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Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. It is not right for the young children who worship these tainted athletes to see this.

The time to take a stand on these issues has long passed for me. Time to turn on public radio!!! As much as we need to norplant women on welfare, we now need to castrate professional sports players with multiple baby mommas. He needs a switch to his rear end by bubba in jail. Gosh dangit, in my day, you got your scrotum slapped with a stick and your head cracked open every single dang day, and you were glad for it! Can people finally shut up about what their dads used to do to them or about he south? Adrian is an abusive pos. Instead of condemning this man why dont we forgive and learn…its terrible how many stones we try to throw.

Michael Vick was suspended indefinitely and served 19 months in jail for abusing dogs — when will 4 year old children receive the same justice as dogs? And where did the 4 year old learn how to cuss? This is negligent and incompetent parenting on a few different levels. The poor kids are only 4 years old.

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Also, how many 4 year old sons does this guy have? Some people want to justify this either because the parents they loved cross the line a couple of times or they have done so themselves. However this AP case is starting to go well beyond any grey area as it relates to child discipline. People may not want to admit it, but the worst bullies in any given school usually are the ones that experienced the most physical abuse at home.

AP is basically turning his own kids into a ticking time bomb in exchange for very short term results. Tonight is not soon enough to ban this SOB from football for the rest of his life! I was physically and mentally abused by my parents and swear I would never bully anyone who is helpless. It seems he has a serious problem and he has to learn a serious lesson.

I say cut him now. I have been on his side up until this point. If this is true, then that is abuse and he needs to go. I can understand a parent going overboard once, as most parents understand the heat of the moment. OK, if there are more incidents, then I will change my mind and say they need to deactivate him til it all gets sorted out. I find it interesting that over the last few days most of my friends against AP right now have no kids. Not condoning any violence. Just noticing the people with kids are a bit less quick to judge.

Why is it that when the press vilifies someone in their columns or news reports that everyone believes them? The court still has not passed a verdict down and he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.. Vikings should lose first round pick head coach and owner fined for trying to protect this trash.

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He should be in federal prison. If this report pans out to be true, there is no way the Wilfs will stand by Peterson. His career in MN will almost definitely be over. Now the spotlight is on and lessons will be learned the hard way I hope. This and the other news has been too depressing. I used to come here to read about football, but bigger issues have taken over. Maybe because he grew up and realized those whoopings kept him off the streets, and kept him disciplined. Why is it that people who have had these types of punishment in their childhood are the only ones supporting Peterson?

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And never, not once, did we think it was illegal or some sort of child abuse. Only those that never experienced real discipline from their parents in their lives call it child abuse. With all this crap coming out, thank God we have the Green Bay Packers to show how a great franchise is run!!!!! I just watch him on TV. Wish everyone would stop acting so self righteously indignant as though any of this actually has an impact on their personal lives.

There is absolutely no reason to hit your children. I was severely beaten as a child and up until I left home at eighteen. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything.

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AP needs some sort of intervention on this matter. I do not agree with how AP handled this BUT children have to made to understand there are negative consequences for inappropriate behavior.

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  • As a Packer fan I want to apologize to the Vikings fans for those among us that are posting such garbage about you. I take no pleasure out of this happening to the team you have supported through all the lean years. Packer fans have been there too and should know better. What AP did is not a reflection on you, he is a disgrace to himself. For your sake I hope this ends soon and you can move on. For all your loyalty, you deserve better.

    Sounds like his growth was severely stunted by his parents.

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    • Since when is child abuse fine but domestic abuse is a crime that gets you kicked out for life? Where is the justice for these children?? When is the NFL going to step up and say enough is enough and kick his sorry ass to the curb for life! This needs to be handled now!! Kick his ass to the curb! Katjan you are right child abuse is unforgivable.

      AP is accused of child abuse, accused. Not found guilty in a court of law. Until then he is a human being being vilified in the press once again and being found guilty before we know both sides of the story. Let the courts do their jobs and let the press act like the asses they are. Adrian received the same punishment as a child. The extent of the injuries go way beyond what is reasonable discipline but AP understands that and he is the sort of person that will do what ever it takes to make things right for his family, his team, and his fans.

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      AP should stay a Viking. We as fans need to respect the legal system and let the man play football. AP is a good man who made a mistake and he knows it. He is not trying to say it is justifiable by saying he got the same treatment but simply trying to make the mistakes he made easier to understand for us. I hope AP can move past this media frenzy and learn from his mistakes and do anything possible to make them right. Alot of judgemental people in this world. I am 29 years old and as a child I was spanked with a belt.

      I did not use these tactics on my children but I, in no way, ever thought of myself as abused. I think there is a fine line between discipline and abuse and what works for one child may not work for another. Like I said, I do not agree or disagree. I was not there, I did not see what happened. But hands on discipline used to be the way things were done. Scrolled past a lot of the comments. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Not a member? Register now!


      Takes a pretty big man to beat a child. My God, this man is an incompetent father. I hope he doesnt plan on putting a whooping on my Whodats! All Done. The timing of these reports are uncanny. Dammit Adrian, making me look like a fool. Well…I am one. What a sweetheart of a guy! We may be appalled but are we remotely-surprised? The only people who support this filth are: -cowards who cannot stand the thought of change -cowards who feel empowered by beating a child. Denis Kenzo , Kimberly Hale. New Day Original Mix. Love Sublime Original Mix.

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