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Enquiries concerning reproduction outside the terms stated here should be sent to the publishers at the London address printed on this page. The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy of the information contained in this book and cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. The Translation Service—Terminology—of the European Commission has been very helpful, allowing me to collate terms from its multilingual glossaries Roads and Construction in draft , the latter being particularly helpful in the field of health and safety at work.

Cooperation with Madame Fiamozzi of this Service has been enjoyable and fruitful. Single language dictionaries and encyclopaedias have also proved very useful in the difficult task of defining meanings and selecting and discarding terms in each language. The more important works that I have referred to are listed in Appendix B. Finally, without the encouragement and support of my editors, Caroline Mallinder and Fiona Weston, and my wife Maureen, I would not have retained my sanity or ever have completed this dictionary.

Don Montague Aquitaine, Deciding what to include and what to leave out has often been difficult. My first rule has been to try to put myself in the place of someone involved in a practical way with property dealing, development, architectural design, building, civil engineering and construction generally, and to ask myself what words I would meet in communicating with professionals and tradespeople in the office and on site, what questions I need to ask, and what I would want to be able to express.

Having worked in these fields in the UK and France for many years, I have come to realize that simple lists of nouns in the two languages are of limited use, and that many technical terms are simply not given in standard bilingual dictionaries.

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My aim in this book is to fill some of these gaps. To start with, the built environment exists within the natural environment, and so I have included some basic words for geographical and topological features. Such terms may be used in describing land and property for sale, and also in the investigations needed before buying land for building or development. Before one can start to build, surveys, planning and official approvals, architectural and engineering design, budgeting, raising finance and drawing up of specifications and contract documents may all be necessary, so I have included some of the more commonly used technical terms in these fields.

Any construction must be based on foundations, so I have started in the ground with geological and soil mechanics terms, and worked upwards through drainage, structures, mains supplies, services installations and cladding, to roofing and finishes terminology, covering the materials, tools and techniques involved, plus terms for parts of different kinds of buildings and civil engineering structures. Modern buildings may be engineered to a high degree by consultants or other specialists.

I have included some vocabulary from the fields of acoustics, air-conditioning, communications, computers, controls, electrical and fire engineering, geotechnics, public health engineering, timber structures, welding and so on. Repair and restoration are increasingly important, so I have included many terms for existing features of buildings and their rehabilitation. During the construction process weather may affect progress in different ways, so I have included some meteorological terms. Quality control and testing are parts of the modern construction process, and I have included some relevant vocabulary.

Similarly, purchasing, transport, approvals of work, contract administration and payments, and health and safety at work are parts of the process of building, and have their specialist terminology. In building, things may go wrong, delivery and progress problems may occur, differences in interpretation of specifications may lead to discord, and ultimately the parties involved may reach for their lawyers and even arrive in court.

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I have included some terms which could come in handy if things do turn out badly. The words you need are not always found in conventional technical dictionaries, and I hope that including some of them will make life easier. Technical vocabulary develops all the time. Not only are new terms created, but new variations on old terms arise when people with different educational or technical backgrounds try to describe the same thing.

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In many cases it is simply not possible to decide, and I have given several different versions that readers may meet in practice. To cover all these fields is clearly a tall order, and different specialists will always be able to add particular, perhaps less used terms from their own fields. There is the problem of where to stop: which apparently everyday words to include with the particular meanings given to them by building professionals and which to leave out.

Servir un client. On s'occupe de vous? Atum sb. Arroz k' atum. Riz au thon. Azar sua, sorte minha. Tant pis pour toi, tant mieux pour moi. Azedin' sb. Baies dont on fait un excellent pontch ou de la confiture. Azul adj.

Dictionnaire créole/français: lettre A

Bai v. Baille [baj] Aller. Va et reviens vite! Baloy [baloj] Panier. Cela se fait aussi en musique. Bankinha sb. Basta adv. Il suffit que tu boives pour ne pas sentir la faim. Batota sb. Tricher avec quelqu'un. Bayon sb. Bazof' adj. Bem adv. Bem v. Attends-moi, j'arrive! Berbeki' sb. J'ai mal au ventre. Hier, ils ont fait beaucoup de bruit. Je voudrais boire quelque chose. Bigot' sb. Tu te laisses pousser la moustache? Bik sb.

Usage des majuscules en français lorsque le spécifique est un adjectif

Pinta bik. Bilhett' d'identidad' sb. Bis sb. Ka tem ipotz' d' um bis? Il n'y aurait pas moyen d'avoir un peu plus, un peu de "rab"? Bisbilioter' adj. Biska sb. Bitx' sb. Bitxi' sb. Biznes' sb. Bizness [biznes] Affaires. Da'l na rad'! C'est pas tes oignons! Bluza sb.

Les Miettes et autres ouvrages reçus

Si ce n'est pas l'un, c'est l'autre. Tu parles, tu paies. Il gagne beaucoup d'argent. Bom adv. Il est bon dans ce domaine. C'est son truc. Bomba sb. Bomba d'gazolina. Raconter ce qu'on a vu, les potins. Bonh' sb. Prendre un bain, une douche.

Bonk sb. Bossa pro. Brank' adj. Je joue. Brob' adj. Bruma sb. Bruxa sb. Il faut mettre une veste. Bstide sb.

Bchtid' [b S tid] Robe. Bucis pr. Buf' sb bouf' [buf] Pet.