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Yes, this means the early church thrived without a copy of one single Bible OT only! So, the reason I say community is the single most important next step in your faith is because you need to be around Christian people who can help you understand the Bible.

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Getting in a small group of people who love Jesus will grow your faith faster and stronger than anything else! The more actively involved you get the more you will discover how God can work in and through you.

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You might not realize this but you have a spiritual gift given to you by God! So, when I say get connected into a local church this is what it will do for your faith:. In 1 Corinthians Paul talks about how you, as a believer, are a part of the body of Christ and you have a unique opportunity to contribute to that body. As you read this, and other sections of scripture about the body of Christ, you will discover that this is referring to local churches.

So, as you leverage your time, talent, and treasure for Jesus through the local church your faith will grow exponentially. As you begin to read the Bible I recommend two things. I love the book of Mark because it reads like an action movie; very few details but high energy, fast paced, and a lot really cool things happen! Honestly, whatever Gospel book you decide on, you can not go wrong. The reason why I suggest this approach is because learning about the life of Jesus in the beginning phases of your faith is absolutely critical in becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

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The Christian faith is built around a person, not a religion, and not a program. That person is Jesus, so as you discover his life you will discover the life he wants you to live. Second, get a study Bible in a version that you can actually understand.

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Study Bibles will provide you with commentary and insights, so as you read you can also discover the context and events that were surrounding what you are reading. Your most powerful influence will be in the lives of people that you already have a relationship with. I was in the garage then, and the what I now know to be Holy Spirit caused unexplainable gratefulness to consume me. I fell to the cement floor weeping, in my garage full of lawn equipment, dust, and the smell of motor oil.

It was one of my best, but also most awkward, moments. Eventually, I collected my thoughts and got my emotions under control. Now what? Go to university and get a degree. Start a career, get engaged, build a family. I have found that we ask the same thing about our faith. Being saved is a significant milestone for every born-again believer. We have been saved through our faith in Jesus Christ and by His grace alone.

But once we are saved, what should we do? Are we required to do anything? Is salvation the beginning?

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Or the end of our faith journey? God desires a relationship with us. Like any other friendship, an intimate and meaningful bond requires work. It takes time to get to know a person, and the same is true of God. We must invest time to see the relationship develop and mature. The Bible says that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us James We can draw near to God in a number of ways—through daily devotional time, studying and meditating on His word, prayer, and fasting.

These are great everyday disciplines for increasing in the knowledge of God. Spiritual disciplines are about creating consistent communication in the intimate spaces of God, without becoming ritualistic and unavailable for spontaneity. God can meet us in the most unexpected places if we make time and listen for Him.

Invite God into your daily life, and He will show up.

I Just Got Saved . . . Now What?

As we draw near to God, specifically as we read the Bible, we start to encounter teaching about the Kingdom of God. It is important that we seek to understand the Kingdom message. When we repent and submit to the lordship of Christ, we are already part of the kingdom of God. The Kingdom message has helped me grow in my journey. No longer do I think of my salvation as just my ticket to heaven.