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Mit Zeichnungen. Hintere Umschlagdecke mit kleinem Einriss, sonst gut. Sprache: deutsch Hintere Umschlagdecke mit kleinem Einriss, sonst gut.

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Labour market 4. Self-learning software, advances in robotics and digital platforms are increasing the pressure for change on employees, employers, and on the German March 06, June 04, Nach dem Umweltbewusstsein das Digitalbewusstsein? Im Umweltbereich hat sich in den letzten 40 Jahren ein enormes gesellschaftliches Engagement entwickelt.

November 28, Deutschland im globalen KI-Wettbewerb. February 07, Journalist:innen-Workshop: Digitale Angriffe auf Wahlen. September 26, DW News: the potential political and technical impact of Vault7. Dubbed "Vault7", Wikileaks March 07, Die Energiewende darf keine Planwirtschaft werden. Noch immer wollen viele Experten die Energiewende zentral steuern. Der Strom wird dadurch immer teurer. Nutzt endlich die June 10, Breitbandmessung in Deutschland.

Auch in der kommenden Legislaturperiode wird der Breitbandausbau das wichtigste digital-politische Thema bleiben. October 09, Was machen die mit ihnen? January 13, The central policies of Europe's Digital Single Market are to build out world-class broadband service to every home and business and to protect the May 11, Improving IoT security in the EU. Why pre-market certification is not enough and how to fix it Just looking at Internet routers it becomes clear that the Internet of Things IoT has Viele andere November 25, Datenkontrolle im Datenzeitalter.

Ein Open-Data-Gesetz entsteht gerade, einen ersten March 30, to March 31, All day. July 05, Kommt die digitale Energiepolitik? November 07, Zusammenfassung Die Digitalisierung der deutschen Wirtschaft ist in den kommenden Jahren ein Hauptziel der deutschen Politik. So versucht die January 30, Outline for a German Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

Numerous countries like China, France and Japan have declared Artificial Intelligence AI a key technology and announced comprehensive plans to July 26, Governmental Vulnerability Assessment and Management. Weighing Temporary Retention versus Immediate Disclosure of 0-Day Vulnerabilities Government-led acquisition, assessment and management of August 27, Government Hacking: Computer Security vs. Investigative Powers. The analysis focuses on the discrepancy of computer security and investigatory powers when it comes to government hacking.

June 21, Er fasst die zentralen Erkenntnisse aus den Befragungsdaten, October 23, February 14, Cyber-Sicherheitspolitik in Deutschland. In dem aktuellen Koalitionsvertrag hat das Thema Cybersicherheit einen hohen Stellenwert. June 06, September 17, Damit macht die March 29, IT-Fachmann Sven Herpig kritisierte im Welche Chancen ein digitales Energie - Marktdesign bietet. October 25, Hinweis: Diese Version wurde im April durch eine aktualisierte Fassung ersetzt, die sie hier finden.

Digitalisierung braucht Zivilgesellschaft. Um den digitalen Wandel erfolgreich zu meistern, brauchen wir eine starke und engagierte Zivilgesellschaft. Die Wirtschaft als Treiber reicht nicht January 21, April 12, One aspect of particular interest— June 23, Datenpolitik jenseits von Datenschutz. Stellungnahme zum Gesetzentwurf zur Neuausrichtung des Verfassungsschutzes in Hessen.

February 05, Vor die Lage kommen: Predictive Policing in Deutschland. Die Energiewende braucht ein digitales Marktdesign. June 28, November 10, Warum dem Staat IT-Sicherheitsexpert:innen fehlen. In Deutschland sind derzeit bis zu February 27, June 26, November zum October 10, January 12, Parteien wehren sich gegen Gefahren aus dem Netz. Medientag statt. August 15, December 06, And what might that entail for those Eastern Partnership countries with EU membership ambitions?

Here are six recommendations for think tankers, policy makers and activists from the wider region. The first one lies in Russia breaching its obligations under the treaty. Am Looking ahead, however, has brought a new momentum for the cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans region as very concrete strategies and flagship initiatives emerge. The most impressive thing about the 4. But will the protesters this time successfully press for democratic accountability?

Es sind rund eine Milliarde mehr als im vorigen Jahr. Aber was bringt das viele Geld, wenn nach wie vor Bomben auf Zivilisten fallen? In a global political climate where critics of multilateralism grow in numbers and conflicts become increasingly complex, peacekeeping missions are facing major challenges.

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Enhanced coordination, sustainable training and innovative thinking are therefore crucial in overcoming those obstacles. As the continent shifts to the right and female political leaders depart, the backlash against gender equality and LGBTQ rights becomes inevitable.

While their role is crucial, consequent political events threaten to put this ambitious project in jeopardy.

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A unified democratic opposition could send an important message to the ruling elites in Russia. However, the opposition is deeply divided over the question whether to boycott the elections or go to the ballot. While there is no correct answer to this question, splitting the already tiny democratic camp is definitely the wrong one. What think tanks around the world do is analyse, discuss and inform policy. At the same time, they face many, in some respects increasing, challenges to their core activities.

So how should think tanks adapt to a changing world? In which areas is improvement indispensable? And why are think tank directors usually male? After Germany held the G20 presidency in , it is now on Argentina to promote female empowerment and civil society engagement. Last December, during the 11th WTO Ministerial meeting, numerous civil society experts were blocked from entering the country. For the second episode of our UK-pen-pal project, where young Europeans can share their view on Brexit, we teamed up with a political science student from France and a language professional from Britain.

The vague prospects of Brexit were at the center of part I. This time, our pen pals discuss the benefits, disadvantages and prejudices of a united Europe. In another episode of UTR, the Polis Blog presents four news stories that undeservedly slipped through the cracks of recent media attention. This project was born from the idea to bring young people together from across Europe and let them exchange letters, where they can discuss Brexit and share their feelings and concerns about it.

We want to couple a pal from the UK with a pal from one of the remaining 27 EU member states and try to connect Brexit supporters with Brexit opponents. Georgia has undergone major political and economic reforms since the Rose Revolution. After years of rapid transformation, the recent decrease in speed seems only natural. Still, many problems are left to tackle. At this stage, donors and investors should keep a close eye on young, tech-savvy social entrepreneurs, whose engagement can inspire change in Georgia and abroad. After a Soviet-dominated 20th Century, Georgia is trying hard to make the 21st a European one.

By signing the Association Agreement in , the South Caucasus country has significantly deepened its integration into the EU. What are the benefits and challenges for Georgia? And how can potential risks be mitigated? Die Vorhaben einer Regierung werden durch den Koalitionsvertrag geregelt. I left Berlin for Ukraine in autumn with the aim of analysing post-Euromaidan civil society organisations and their support for internally displaced people.

I travelled through different parts of the country and interviewed several people in Kiev, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

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Here is what I have learned about the power of civil society. The formula seems simple: Brexit plus a hung parliament plus an already failed referendum equals another shot at independence for Scotland. But how do the Scots feel about a second referendum? The UK and the EU will eventually part ways in Some say Northern Ireland may fall through the cracks.

Others claim it will land on its feet. Or could Brexit be an opportunity to establish a new sense of Northern Irishness which transcends factional politics? The interest in peace as an academic pursuit originally evolved in 19th-century America and Sweden, and is now well-established in the social sciences. But what exactly do we know about peace and the lack thereof?

From small and medium enterprises to booming giants: the Business 20 forum brings international businesses, organisations and NGOs together for the purpose of sharing perspectives and experiences on finance, trade, healthcare and digitalisation. Polis asked a representative of the B20 about the opportunities and challenges of making our economy more gender-inclusive. But what do young people think about female leadership or climate change?

While the EU could divide in reaction to new U. Who are the groups participating in this process? What are their main agendas? Around 75 percent of the to year-old voted remain. On the other side of the channel, young think tanks like Polis and Social Science Works work fervidly to make our voice heard. Die Notwendigkeit zu handeln, ist dringender denn je. The plan to strengthen her position as Prime Minister by holding early elections viciously backfired.

Meanwhile, the results determine her legacy: the woman that was nothing like the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. A low corporate tax rate, while morally dubious, culturally runs deep in Ireland. Having become intertwined with a narrative of post-independence progress and reconciliation with a history of emigration, unless altered, this myth may hinder closer integration. Welche Rolle spielt China? Der erste Teil widmet sich dem innenpolitischen Wandel. Today, Article 50 will officially be triggered by Theresa May.

After long months of speeches and debates on each side of the Channel, the European Union now more than ever must prove its courage for decisive action. Because with the outset of the Brexit negotiations come many dossiers and uncertainties to the table. The recent leaking of classified CIA files has raised great concern about the capacities of intelligence agencies to infiltrate computers, smartphones and smart TVs.

Even more concerning is the use of zero-day exploits. If intel agencies collect zero-days instead of alarming those affected, it is very likely that global actors take advantage of these vulnerabilities. The British establishment is slowly coming to terms with the enormity of the legal and political cluster bomb that Brexit has unleashed on our society. The UK government and the EU will now define at the negotiating table what Brexit means in concrete terms. Here is why the existence of an open borders area between both countries is so relevant and why it plays such an important part in the Brexit negotiations.

Polis publishes its second Polis Paper. Therein, seven authors devise blue and dark sky scenarios for future challenges to the global order. Tausende Menschen sterben im Mittelmeer. Aber wir schweigen, wenn sich unser Europa in eine Festung verwandelt. Millions gathered around the world, celebrating women of all ages, colors and creed. Marching for equality and continued progress!

It is important that we take this momentum as an igniting spark of inspiration for continued involvement.

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Januar in Berlin stattfand. Paradoxerweise wurde Populismus zu einem Schlagwort im politischen Diskurs, obwohl das Konzept an sich sehr diffus ist. New political parties have emerged in civilised societies that breathe populist rhetoric to influence voters. In his article, David Ehl addresses the effects of populist politics and what the media, politicians and the people can do to counter it. Here is my response. Das Jahr des Populismus war gewiss Doch bisher liefert kaum Grund zur Annahme, anders zu sein.

Der Populismus hat sich angeschlichen und viele von uns erschreckt. Welche Rolle spielen Frauen in der Politik? In the past twenty years, international development has made increasing efforts to advance the fight against corruption. Yet, few of their standard instruments seem to work. After two decades with mixed results, the global anti-corruption movement needs to reinvent itself to move on.

Der Although women are massively affected by the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, they are disproportionately underrepresented in conflict resolution efforts. A lack of female participation in peace negotiations can jeopardise the sustainability of peace agreements. It is therefore crucial to involve more women sooner than later. Am Sonntag, den 4. AfD, Brexit, Trump! Der Populismus ist nicht mehr nur auf dem Vormarsch.

Er ist angekommen und zwar in der Mitte unserer Gesellschaft.