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Doctrine provides a military organization with unity of effort and a common philosophy, language, and purpose. This document is the Army's keystone doctrine for fighting and sustaining aviation brigades. This field manual FM , Aviation Brigades, is intended for all aviation View Product. Corps Operations FM The corps design was forged by Napoleon in the early s and became the operational Today, the corps remains The term Sentinel incorporates the C2 node, radar, Field Manual FM This FM provides a doctrinal basis for planning and employing engineer prime power assets in the operational environment.

It describes the responsibilities, relationships, capabilities, constraints, planning FM It provides a consolidated reference for training and employing Special Forces SF and Marines in all types of Human Resources Support FM For example, here is the representation for an assembly area occupied by 2d Bn, 9th Marines:. Assault position: Co K, 3d Bn, 6th Mar.

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Company battle position. Battle position, Company K. Advance The axis of advance indicates a general direction of movement for a unit. A commander assigned an axis of advance may deviate from the axis; however, a major deviation must be reported. It is labeled with a code name, letter, or unit designation.


The airborne axis of advance is the same as a ground axis of advance except it has a twist in the shaft of the open arrow. A passage point is a location in which one unit passes through another unit that is in contact with the enemy or a location where a unit withdraws through another unit occupying rearward positions. It will be labeled with a number or letter for identification. A linkup point is a point at which two converging friendly forces make physical contact.

The point should be mutually agreed upon and should be readily recognizable by both forces. Point A contact point is a location where two or more units are required to make physical contact. It is a square with a number placed inside. A phase line is used for the control of forward movement and coordination of units.

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It should be extended across the entire zone or sector, preferably along an easily identifiable terrain feature or man-made object. It is labeled with a code name, letter, or number for identification. Restrictive Fire Line RFL A restrictive fire line is a line established between converging friendly forces one or both may be moving that prohibits fires or the effect of fires across the line without coordination with the affected force. Zone of Action A zone of action is a tactical subdivision of a larger area, the responsibility of which is assigned to a tactical unit, generally applied to offensive combat.

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Zones of action assigned to subordinate units prevent interference among units operating in adjacent areas. At platoon and squad levels, the zone of action is frequently expressed as a frontage. At company level and above, zone of action is normally defined by a line of departure, an objective or objectives , and a boundary on one or both flanks. Point Target A point target is a target of such small dimension that it requires the accurate placement of ordnance to neutralize or destroy it.

Rectangular Target A rectangular target is a target wider and longer than meters.

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Circular Target A circular target is circular in nature or is vague as to its exact shape. It is designated by a center grid and a radius on the target list or list of targets. Group of Targets A group is two or more targets that are attacked simultaneously. Groups give the maneuver commander the ability to hit different enemy positions at the same time without having to request individual targets. It is depicted on a map as in the example below.

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  6. TRPs should be dually identified in terms of the direct-fire system and the target numbering system. The symbol is the same as that for a standard target with a target number and TRP letter. Only essential TRPs are integrated into the fire plan. Operational symbols are effective mediums of communication because when properly employed they are clear, concise, and uniform. Operational symbols are used on operational graphics, situation maps, and overlays.

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