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I see the symbolism. Maybe even distasteful? I won- der if it were the Koran, would Islamic people be offended? I wonder if any advertisers or poten- tial advertisers feel that way. Just wondering. From the very poor to the very wealthy, none of us are safe from ideologue doctors, legislators, and of course the Christian fringe. To avoid further problems, you need to practice abstinence and get married.

Because of mandatory state regulations, I had to endure a waiting period and was forced to listen to a tape about alternatives to abortion. I hate that I had to wait to receive a procedure necessary to preserve my health, as if I had a choice whether or not to continue a pregnancy that had sadly already ended. I hate that the insurance com- pany needed to be convinced that my life was worth the years of premiums paid to them. I tell you all of this because I want you to understand just why I hate the picture you put on the cover this week.

Saturday, Feb. Enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner, open bar beer, wine, and champagne and live entertainment. All trains temporarily diesel-powered. I suppose the wide-open beaver shot with the Bible veil is supposed to be moving. In a time when we are being systematically silenced more and more, it is a huge breath of fresh air to see that someone still has guts.

Good job you guys! Why pick on the French? In her Jan. I feel so used. I thought that if women created and ran their own organization responsible for a nationwide revival of roller derby as well as uti- lizing an old-school banked track which requires much more athleticism and skill, they had really accomplished something. What a dope. I want to respect my elders, but Ms. Gary L. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

CflM aiR? Talk to the first-date specialists. Dating for busy professionals. Austin These fully functional systems will get the job done without emptying your wallet! Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Complete your new computer system with one of these great Altex Bundle Packs!

With the purchase of any Altex System Get these great deals on Microsoft Office Edition! Monday— Friday a. Saturday Noon p. Sunday BOG-5 53B9 www. Ready to launch yourself toward serious success? Because DeVry University is now in town. With flexible class schedules designed to fit your life, you can fast-track yourself toward a degree that can open doors in business, technology or management. DeVry University. B Austin, TX 1. Adame to replace former Fire Chief Gary Warren, who resigned last year, and become Austin's first Hispanic fire chief.

If council approves of the choice during today's Thursday's meeting, Adame, who has served in the Corpus Christi Fire Deptartment for more than 30 years, and has held the top spot there for the last 18 years, will take over as AFD's leader on Feb. If I did only one thing in this process, it was to make sure that we left no stone unturned in the final hours of these negotiations. For more info on the candidates and early voting, see p. And strangely enough, U.

Tom DeLay will mark the first day of early voting with an appearance in Austin to drum up cash for his re-election effort.

Holiday Hours:

See p. Schroeder was dismissed by the APD for her actions, and her partner, Sgt. Don Doyle, was disciplined, but neither offi- cer was indicted by a Travis Co. UT-Austin President Larry Faulkner stepped down Tuesday after eight years running the 50,student university; he will move on to become president of a charitable founda- tion, the Houston Endowment. President Bush delivered his State of the Union message to Congress Tuesday night, congratulated his new Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, described the War on Terrorism as proceeding according to plan, and declared the future so bright he has to wear shades.

DA Ronnie Earle announced that Nebraska-based Bonding and Technical Services of Texas pled guilty, under a plea bargain, to five counts of making illegal corpo- rate contributions to City Council and other candidates in In , council approved domestic benefits for city employees, but following a conservative campaign against the measure, the decision was later overturned at the polls. With a dozen-inch rainfall deficit in , the springs were flowing at half their normal level as of January.

For more info, visit www. However long it would have lasted, it would have been a major black eye to the transit authority and a worse finan- cial blow to the workers, who were already taking hits imposed by management as of Jan. From the narrowest perspective, the union settled for perhaps less than they could have won outright with a strike, but a strike costs them more and risks them more than anyone else, so they need to make that decision for themselves. Unfortunately for all concerned, the decision may come around again all too soon - the new contract expires in about 18 months, with negotiations expected to begin early next year, so unless the combative atmo- sphere or strategy diminishes in the mean- time, we can expect those talks to proceed in suspicion if not hostility.

The available backstory on the prolonged negotiations and settlement is also intriguing. For months, Cap Metro management and its board insisted that the matter was entirely in the hands of its contractor, StarTran. Some of this cosmetic dumb-show may be necessary, for legal reasons, because of the frankly oppres- sive anti-union laws in Texas, whose majority legislators would be right at home in one-party, company union Beijing.

There were intermit- tent charades at board meetings to the effect that all the members could do was wring their hands and make sympathetic noises. Kudos to the mayor for that political insight, and since both sides are giving him full credit for mediating a deal, who are we to say any- thing but, good on you? The deal itself seems very mixed, although the conventional wisdom is that to the extent both parties are unhappy, a contract is probably a decent compro- mise.

Much of the management lament concerns rising health care costs - hardly a surprise to any sentient American citi- zen - and the company did get some concessions on both co-pays and eventu- ally premiums, but not the dramatic changes it initially wanted. That one stung, acknowledged union President Jay Wyatt, but it was accepted subject to the management concession that those new workers would still even- tually reach the top rate, albeit in five years instead of four.

That may seem arcane or picayune to outsiders, but it maintains a crucial union principle, of broader solidarity - the current members were willing to risk their jobs over not simply their own financial security, but on behalf of workers who are not even on the job yet. Good on them, too. Will that woeful man, who turned his back on his fellow workers, now turn down the raises they won with their com- mon courage?

The answer rests not, primarily, on specific economic issues, but on the much more fundamental question whether working people have a right to an effective say over the decisions that most directly affect their lives. Democracy is about taking power over our own institutions, which we have built with our own hands and hearts.

The cou- rageous members of ATU Local have proved once again that unions are central to that ongoing struggle. Second, and not in an alternate reality where Danny Thomas is already mayor. But even if it had unfurled on that astral plane, the situation would still run a distant second to the controversy that came to the fore that morning. S Conference of Mayors in D. Former Austin Clean Water Program director Bill Moriarty, whose lawsuit against the city has him in the mid- dle of a spreading sewage stain, used his six min- utes to rehearse highlights of his lawsuit against City Manager Toby Futrell, Deputy City Manager Joe Canales, and Council Member Brewster McCracken - alleging that Futrell and Canales, pressured by a self-dealing network of contractors and abetted by McCracken, forced him from his job.

Moriarty took credit for reviving the tunnel plan, calling it one of the reasons for his ousting by the city, via contractor Earth Tech. Open Question of the Week: Who clogged the pipeline? Or at least a long one. Not incidentally, the Gables come up for rezoning at 4pm, while the 6pm items concern pro- posed road realignment and public improvements and financial agreements with the latest would-be purveyors of luxury suites. The current form of the Gables deal will be opposed by a coalition of envi- ronmental and neighborhood groups, who call it a discount giveaway of public funds to private inter- ests that will neglect affordable housing while fur- ther fouling the Town Lake waterfront.

Watch out for an overflow. Vehicle starts well equipped. You accessorize [or not]. Simple, straightforward menu pricing. King had a history of run-ins with the police and had been committed to the Austin State Hospital less than a year before. Circuit Court of Appeals. Austin community landfill, in applying to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a permit to make sig- nificant vertical expansions. So both sites will be exempt from any rule changes. Both sites sit atop unlined trash cells and have been grandfathered to oper- ate under current law.

A resolution initiating changes to city code to ensure that development is consistent with existing neighborhoods, sponsored by McCracken, passed unanimously. Austin Police are asking for public assistance in their hunt to find out who is responsible for a rash of random tire slashings around Central Austin. Since October, police have received 29 reports of slashed or punctured tires in the area between Guadalupe and , from UT to 45th.

A single suspect, year-old Tommy Joe Kelley, was arrested in November after police got a call from someone who said they saw him slashing tires near the block of Franklin. Unlike a similar forum at Becker Elementary, the response was decidedly mixed: While a few parents had all the fiery rhetoric of a public school parent scorned, others were cautiously optimistic.

For the ump- teenth time since the proposal was suddenly announced in mid-January, AISD also heard loud and clear that the district could have done a much better job of soliciting parent input before presenting a concrete proposal. Twenty-one-year-old Lacresha Murray - who was twice tried for the murder of 2V2-year-old Jayla Belton - was arrested late last week on charges that she assaulted a female roommate. In the complaint filed last Thursday, Kenneth Flippin, a grad student at the LBJ School of Public Policy, asks DA Ronnie Earle to investigate possible campaign finance violations, and to investigate whether Colyandro committed perjury by not disclosing in a deposition that he was a paid consultant to the Bentzin campaign while also heading up U.

Flippin also ques- tions whether this constitutes illegal coordination between political cam- paigns, and notes that Bentzin did not report his campaign expenditures to Colyandro, although the statute of limitations may have already expired on that point, which would preclude a criminal investigation. Earlier this month, Bentzin told the Statesman that Colyandro had suggested paying him through the printer hired to produce his campaign materials.

Colyandro, DeLay, and Jim Ellis face money-laundering charges in connection with their efforts during the election cycle. He died on a convoy mission Sunday, Jan. Director Sherry Boyles has left the 3-year-old organization to pursue new opportunities in Dallas; her successor is Kelly White, who led Austin SafePlace for 11 years before mounting a bid for state representative in , and has been serving as campaign treasurer for House District 48 candidate Donna Howard.

Ann Kitchen in ; Kitchen and some other original members left the group the following year. Protesting Gov. Already, the groups argue, particulate pollution from coal plants causes 1, premature deaths per year in Texas. Imagine a huge hotel and conference center overlooking Barton Springs Pool. At Aquarena Springs, a former amusement park now owned by Texas State University - home to San Marcos Springs, which gushes million mil- lion gallons of water daily - such a fate was averted last week when an adja- cent acre tract known as Spring Lake, including sensitive undeveloped lands in the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, was secured as a nature pre- serve and park.

The deal is set to close in May. Cong, us www. Call for details. Expires 3. Come meet these wonderful dogs and hear their amazing stories! Cap Metro spokeswoman Andrea Lofye said the parties reached an agreement about 2am Monday morning. Management had initially insisted it would not resume dues collection unless employees rejoined the union.

Of all the conces- sions made, he said, the lower wage scale for new employees troubled him the most. StarTran and Cap Metro won several cost-saving mea- sures, and the union won raises and fought off the threat of a two-tier system, which it considered an attempt to destroy employee solidarity.

The abbreviated nature of the con- tract, down from three to two years until July , however, means that the parties could resume negotiations on a new contract as early as next February. It may take at least that long for hard feelings to subside. If that argument is not resolved, it may have even wider regional consequences than a bus strike.

D Ste. Restrictions apply. Inquire at booking for details. First come, first serve basis. This ad required at checkout for redemption. But Who Benefits? The undersigned individuals have differing desires and interests with respect to downtown development but all oppose the proposed Gables Development package, in its current form, for the following reasons.

Objections to the Gables Development Package: 1. The public pays, but the developer benefits. This [Green] water plant needs to be permanently closed before they kill someone. The old saw was true in Austin again last week, not only for brief but torrential Saturday rains - at about an inch in some neighbor- hoods, the first significant rainfall in weeks - but for the surging debate over the Downtown sewage system, which spilled over into City Council chambers Thursday as the council approved funding for the wastewater improve- ment program known as the Downtown Wastewater Tunnel project.

Both systems were briefly at flood stage last week, as the Saturday rains backed up the Shoal Creek lift station near Cesar Chavez and Lamar, overflowing a nearby manhole with a combination of rainwater and sewage and sending thousands of gallons pouring into Town Lake. According to water utility spokes- woman Laurie Lentz, the midday overflow dumped about 60, gallons of sewage-pol- luted rainwater, of which 10, gal- lons were safely pumped and dis- posed.

The rest poured into Town Lake, at a point perhaps a half-mile from the Green water uptake. According to Lentz, an alarm sound- ed at the Shoal Creek lift station at pm Saturday, indicating a back- up, and AWU personnel immediately checked manholes downstream - where, Lentz says, one staffer saw the overflow first erupt at The treat- ment plant, already on standby because of the alarm, said Lentz, was shut down by 1pm - in ample time to prevent any effluent from reaching the plant. In fact, he says, he only learned from city staff on Nov.

He said he immediately told Joe Canales that further sewer permits would have to be suspended, that the Downtown tunnel project should be kick-started, that the EPA should be immedi- ately informed, and that the Green plant should likely be closed. The buffer size has been increased to feet, although TCE still believes this is too small given how large some landfills have become.

The agency has made significant groundwater monitoring changes, requiring testing wells no less than feet apart at waste sites and barring facility opera- tors from filtering water samples prior to testing. Not included in the new rules are provisions for household e-waste prohibition. Municipal Solid Waste Permits Manager Richard Carmichael pointed to existing com- mercial and industrial rules, saying household e-waste is more of a recycling issue. With respect to more accountable, time-limited permits, based on public com- ment, the TCEQ executive director will now review per- mits and registrations on a continuing five-year basis.

TCE wants added public participation in the process. TCEQ commissioners were set to finalize the rules at their Feb. To find out more or to send comments, see www. They banged on drums and on anything else available and said their goal was to "drown out the lies. South of on Burnet Rd. BEST Fuel economy in its class! Instead, Meurer handed McTear a year determinate sentence, meaning that, had he done well in TYC, he would have had a chance at parole before being transferred to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice adult prison.

Although McTear did well in both the educational and behavioral portions of the Capital Offender Program - a counseling-intensive program for juve- niles found guilty of violent offenses - he did not do well in the correctional portion of the program, during which offenders are expected to take responsibility for their crimes and are challenged to identify and modify behaviors and thought pro- cesses contributing to their crimes. Even after McTear was told that he was being placed on probation, and knew he was in jeopardy of being expelled from the program, he continued to violate the rules by keeping up his pen-pal relationships with female students.

In November, she filed papers with the secretary of state, officially incorporating the Ortralla Lu Wone Mosley Foundation, an organization that will provide a safe haven for adolescents dealing with dating violence. The foundation will offer housing, counseling, resources, and ser- vices - including day care, transportation, and job placement - for adolescent girls and boys who need help. Austin State Rep. This is not just a business to me.

This is my daughter. Car insurance made simple. Immediate coverage by phone. Convenient payment plans. Round-the-clock claim service. Suite Hwy at Burnet Rd. Obey local traffic safety laws and always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear, and proper apparel. Jeffs has been on the lam for over six months, dodging Arizona state felony charges in connection with arranging marriages between teen girls and older, married men, and a fed- eral count of unlawful flight to avoid prosecu- tion.

Meanwhile, last month federal authorities took a trip to the twin towns of Colorado City, Ariz. On Jan. Blackburn is scheduled to consider the arguments at a Feb. Modest Price. VrtJ iL'Jt-d i! Some Restrictions Apply. Good until supplies last. IH, Ste. Ware, O. Jackman, O. Harrison, O. Kitchen, O. Patel, O. Senate candidate gave a press conference and nobody came? Barbara Ann Radnofsky very nearly found out last week as the only relatively high-profile media sources to show up at state Democratic Party headquarters were this newspaper and the Statesman, and the latter showed up late.

No one holding a camera of any sort was there, but of course, the TV stations probably had car crashes to cover that afternoon. And that we are towards the bottom of the barrel in SAT scores among our students, around 48th. Peer Mediation educates school kids in listening, neutrality, and conflict management.

One of the biggest problems this state faces is an uneducated citizenry. What that means for our futures is mass ill-educated folks, no tax base, and economic ruin. It may be just political rubric, but the truth of the matter is Kay Bailey Hutchison is a tremendous advocate of funding public education. More money is being spent today on education today than both before President Bush was elected in and before she was elected to the Senate in So she has been a strong advocate of public education. And, we need to set [a] timetable and we need to withdraw.

Their votes are for sale, and they sell cheap. They care about the military contractors, they care about the people who are making a fortune off of using depleted urani- um on weapons. We also want to know what you think should come next in the regional plan you helped create. Lunch is free for all registered attendees. Visit allsystemsgoconnections. RSVP: allsystemsgo capmetro. Center Suru biui i i. Abandon East Austin 2. Disregard 25 years of local plans directing major employers to the Desired Development Zone 3. Build on the majorTexas aquifer most vulnerable to urban pollution 4.

Spark a building boom in the fragile Barton Springs Edward Aquifer watershed 5. Pretend like they won't spark a building boom of sprawl development in the Hill Country 6. Give Hector Ruiz a shorter commute 8. Buy community silence with corporate sponsorships 9. We stand together opposed to this misguided backwards plan for Austin and Barton Springs. We, along with over 16, citizens, ask Hector Ruiz to reconsider his relocation plan for AMD's 2, employees in Austin and the 1 , employ- ees they expect to hire.

Rick Perry in a press release. HUD gave funding priority to areas with the greatest housing recovery need, said spokeswoman Cathy MacFarlane, meaning the states that suffered the most damage to existing housing got the most money. She also said HUD gave priority to areas it determined to have the greatest unmet housing needs - in other words, regions with housing problems that were unlikely to draw funding from some other source.

For example, lots of homes in New Orleans have been passed down for generations, and many of them were uninsured when Katrina hit because their mortgages, which require flood insurance, were paid off, she said. Geological Service flood and storm surge num- bers. And she tried to disperse any notions Texans might have of a heartless bureaucracy thriv- ing within the distant walls of HUD in D.

If the measure gets a nod from the state Senate and from Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who has reportedly not taken a position on the issue , California would become the 15th state to legalize hemp cultivation. Republican Gov. Bill Richardson has given a nod of approval to the measure, in part by giving legislators the ability to consider the bill during the current day special session. I support it. No Limit. With coupon only. Guadalupe, Ste. Riverside W. Front St. Bell Jollyville Rd B. Austin Ave N. Same center as Gage Furniture..

Cedar Park. Is there no one at the Pentagon or in the White House with a brain Yet, aston- ishingly, Bush and the other dunderheads at the top have either ignored, stalled, or fumbled these life-and-death requests. Now we are learn- ing what their callousness and ineptness cost. Equally disgusting, many soldiers have died because their lightly armored Humvees are easily penetrated by roadside bombs.

An armored truck called the Cougar could have saved their lives; again, though, the Pentagon only started ordering this truck last May, and delivery to Iraq is three months behind sched- ule! This delay comes because the Cougar contract went to a small, politically connected outfit in South Carolina that had never mass- produced vehicles and botched the job. A dozen prototypes did get to Iraq, but had to be recalled because of failing transmissions, etc.

What we have here is a failure at the very top. But that would have required leadership from a real president. Manna from heaven is showering down upon you! So they are now splitting the loot. In fairness, I should note that their good fortunes are trickling down to those below - though certainly not to those as low down as you and me. But the sellers of multimillion- dollar estates, rare art, luxury imported cars, and private jets are in high cotton as the Wall Streeters rush to spend their bonanza.

How egalitarian is that? Antique Roses are easy! Se Habla Esparto! Lamar Participants will leave the seminar with usable knowledge and skills. Fitand Fearless. Becker is full of memories and stories: The gym was built atop a cemetery, so some say a ghost named Constance roams its halls. If so, she passes colorful murals - birds and giraffes, astronauts and football, the requi- site Tyrannosaurus rex - all painted and care- fully signed by Bobcats past.

Invoking the gods of Fiscal Prudence and Efficiency, Superintendent Pat Forgione has proposed transforming Becker into an early childhood center, a cutting-edge model of special education inclusion designed to get 3- and 4-year-olds with disabilities on grade level by kindergarten.

Because Becker has had the first public debate and would be the first to go - possibly closing this fall - it has become the center of the controversy. AISD says the repurposing plan is a way to make more out of less in a brutal state school- finance environment. Even as students keep spilling out of the cul-de-sacs and into crowded exurban schools, enrollment all over the center city is flat or declining.

The question is whether repur- posing is the only - or best - way to correct it. Smaller Is Better?

Best Fiction for Young Adults

When school lets out at Becker Elementary, West Milton Street fills with parents who col- lect youngsters, exchange greetings, and this week complain about the repurposing plan. Standing at the curb, Demetria Batts, a mid- 30s African-American woman in a sparkly blouse and a bouncy strawberry ponytail, chat- ted with Bea Diaz, who sat behind the wheel of her stately blue Dodge waiting for her grand- daughter. Both were outraged. Nearby, Veronica Arteaga herded her three Bobcats to her truck.

But those parents know they can always walk to Becker in case of an emergency, which would be more difficult if their students were bused to Dawson 1. The extra distance also discourages parental involvement. Arteaga, for example, eats break- fast at the school with her boys each day when she drops them off, which she says makes her feel more connected to their education. Gas is really expensive these days. Unfortunately, the latter is also the problem.

As of January, Becker had only K-5 stu- dents in a school built for , or odd stu- dents in each grade. Those small classes are great for students, but bad for budgets. As a result, Becker has two fourth-grade teachers, serving 10 and 13 students each. Still, his joy is not untroubled. I want to fight for what they need. By rolling Becker students into other schools, AISD can move its principal, librarian, and many teachers to the new elementary school slated to open in far southeast Austin this fall.

Forgione speaks of moving the Becker team en masse southeast, but has not yet taken a head count of how many really want to move that far. Forgione did not have exact numbers - or even estimates - of what the new pre-K programs would cost when he unveiled the proposal. Starting a Movement This should be troubling algebra in much of Austin. The most pronounced pocket is in central East Austin, but it also strikes older suburbs, like the Sunset Valley area.

Many of those that remain full, such as Zilker, do so only by suck- continued on p. Customized Gift Certificates for Men and Women. It bears noting that 32 Becker students are also transfers from other neighborhoods. As long as white and middle-class parents remain reluctant to send their kids to majority-minor- ity and majority-poor schools, the Anglificationa and gentrification of previously poor and minority neighborhoods is likely to drain neigh- borhood schools. The irony of the Becker proposal is that it comes at a time when the beginnings of just such a movement is afoot.

Inside Becker, Kauffman had been working with neighbor- hood parents to develop enticing new arts and environmental programs; in the neighborhood, new mother Shay Roalson was scheming with a neighbor about ways to get their neighbors to invest, via their children, in Becker. We need to start a movement! We need a snappy name! Hunting down the 40 wayward Bobcats in Bouldin Creek would no doubt enrich the school and the neighborhood. The answer, in a nut- shell, is more babies, but it remains to be seen whether the neighborhood can deliver them.

Babies by the Numbers Drive east on William Cannon, and eventually you get to a place where the subdivisions give way to pastures; where cattle still plod, and where a red-tailed hawk might float overhead. This, and places like this, is where the children are. Built in , its slanted blue roof bakes beside trees not yet full enough to do much good.

Behind the school is a shaded play- scape in Crayola colors, and arranged in a half- moon around it are the portables: 26 classrooms, accommodating more than students. One in four students districtwide studies in a portable, so AISD officials are typically quick to point out that plenty of quality learning goes on in the ubiquitous beige blocks. As of Sept. Lunch shifts begin around 10 and end after 1. All do their best, but the situation is far from ideal and certainly not equitable. Forget white flight: Now, the trend is family flight, leaving central cities increasingly to sin- gles, child-free couples, and empty-nesters.

According to the latest census data, the average household size in is 2. And those numbers are from , before the market went totally to Venus. The issue is not only cost, but space as well - the charm of tiny, historic cottages wears off as the kids get waist-high, such that many children born in Austin move elsewhere by kindergarten: The 6, kindergarteners enrolled in AISD in , for example, were what remained of more than 10, babies bom in town five years before.

Thus, the same single-family homes that kept central Austin schools full a generation ago are now coming up short. Blame the sin- gles and the child-free. Blame small modem families, and their taste for big houses. Could Bouldin - and other neighborhoods - reverse the trend? Thanks to infill, a city density survey shows Bouldin Creek add- ing some housing units in the last five years. Maybe a baby boom did begin abruptly in , or maybe one is just around the cor- ner. The trustees may have had concerns with the rapid pace proposed for the plan.

They may have been irate over the way it was announced without first engaging with leaders from affected campuses and neighborhoods. Still, an extra year would give the Becker community a chance to count its children and recruit would-be Bobcats. On the other hand, a perception that the school is doomed may only hasten their flight. I would like to be associated with that group of parents. Some of the same groups citing Envision Central Texas as one of the moral imperatives for AISD's keeping schools open are often at the forefront of opposing density.

Central Texas goals of denser cities by keeping central schools open. For one thing, those fami- lies need places to live. South Austin neighborhood groups, for example, have fought condo projects in the area, even those on existing commercial corri- dors. If Austin is to achieve ECT, then, keeping neighborhood schools open is only part of the equation.

The two processes feed each other, as greater density fuels the schools, and beloved schools like Becker give parents a reason to stay. The competition will showcase original works from each of the choreographers. A panel of internation- ally-renowned judges from the world of dance and the audience will he voting on their favorite. Present coupon at time of purchase. Limit one per customer. Belinda had a point. Her smile had died a long time ago, but she mechanically displayed its corpse. I asked for a smoker and was given a small white ashtray to take to the room.

Some room. One dim bulb on a wall fixture. White cinder-block walls. A TV with a few fuzzy channels. The thinnest possible towels, and on the bed a blanket almost as thin. Bum stains on what was left of the rug. Two plas- tic glasses, one small bar of soap. A family had lived here?!

On the bet that NPR listeners are people of some sensibility, I tried to imagine such people or any people living in this room for nearly five months. When Rodney and Virgil put it up on the rack and took off the tranny pan, out poured a black, stinky liquid full of. I showed Rodney and Virgil where and how. Maybe that was when they decided to like me. Rodney wore overalls, a sporty red beard, and the satisfied expression of a man for whom the world makes way - not the whole world, but his world. Rodney naturally likes that. Fairlie's final journey Mr. Fairlie's final journey. Derleth, August.

The first novel featuring the Praed Street detective. The seventh book in the Solar Pons series. Derleth, August Ruber, Peter. The tenth book in the Solar Pons series. The fourth book in the Solar Pons series. The ninth book in the Solar Pons series. Number five, The final spooking The annals of Skelington Bones - spook detective.

Number five, The final spooking. Davies, David Stuart. Number two, The spectral passenger of Swarthy Halt. A sequel to 'The prisoner of Zenda' in which Holmes investigates the disappearance of Rodolf Rassendyll. Number three, The ghoulie from the Globe. Number one, The case of the phantom paperhanger of Bug Hare Hall. In retirement, Holmes relates what happened when he escaped to Italy after 'The final problem'. Davies, David Stuart Cushing, Peter. Daly, Lorraine. Carlisle adventure of the Spanish drums : another tale of Sherlock Holmes The Carlisle adventure of the Spanish drums : another tale of Sherlock Holmes.

Daley, Martin. Holmes investigates the daring theft of the Arroyo drums from the Border Regiment. D'Agneau, Marcel. Churchill calls on the assistance of Holmes and Watson at the outbreak of war. L'ombre de Menephta L'ombre de Menephta. Coyle, A. Donan Green, Richard Lancelyn. Jugged journalism Jugged journalism. Cox, Anthony Berkeley. A collection of humorous pieces, including 'Holmes and the dasher' written in the style of P. Arthur and the bellybutton diamond Arthur and the bellybutton diamond.

Coren, Alan. Arthur comes to the aid of Holmes when a green, greasy fog across London conceals a series of strange crimes. The uncollected cases of Solar Pons. A collection of short stories, and the fourth book in the post-Derleth Pons series. A collection of short stories, and the third book in the post-Derleth Pons series.

A collection of short stories, and the second book in the post-Derleth Pons series. A collection of short stories, and the first book in the post-Derleth Pons series. Clouston, J. Cisler, David N. Holmes investigates the mysterious meanderings of a church pew. Chorley, R. Chabon, Michael. Holmes, in retirement, encounters a German boy and a parrot on the South Downs. Italian secretary : a further adventure of Sherlock Holmes The Italian secretary : a further adventure of Sherlock Holmes. Carr, Caleb. On the threshold of the chamber of horrors On the threshold of the chamber of horrors. Carmichael, Montgomery.

Holmes is defeated by a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's. Capes, Bernard Adrian, Jack. Sherlock Holmes prepares for the final problem Sherlock Holmes prepares for the final problem. Canton, Rolf J. Pulptime : being a singular adventure of Sherlock Holmes, H. Cannon, Peter. Lovecraft and Holmes cross paths in the search for a stolen set of documents. Shades of Sherlock Shades of Sherlock. Campbell, Patrick J. C Green, Richard Lancelyn. A landlady brings Holmes a case featuring a missing lodger, and the first piece of evidence is a billiard ball.

A limited edition of Bruce, Colin. Holmes unravels the puzzles and paradoxes of physics in order to solve twelve new adventures. Sherlock Holmes revisited. Volume two Sherlock Holmes revisited. Brooks, Clive. Brietman, Gregory. Holmes gets married, to the surprise and inconvenience of Watson. Boyer, Richard Lewis. Boucher, Anthony. A letter stating clear disapproval of the choice of script writer is received by a film studio; murder follows.

Quallsford inheritance : a memoir of Sherlock Holmes from the papers of Edward Porter Jones, his late assistant The Quallsford inheritance : a memoir of Sherlock Holmes from the papers of Edward Porter Jones, his late assistant. Biggle, Lloyd. Holmes' nineteen year old apprentice is sent to investigate an apparent suicide.

Lost diaries Lost diaries. Baring, Maurice. A collection of parodies including 'From the diary of Sherlock Holmes'. The pursuit of the house-boat : being some further account of the divers doings of the Associated Shades, under the leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq. Bangs, John Kendrick.

A Sherlock Holmes adventure dreamt by Fulton Streete. Sherlock Holmes again Sherlock Holmes again. Baker Street boys The Baker Street boys. Ball, Brian. Wiggins and the Baker Street Boys pit their wits against some of London's most evil criminals. Sherlock Holmes and the strange events at the Bank of England : with a supplement - the Bank of England : its origin and development : a lecture given by Maberley Phillips, 23rd January, Sherlock Holmes and the strange events at the Bank of England : with a supplement - the Bank of England : its origin and development : a lecture given by Maberley Phillips, 23rd January, Avery, Graham Phillips, Maberley.

A Holmesian pastiche and a facsimile of a period essay on the Bank of England's origins. Sherlock Holmes through time and space Sherlock Holmes through time and space. Williamson, BarbaraDickson, Gordon R. Farber, S. More tales of the black widowers More tales of the black widowers. Asimov, Isaac.

A collection of short stories including 'The ultimate crime' which features the Baker Street Irregulars and references to the canon. The second book in the Black Widowers series. Arnold, Alan. A teenage Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet at a British boarding school and begin investigating a series of mysterious crimes. Baker Street ghost The Baker Street ghost. Sherlock Holmes and a theatrical mystery : being a further adventure of Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, as related in a hitherto unpublished manuscript recently discovered Sherlock Holmes and a theatrical mystery : being a further adventure of Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, as related in a hitherto unpublished manuscript recently discovered.

Andrews, Val Penn, H. Holmes unmasks a ventriloquist murderer. Number in a limited edition of Sherlock Holmes and the eminent thespian : from the diaries of John H. Holmes investigates a sealed room murder that wasn't! Anderson, Poul. A distraught mother hires Eric Sherrinford, the only private investigator on a frontier colony, to find her missing son. Earthman's burden Earthman's burden. Anderson, Poul Dickson, Gordon G. A collection of short stories featuring the Hokas, a race of teddy-bear-like aliens, which includes 'The adventure of the mis-placed hound'.

Anderson, James. A guest at a fancy dress party, in the guise of Sherlock Holmes, is found dead in the swimming pool. As it might have been : a collection of Sherlockian parodies from unlikely sources As it might have been : a collection of Sherlockian parodies from unlikely sources. Adey, Robert C. Gray, HaroldT. McDonnell, W. FibulousReeve, A. Watson, Jnr. Armstrong, AnthonyBenson, E. An anthology of thirty-eight scarce short story parodies of Sherlock Holmes.

Illustrious Client's third case-book : eighteen Sherlockian essays, four quizzes, three tales-in-verse, three poems, two limericks, two pastiches, a parody Illustrious Client's third case-book : eighteen Sherlockian essays, four quizzes, three tales-in-verse, three poems, two limericks, two pastiches, a parody. Williamson, J. Williams, H. Bromley, Albert J. Andrew, C. Graham, R. Fleming-Roberts, G. Gleason, James P. Honce, CharlesBengis, Nathan L. Grazebrook, Owen F. Boucher, AnthonyStarrett, Vincent.

Holmes and Watson : a miscellany Holmes and Watson : a miscellany. Canadian Holmes : the first twenty-five years : an anthology Canadian Holmes : the first twenty-five years : an anthology. Barnes, E. Beam, ThelmaKahnert, Stephen M. Nathan, Hartley R. Schweickert, William P.

Rusch, BarbaraCampbell, Patrick J. Redmond, Donald A. Hollyer, CameronWeller, Philip L. Roden, BarbaraHammer, David L. A collection of articles on matters Holmesian, and on Doyle, by the Bootmakers of Toronto. Sherlock Holmes miscellany A Sherlock Holmes miscellany. Disjecta membra, including The new adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Homes under the lens Disjecta membra, including The new adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Homes under the lens. Sherlock Holmes illustrated with alternative captions Sherlock Holmes illustrated with alternative captions.

A collection of light hearted re-interpretations of canonical illustrations. Sherlock Holmes compendium A Sherlock Holmes compendium. Leonard, WilliamDunning, William E. Toil, CunninRannie, J. AllanRoosevelt, Franklin D. Kaser, Michael C. Hastings, MacdonaldDoyle, Arthur Conan. RandolphRoberts, S. Sherlockian studies : seven pieces of Sherlockiana Sherlockian studies : seven pieces of Sherlockiana.

Cutter, Robert A. Holmes, MycroftGross, E. A reprint of a collection of writings by the Three Students of Long Island. Moriarty principle : an irregular look at Sherlock Holmes The Moriarty principle : an irregular look at Sherlock Holmes. Bryan, Caroline Galerstein, David H. Randall, WarrenGalerstein, David H. A collection of commentaries, articles, and pastiches about Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes meets Father Brown and his creator : a miscellany of scholarship, stories and literary diversions Sherlock Holmes meets Father Brown and his creator : a miscellany of scholarship, stories and literary diversions.

Accardo, Pasquale J. Tibbetts, John C. A collection of essays, comparative studies, and pastiches featuring Holmes and Father Brown. A collection of short stories, previously unpublished in the UK, and a bibliography of the works of John Dickson Carr. Ellery Queen's scenes of the crime Ellery Queen's scenes of the crime. Godfrey, PeterMayberry, Florence V. Walsh, ThomasHoch, Edward D. Simenon, GeorgesMasur, Harold Q. An anthology of twenty-five short stories including the parody 'The adventure of the animal fare'.

Fitzgerald, F. An anthology of seventeen short stories including the parody 'The adventure of the Printer's Inc. Dear dead days : fifteen stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America Dear dead days : fifteen stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America.

Crime at Christmas : a seasonal box of murderous delights Crime at Christmas : a seasonal box of murderous delights. An anthology of eighteen short stories, including two Sherlockian pastiches. Starrett, Vincent Ruber, Peter. An anthology of short stories including 'The adventure of the unique Hamlet'. Shaw, Stanley. Queen, Ellery. Ellery Queen is given a manuscript claiming to be an account of how Holmes tracked the Ripper. The fifty-seventh book in the Ellery Queen series. Rupert Annual Rupert Annual.

Pedigree Books Limited, Blatant Lie The Blatant Lie. Arthur Boyd Publishing Empire, Dynamite Entertainment, Number 1 A graphic pastiche sketching out Holmes' early years. Number 4 A graphic pastiche sketching out Holmes' early years. Number 5 A graphic pastiche sketching out Holmes' early years.

Detective Comics Detective Comics. DC Comics Inc. Number A 50th anniversary issue which contains 'The adventure of the red leech'. Star Reach Productions, Number A collection of stories including the graphic pastiche 'The season of forgiveness'. Publications, Inc. Volume 25, September, Number 12 25th anniversary issue which contains 'The hound of the Basketville'. Associated Newspapers plc, Sherlock Junior Sherlock Junior. Eternity Comics, Volume 1, August, Number 1 A reprint of a s newspaper strip. Volume 1, September, Number 2 A reprint of a s newspaper strip.

Arpad Publishing, Volume 1, March, Number 3 A graphic pastiche. Volume 1, September, Number 2 A graphic pastiche. Volume 1, August, Number 1 A graphic pastiche. July, Number 2 A graphic pastiche. March, Number 1 Contains two graphic pastiches originally published by Dell in Adventure Comics, September, Number 1 A graphic pastiche. October, Number 2 A graphic pastiche. Volume 1, Number 1 A graphic pastiche. Volume 1, Number 3 A graphic pastiche. Volume 1, Number 4 A graphic pastiche.

October, Number 5 Contains graphic adaptations of two pastiches. March, Number 21 Contains graphic adaptations of parts of 'The adventure of the beryl coronet' and 'The adventure of the devil's foot'. February, Number 8 Contains a graphic adaptation of part of 'A scandal in Bohemia' and a pastiche. January, Number 7 Contains a graphic adaptation of part of 'A scandal in Bohemia' and a pastiche. November, Number 6 Contains graphic adaptations of two pastiches.

August, Number 3 Contains graphic adaptations of two pastiches. Number 8 Contains 'Robo en la opera'. September, Number 4 Contains graphic adaptations of two pastiches. Dell Publishing Co. November - January, Number Contains two pastiches : 'The derelict ship' and 'The cunning assassin'. Award Shortlist. Association for Mormon Letters Award.

Gaylactic Spectrum Nominee. Oregon Reader's Choice Award. Branford Boase Award. Batchelder Honor. Amazon's Best Books of the Month. Ignotus Award. Australian Family Therapist's Award. Guardian Greatest Non-Fiction. Georgia Top 25 Reading List. Peter Pan Award. Parenting Book of the Year Award. Caldecott Honor. The Telegraph's novels everyone should read. Claudia Lewis Award.

Whiteout (The Misadventures of Sarah Davies #3) by Ronnie Dauber

Anthony Award. Reading the West Book Award. Buckeye Teen Book Award. Books with Bite: Teen Read Week Michigan Library Association's Mitten Award. White Pine Award. John and Patricia Beatty Award. Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. American Booksellers Book of the Year. Eisner Award nominee. Sheffield Children's Book Award. Red Maple Award.

Prometheus Award. Odyssey Honor Audiobook. Inky Awards. Village Voice 25 Favorite Books. I Migliori Libri del ' Athenaeum Literary Award. Award Long List. Seiun Award. Campbell Memorial Award. NEA Big Read. Eisner Award. Anthony Award Nominee. Prix des Incorruptibles. Macavity Award. Banff Mountain Book Festival. British Science Fiction Association Award. Image: Writers of Faith. Book of the Month Club Selection. Oprah's Book Club selection. Sidewise Award Finalist. American Booksellers Association Pick of the Lists. Spur Award finalist. Deutscher Phantastik Preis. New Hampshire Flume Award.

Prix imaginales. Bisto Book of the Year. Michigan Notable Books. Massachusetts Must-Read. Sophie Brody Award Short List. Award Honor List. Agatha Award. Nederlandse literaire canon in honderd en enige werken, Arthur Ellis Award. Benjamin Franklin Award. Waverton Good Read Award. Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize. British Fantasy Award. Scottish Arts Council Book Award. Virginia Readers' Choice Award Nominee. Delete Key Award. North East Book Award. Parents' Choice Gold Award. Adelaide Festival Literary Awards. Ena Noel Award. Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award. Andersen - Il Mondo dell'Infanzia.

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Author's Club First Novel Award. Louisiana Literary Award. Connecticut Book Award. Great Lakes Book Award. Children's Africana Book Award. Christian Science Monitor Best Book. COOL Awards. McKitterick Prize. Esther Glen Award. Today Show Book Club selection. Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis - Bilderbuch - nominiert, Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize. AbeBooks: 50 Essential Travel Books. Whitney Award. Prijs van de Nederlandse Kinderjury. Volunteer State Book Award Nominee. Anne Izard Storytellers' Award.

Montana NZ Book Awards. Great Lakes Book Award Finalist. Newsweek 50 Books for Our Times. Oklahoma Book Award. Time's 10 All-Time Graphic Novels. Volunteer State Book Award. Top livres de SensCritique. Sid Fleischman Humor Award. Sunburst Award Nominee. Iowa Children's Choice Award. Christie's Book Award. Texas Bluebonnet Award. Kiriyama Prize.

American Book Award. Warwickshire Book Award Winner. Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship Award. Premio Bancarella Sport. International Horror Guild Award. Harry Chapin Media Award. Child Magazine Best Book. Anisfield-Wolf Book Award. Waterstone's Children's Book Prize Shortlist. Le Monde's Books of the Century. Prix Ozone. Carl Brandon Kindred Award. Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year. Bad Sex in Fiction Award Shortlist.

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Prix Elbakin. The Indie Book Award. Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award. Canada Reads Nominee.

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