are mad. Who are mad? Lesson 14 Answer the questions that follow each sentence. Write your answers in your notebook. The rags are in the bag. Where are the rags? What are in the bag? What are in the van? Ted sells the cans.

Who sells the cans? What does Ted sell? Let's Answer Look at each picture. Write a sentence about each picture. Anton's Spider Lesson by Leah N. Bautista Anton loves to play with spiders. He wants to catch one to play with his sister, Ericka. One Saturday morning, while Ericka was playing in the garden, she saw a spider spinning its web. She stayed there until the spider finished its web. Ericka was so amazed when she saw how the spider laid its eggs in the spider egg sac.

Suddenly, Anton tried to catch the spider. Ericka stopped him. They make our home. Anton learned a lesson from the spiders.

Answer the questions about the short story. Who loves to play with spiders? What did Ericka see in the garden? How did Ericka feel when she saw that? What did Ericka do when Anton was about to catch the spider? Lesson 15 What did Ericka say? What can you say about Ericka? We Can Do It Look at the pictures.

Complete the sentences by writing he, she, or it. This is Ericka. This is Anton. This is the spider in the garden. Arrange the jumbled words to form a new sentence. The men in are bed. The fan on is the Answer the questions that come after each sentence. Write your final answer in your notebook. Tam has a map. Who has a map? Tam Pam Ram 2. Jed ran to the van. Where did Jed run? The bag of Len is tan. What is tan? Ana has a hat. Tam Ana Bam 5. What is in the bag? How many of you still have grandparents? Where do your grandparents live?

What do you do with your grandparents? Choose the correct answer. Miguel likes eating chicken soup when it's cold and raining. The hot soup really makes him feel warm. Which of the following is a picture of chicken soup? Last night, Mateo wasn't feeling good. He cannot eat anything because he lost his appetite. What don't you like to do when you lose appetite? Lucas was brought to the hospital because he was sick. He was bitten by a mosquito that caused his sickness. The doctor said he had dengue fever. What insect caused this sickness? He loves it that Grandma asks him what he wants her to cook before going to the market.

He could request anything and Grandma can cook it — from lumpiang shanghai, fried chicken, and porkchop, to sinigang, bulalo, and ginisang munggo. But his favorite of Grandma's cooking is her special chicken soup. He can eat up to five bowls of her soup! Last August, Gab was brought to the hospital because of dengue fever. It is an illness brought by a certain kind of mosquito. His body became so weak, and he also lost appetite. The doctor told Gab that unless he started eating and drinking, he wouldn't get well. Gab's mother was so worried about what the doctor said. She called up Grandma Malou to tell her about it.

Two hours later, Grandma came with a whole container of Gab's favorite chicken soup! He started eating the hot soup. He ate and he ate until he was so full. What does Gab's Grandma do for him? What is the name of Gab's Grandma? Can you give me some of the food that Gab requests his Grandma to cook? What is his favorite among Grandma's cooking? When did Gab get sick? What did he get sick of? Why can't Gab eat anything?

What did the doctor say? How did Gab's mother feel when she heard what the doctor said? What did Gab's mother do? What did Gab's Grandma do after talking to Gab's mother? Why do you think did she do that? What does that say about Grandma Malou? What did Gab do when he saw Grandma's soup? What did Gab say to Grandma? If you were Gab, what will you do to show how thankful you are to Grandma? Draw your answer in your notebook. Let's Recall In our story, do you remember where the story happened in the beginning of the story and at the end of the story?

Look at the pictures beside each sentence. Gab requests Grandma to cook his favorite food. Lesson 17 Gab got sick of dengue fever. Which of the pictures sentences happened first in the story? Write 1 beside the picture. Which of these happened next? Write 2 beside that picture. Which of these happened last? Write 3 beside that picture. Who is the one speaking here? In sentence 1, who are worried about Gab's condition? In sentence 2, who are thinking that Gab should start eating well to get stronger?

How many are they? What word was used to replace Grandma and I? Grandma and I are both worried about your condition. We think that you should start eating well for you to get stronger. The nurses work hard to help you. They want you to get well too. In sentence 3, who are working hard to help Gab? In sentence 4, who wants Gab to get well? What word is used to replace the noun nurses?

Remember This The pronoun we is used to replace names of persons speaking when there is more than one. Example: Your father and I are going to your school tomorrow. We need to talk to your teacher. The pronoun they is used to replace names of the people being talked about in the sentence, who are more than one too. Example: Tina's classmates surprised her on her birthday. They all wrote birthday messages for her. The pronoun they could also be used to replace names of objects and animals being talked about. Example: The sunflowers are now in bloom. They are very pretty!

The pet puppies are very dirty. They all need a bath. Share about your family. Choose one member of your family. Don't forget to use the pronoun we. Example: I like playing with my sister. We play hide and seek during summer. I like feeding the chickens with Tatay. We feed the chickens in the morning. Gab's Pet Gab has a pet. Gab's pet is a rat. He has a fat rat. Answer the following questions.

Who has a pet? What is Gab's pet? Try to read the story on your own out loud. The Pet Hen Pat has a pet hen. The hen is red. The hen is fat. Pat's hen has 10 eggs. The eggs are in the nest. What is his pet? What color is the hen? What does the hen have? How many are the eggs? Let's Recall When do we use the pronouns we and they?

Choose one picture and tell something about what the members of the family are doing. Don't forget to use the pronoun they. Lesson 18 Answer the questions that follow. Dan's Bag Dan has a bag. The bag has a tag. The tag is in the bag. The bag is on the bed. Who has a bag? What does the bag have? Where is the tag? Where is the bag?

Draw Dan's bag in your notebook. I Can Do It Read the short story. Write the letter of the correct answer in your notebook. The Fat Man Dan is a man. Dan is a fat man. He has a hat. Dan is in the car. Who is the man? Dan b. Jed c. Ram 2. What does Dan have? Where is Dan? Draw Dan in your notebook. How about he, she, or it? Complete the sentence by adding we and they. I will read the sentences for you. The pupils are having recess. Lesson 19 My sister and I like to dance. The kites are flying high.

My friends and I like walking by the beach. Jack's Net Jack has a net. The net fell. Jack's net fell in the well. The net is wet. Who has a net? Jack Len Gran 2. Where did the net fall? What happened to the net? Write the answers in your notebook. The Pens Den has pens. He has ten pens. Den's pens are red. The pens are in a bag. Who has pens? How many pens are the pens? What color are the pens? Family Dinner Mother prepared dinner. She is cooking adobo, pinakbet, and rice. Mary helped her mother in the kitchen. Michael helped set the table. When Mother finished cooking, Mother told Mary to call her father.

Father, Mother, Mary, and Michael sat at the table to eat dinner. When dinner was over, Mary cleaned up the table and Michael did the dishes. Who cooked dinner? What did she cook? Who helped her in the kitchen? Who ate dinner together? What did Mary do after dinner? How about Michael? What can you say about their family? Lesson 20 Write 1, 2, and 3 according to the correct sequence. Michael washed the dishes after dinner. Mother cooked adobo, pinakbet, and rice. The family ate dinner together. We Can Do It Read the story and answer the questions.

Ren's Cat Ren has a cat. The cat has a bell. The cat is on the mat.

The cat ran after the rat. Who has a cat? Ren b. Ben c. Den 2. What does the cat have? What did the cat do? Write 3 sentences about the picture. Write your sentences in your notebook. How many of you have older brothers and sisters. Do you want to be like them? My cousin Joshua studies in a university. It is a big school with many buildings. You see a lot of college students in a university. What do you do in a university? Bambi is now a college student. One becomes a college student after finishing high school.

When do you become a college student? Lesson 21 Welcome Home Nanay Ester is busy preparing food for lunch when I came home from school. It seems that a visitor is coming because it looks like she is preparing more food than our usual lunch. Ate Adel is my oldest sister. She studied in a big university in the city after finishing high school here in Pangasinan. I'm so excited to have her back home! I excitedly opened the door. When I opened the door, I saw Ate Adel with a smile on her face and holding a big bag.

I'm so glad you're back! Is college hard, Ate? Just like you! Is Nanay cooking my favorite food for lunch? Who is coming home after a long time? What's the name of the mother? What was she doing? Why is she cooking? Why was she cooking kare-kare? What does this say about Nanay? Why was Ate Adel away for a long time?

Why is she back? What can you say about her decision to work in the province? How did Tonio feel about his sister's decision? What made you say that? If you were Tonio, what gift can you give your big sister as a graduation gift? Let's Recall In our story yesterday, who owns the small school bag? Who owns the big bag? Lesson 22 Adel Tonio Who is the one speaking here? Who is she speaking with? In sentence 1, to whom does the bag belong to? In sentence 2, what word was used to show that the bag belongs to the speaker? In sentence 3, to whom does the school bag belong to? In sentence 4, what word was used to show that the bag belongs to the one spoken to?

This bag belongs to me. This bag is mine. This school bag belongs to you. This bag is yours.

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Put four things that belong to you on a table. Your partner will do the same. Each one will speak one at a time by telling each other whom each object belongs to. Example: This notebook belongs to you. It is yours. This ruler belongs to me. It is mine. Tonio has a pin on his bag. Adel threw her thrash in the bin.

Nanay gave the baby a bib. There is a big bowl of kare-kare on the table. The baby is sick. Remember This The pronoun mine is used to show that something belongs to the speaker. Example: The pencil belongs to me. The pencil is mine. The pronoun yours is used to show that something belongs to the one spoken to. Example: The eraser belongs to you. The eraser is yours. What does Tonio have on his bag? Where did Adel throw the trash? What did Nanay give the baby? How does the bowl look like?

What happened to the baby? What do you notice with the words you wrote? What sound do you hear in the middle of the letters? Let us read some more words with short i. Teacher will discuss the meaning of the words with you. Word cards: kick, bib, bin, sip, rib, tip, fin Choose a group mate who will spell the words on the board. We Can Do It In front of the class, place two things that belong to you. Each one will go in front and choose an object.

If the object belongs to you, make a sentence stating that it belongs to you. Don't forget to use the pronoun mine. If the object does not belong to you, go to your classmate and make a sentence stating that the object belongs to your classmate. Don't forget to use the pronoun yours.

Complete the sentences by adding mine or yours. The new book belongs to me. The sandwich is given to you. I bought a red ballpen. Those socks belong to you. Read the word card aloud. Look for the picture that shows the word in your card from the board. Post the word card beside its correct picture. Lesson 23 Choose the correct picture.

Complete the sentence by adding mine or yours. My mother gave me this book. Nanay, this flower is for you. This is my favorite dress. This is my test yesterday. Lesson 24 Provide the missing letter for each picture. Write the words in your notebook. Write the correct word for each picture. Balikbayan Box Last night, a big package was delivered to our house. It's a balikbayan box! It came from Kuya Caloy who works in Canada. It contains lots of things that Kuya Caloy sent us. Mother slowly opened the big box to find out what are inside.

Each object inside the box has a tag with a name. Mother slowly looked at all the things inside and read the names one by one: school bag: Peter perfume: Nanay belt: Tatay lotion: Tita Puring chocolates: Timmy wallet: Ate Nena Answer the questions about the short story. What was delivered to the house?

From whom is the box? Lesson 25 Where did it come from? Who opened the box? What are inside the box? Draw in your notebook the objects found in the balikbayan box. Label the objects with the names of the person who is getting the object. Complete the sentences by writing mine or yours.

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Don't forget to look at the name of the person who is talking. Provide the missing letters of each word. Write the correct word in your notebook. What do you do together? Match the word with the picture on the right. They came home with the new baby. They already have two children, Mateo and Andrea, who are very excited to see the new member of the family.

Who came home from the hospital? Who did they come home with? Who saw the baby for the first time? How did they feel when they saw the baby? What did Mateo say? Why do you think he said that? What did Mang Paolo say about taking care of the baby? How did Mateo want to help? How did Andrea want to help? Do you think they can do that? Why is it important to help? If you were the older brother or sister of Baby Mika, how would you help Mother take care of the baby? Think of an answer to the question that I will ask after every sentence.

Mateo will help by watching over Baby Mika while she is sleeping. What other things can his mother do while Mateo is doing this? What do you think will his father feel when Mateo is doing this? What made you give these answers? Lesson 27 How do you think will Baby Mika's clothes look like when Andrea folds them? What made you give this answer?

Let's Recall In our story, who are the new big brother and new big sister? Kuya Mateo has toys. The toy truck is his. Ate Andrea has books. The red book is hers. In sentence 1, to whom does the toys belong? In sentence 2, to whom does the toy truck belong? Is Kuya Mateo a boy or a girl? What word was used to show that the toy belongs to him? You can make a guess by: 1. Looking for clues in the story. Understanding events by the pictures. In sentence 3, to whom does the books belong? In sentence 4, to whom does the red book belong?

Is Ate Andrea a boy or a girl? What word was used to show that the toy belongs to her? We Can Do It Work with a partner. Group Sharing: In front of the class, show your classmates the pencil and tell the group whom the pencil belongs.