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The question, then, is how can we cultivate and develop it further. There are many ways to do so. Below are five that I have found to work best:. Yes, meditate. As most people know by now, meditation is the practice of improving your moment-by-moment awareness. Most forms of meditation begin with focusing on, and appreciating the simplicity of, inhaling and exhaling. Speaking personally, I try to gain greater awareness by simply finding a few seconds to focus on my breathing, often before sleep, and sometimes with one of the many apps available to help.

During these meditations, I also ask myself a set of questions, among them:. Write down your key plans and priorities. One of the best ways to increase self-awareness is to write down what you want to do and track your progress. His journal entries serve as a historical record that helps him assess whether or not future outcomes can be attributable to sound judgment or just plain luck.

Li Lu, a co-leader of the Tiananmen Square student demonstration and today a highly respected investor, told me once about a practice he followed for years, inspired by Benjamin Franklin. Take psychometric tests. Among the best known of these tests are Myers-Briggs and Predictive Index, but all are aimed as serving as a data point towards greater self-awareness. A common design point with all of them is that there are no particular right or wrong answers. Instead, they are designed to compel respondents to consider a set of traits or characteristics that most accurately describe them relative to other people.

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In our own version, which can be taken at www. Is your success best described by analytics or instincts? Are you more driven by passion or by action? Reflecting on forced trade-off questions such as these help test-takers better understand their own true characters. Ask trusted friends.

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None of us is altogether aware of how we come across to others. We have to rely on the feedback of our peers, friends, and mentors. To have your friends play the role of honest mirror, let them know when you are seeking candid, critical, objective perspectives. Make your friend or colleague feel safe to give you an informal, but direct and honest view. Before, I needed so many things in life to be happy. Joakim H. Through the past 4 months of meditation in Korea, I was able to get over my traumatic experiences of my past, conquer my phobias, and be free from the health conditions that have been following me all my life.


Many people tell me that I have changed a lot and that I look brighter and younger. Tuyet D.

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Sydney Meditation is open 7 days a week, including weekends from 9am til 10pm. Classes are being run throughout the day and each session is a guided meditation.

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All 7 levels of the meditation are personally and professionally guided to best suit you and your schedule. Please contact us for more information. Sydney Meditation 02 Mobile Want to know more about this meditation? Just come and see it for yourself! Book now!

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How has human mind been created? And how do we empty our minds? Your family that you have known since you were a child, have been taken in your mind as pictures. Through the 7 levels of this method, you can look back on your life and throw away those pictures one by one.

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The more you throw away those pictures in your mind, the lighter and more peaceful you will feel. Make the Right Decisions You will discover all the answers to all questions you have within yourself about yourself and your life. True wisdom enters into your mind through self-reflection and meditation.

The method is a very simple, step-by-step process that anyone can easily follow. A total of 7 levels are achieved within the entire program. Stop Suppressing, Start Discarding. The discarding method is the Solution This method is a 7-step program that will give you the ability to reflect on yourself and expand your consciousness through the unique method of discarding the remembered thoughts of your life.

The pictures are your mind. Complete Freedom!

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An easy meditation program for beginners and experts alike. Discard your mind Negative mind. Improve your life Positive mind.

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