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The circumstances of his death cast a shadow of suspicion over potential involvement of either Egyptian police forces or secret services in the killing. Egyptian authorities initially denied any allegations, consistently maintaining unconvincing accounts. The digital era has changed the traditional realm and modus operandi of organised crime, such as human trafficking. With the increasing access to and usage of the internet, major criminal activity has expanded to the online sphere.

Law enforcement around the world is however largely not prepared for combatting cybercrime. Many states have not yet reached the capacity of drafting cyber specific legislation. In Africa for example, only 11 states …. Die letzte Rakete ist am The Michigan Guidelines are a document in which legal scholars summarize the existing international laws of refugee protection on one particular aspect. They are used by courts interpreting the law and thus stand themselves at the threshold of the legal.

At any rate the guidelines can frame debates about the legality of state actions in …. Sie tragen die wesentlichen Rechtsvorschriften zusammen …. Michel diesen Punkt subkutan, aber auch explizit, thematisiert. Mit der Argumentationsfigur vom gemeinsamen kulturellen Erbe der Menschheit werden solche Forderungen oftmals …. The case of Piero Foresti, Laura de Carli and others v. Notwithstanding this observation, the …. International cultural heritage law is a vast and complex field of research which involves many actors, as the previous contribution by Adrianna Michel shows.

In response, we would like to give a couple of thoughts on two of the issues raised by the author: the role of the International Criminal Court ICC , and the role of non-States actors. Unersetzliche ….

Francis Fukuyama: Identity Politics – The Demand for Dignity and the Nation State’s Future

If the number of female judges in an international tribunal is one out of twenty-one, as in the case of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea ITLOS , we can assume that there is a problem. But, as Nienke Grossman also explains here, because women are just as qualified to serve as …. Jahrhundert …. Although both approaches, the human rights and a more gender-focused feminist one, may have the same goal this is a tricky and crucial distinction to be made. However, any critique of International Courts would be limited without a critical analysis of their output, the all important judgment!

Instead of performing the usual academic critique of where the judgment was lacking in some analysis or form, another way to …. While the International Criminal Court ICC has always been subject to criticism and is maybe currently facing its biggest crisis with member states withdrawing, the things that are actually going quite well must not be forgotten. It is time to reexamine the ICC from a different perspective: the feminist one. Her scholarship offers statistics about the numbers of women judges, their development over the last years and the respective distribution along nationalities; it examines causes for the exclusion of women, and discusses reasons for claiming a more equal composition of benches.

While directly concerned with the representation of women in …. In the upcoming days, we are very glad to host a symposium on feminist critiques of international courts. Where to begin when introducing this topic? There is much to say about the particular role of international courts for international law, and equally much about the role of feminist perspectives for international law.

Courts are not just institutions, in which a decision is rendered about the interpretation of law in a …. As to the US claims on the violation of the Nuclear Deal, reached …. In der Nacht vom 6. Syrien bestreitet allerdings den Einsatz …. I could not be happier that this book symposium turned out to be a forum for such wide-ranging and critical commentary about targeted killing.

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All contributors offer nuanced readings of my book while extending the analysis in several significant directions. In appreciation of both these aspects I want to use this opportunity for a brief response to describe the scope of the book — drawing on the contributors reading of …. Im Gegensatz zu seinem amerikanischen Amtskollegen gilt ….

Einführung: Die ungeheuerliche Raumphilosophie von Peter Sloterdijk

With these disclosures, the apparently extra-legal killing of bin Laden took on a second life as a hyper-legal killing; a killing authorised by precedent and legal …. When the US Pentagon confirmed the use and deployment of depleted uranium munition in Syria, an armed conflict having by far exceeded the level of a civil war, on the 16th of February , it did not take long for public outcry to follow.

On a clear November morning in , Hussein Abayat, a senior official in the Fatah faction Tanzim, was killed by a hellfire anti-tank missile fired from an Israeli helicopter. When the incident was announced later that day, instead of the regular official denial of any direct involvement by Israel in the attack, the Israeli defense minister went on live radio, openly boasting that the IDF did it.

On 14 March the CJEU upheld the banning of the visible display of any political, philosophical or religious sign in the workplace. As a future consequence, European companies may introduce certain rules to prohibit other religious, political and philosophical symbols. The cases involved two female employees in France and in Belgium, who were dismissed for refusing to remove their headscarves which covered their hair and neck, but left the ….

Offering a meticulous account of history and practice, the book highlights the law and politics of protection in the dispute on killing to protect. Targeted killing is a response to the …. Both the descriptive accuracy and normative implications of this position have been challenged. One of the difficulties of trespassing disciplinary …. The case has set Israeli public debate ablaze for almost a year now, and was widely reported abroad. As a video released by the human rights group Betselem revealed, Abd Al Fatah A-Sharif was wounded and lying, face down, when Azaria approached and shot a bullet through his head.

A-Sharif had stabbed an …. Markus Gunneflo is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in public international law at Lund University in Sweden. In terms of scope and approach, TFC is a broader and perhaps more ambitious successor of the …. The Nuremberg trial often stands as a nostalgic memory in the minds of international criminal lawyers. Two principal questions guide the reader through the book: Can history be judged, and if so, by what means? And can accountability mechanisms and the applicable law ever be neutral given their historically influenced evolution?

Priemel questions the success of Nuremberg, given its selective focus on only certain parts of …. Februars nach …. A response to Lorraine Elliott Transnational environmental crime is both a challenging reality and a legal concept in the making. From an international law point of view, this concept is currently being defined by soft law instruments that are transmitting normative expectations about the way States may address it rather than prescribing legal provisions. These instruments are paving the way for the future development of international agreements and play an ….

The authors and editors of the special issue on sovereign debt restructuring are highly grateful to the contributors to this symposium on sovereign debt for their thought-provoking contributions. As I have highlighted in my initial post, this special issue is as much about improving the current practice of sovereign debt restructuring as it is about legal engineering — in this case, about instigating incremental progressive development in a crucial policy ….

This post continues the earlier part I. As the 19 January deadline approached, without Jammeh showing any inclination to resign, the crisis deepened. In keeping with the timetable foreseen in the Gambian constitution, …. The crisis had started to unfold …. Millions of dollars worth of smuggled elephant ivory intercepted by customs officers each year, shipping containers filled with hundreds of tonnes of illegally traded pangolin scales and kiln-dried geckoes, forests plundered for high-end timber species, rampant criminality in the fisheries sector, and the illegal disposal of hazardous waste across borders: in a report released in June , INTERPOL described environmental crime as a growing international problem that threatens natural resources, ….

Staying of enforcement plays a topical role in sovereign debt litigation as enforcing a debt claim may have a negative impact on the dynamics of restructuring processes and the regular functioning of financial markets for sovereign debt. As a response to this problem, in January the United Nations Conference …. In the context of domestic insolvency laws, this evaluation is made possible and enforceable through detailed priority structures designed to favor certain creditor groups over other.

When the debtor is sovereign, however, creditor priorities are only …. Events of historic proportions often feel anti-climactic. The exchange was not purely voluntary, since the majority of bonds were subjected to Greek law and an amendment made the offer compulsory for …. The Point of Departure Regionalism continues to increasingly develop in various fields of law. Abdoulaye Soma, who acknowledges the birth of an African international criminal law, analyses one of its specificities: the crime of unconstitutional changes of government. Anyone interested in legal issues surrounding sovereign debt should pay careful attention to the last special edition of the Yale Journal of International Law in which a framework is set forth to ensure the progressive development of orderly sovereign debt restructurings SDRs.

The sovereign debt crises in the Eurozone, in Argentina, or in Ukraine have highlighted that the current international legal regime on sovereign debt is ill equipped to resolve the bankruptcy of nation states.

Zurück zum Nationalismus. Keine Zukunft für die Geschichte?

Yet, when it comes to possible reforms, policy-makers and experts have been divided over two opposing solutions: A contractual one, which favors contractual clauses enabling a majority of the creditors of a sovereign bond to restructure it, …. But the picture across the continent is more complex. While some African states have clearly rejected the Court, the majority remain members.

More fundamentally — what is the best way of studying international criminal justice and its effects …. Fulda geht auf Parallelen und Unterschiede ein, vergleicht …. Die UN und das Prinzip der kollektiven Sicherheit sind aus der heutigen Weltpolitik nicht mehr wegzudenken. Dort wurden sie Koine Eirene griech. Ist unser heutiges globales Friedenssystem nur eine Kopie der Antike?

Im Jahre feierten wir 70 Jahre Vereinte …. Since October , the German Historical Museum has been dealing with the past and presence of German colonialism in a special exhibition see here — for the first time ever. But German colonialism is not only a dusty artefact exposed in some German museum. Instead, it continues to haunt the German State in the form of claims for reparations by the descendants of the victims of colonial injustices. While German …. Kein Wunder, dass Verfechter der Menschenrechte zuweilen die ….

Der He takes issue with the legal nature of the referrals, in which he finds the legitimation of a double standard of international justice in the Rome Statute. He also sees a double standard in the referrals themselves. That is, the referrals under Article 13 b are …. The Council has done so for the first time in in the case of the atrocities committed in the brutal civil war in Darfur, Sudan.

That referral resulted inter alia in two open arrest warrants …. The digital revolution is hitting the shores of academic publishing. Online resources increasingly gain ground, and open access has become the call of the day — and a hotly debated issue. Political and academic initiatives favor and fund open access, for instance the digital strategy of the German Ministry of Education and Research or the Open Access initiative of the Max Planck society. For its advocates, open access promises …. Here we are. It could seem a bit obvious to start with this overwhelming event, but it is truly important to stress that the recent results of the US elections will have far reaching consequences in many fields of international law, including the one that this post is dealing with: the yet unsettled complex set of issues of extraterritoriality with respect to surveillance practices.

Indeed, one of the foreseeable developments …. Schon seit dem Urteil Klass gg. Have you ever paid for surveillance measures? Not indirectly through taxes, rather directly? And have you ever installed the measures in your home? If you think that this is an absurd question, do read this blog post. It relates to four trends I would like to point out to you: the constant development of the internet of things IoT adds a whole new dimension to the problem of surveillance 1.

In this short piece I will argue that international law, in order to gain access to its revolutionary potential, needs to create a new linguistic opening. This linguistic opening needs to be located within the expression as opposed to content of international law. In this sense this piece is not situated on the continuum of the existing international law and literature studies. It also develops an argument different from widely …. Latin America is a peculiar region in relation to protection through asylum.

However, among the Arab states, only Egypt and Yemen have signed the Geneva Convention of on the status of refugees. While nation states in the West have long offered the possibility of full citizenship to immigrants and refugees, it is surprising that the …. Since the s, the southern border of the United States — spanning miles of international border between the United States and Mexico — has been the site of significant migration from Central America. Over one million Central American refugees crossed into the United States from the late s to the early s to escape civil wars in Guatemala and El Salvador, while thousands more went to Canada, Mexico, Costa ….

Migration recently has been discussed in a very negative context. As Europe and the US moved towards right, we have to rethink human mobility and push for informed debates. Terminology used to describe migration and refugees is old, out dated and problematic. They were largely designed for the Cold War era and for a special category of people.

The Geneva Convention had set the ground rules for treating refugees. This is surprising, given the vital importance of land, a finite resource, for a variety of human rights. These include access to life-sustaining resources, such as food and water, as well as other means to ensure an adequate standard of living as codified in Art.

Lawyers and political scientists from Germany, India and Brazil will reflect on the global scramble for land in local contexts. Land as such is a rather localized phenomenon, but land governance matters in much wider political, economic, social and ecological contexts: Control over land has always been ….

This summer he spent some days at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg for a conference on the implementation of judgments of the regional human rights courts. We had the opportunity to meet him and discuss about new …. He was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment — the lowest sentence imposed by the ICC thus far. Although Mr. Russia no. The complaints lodged by three same-sex couples concern the inability of same-sex couples to register for marriage under Russian legislation and the lack of other means of giving legal status to the relationship of same-sex couples, as marriage is the only legally recognised union in ….

Intellectual Property Laws across the world is intended to provide incentives to creators, authors, innovators and businesses by granting them monopoly rights usually for a limited period. Those rights would reward their efforts, help recoup their investments and profit from their contributions to society. However, due to inconsistencies and loopholes in law coupled with the ineffectiveness or challenges in enforcement, society suffers from certain monopolistic, controversial and certain unfair trade …. These dynamics …. He was referring to the situation in Europe and particularly in Germany, where after the successive closure of the Balkan route and the agreement between the EU and Turkey in March as ….

Nach der Krise ist vor der Krise. All the three distinguished authors have looked at the multifaceted problem of legal formalization of the OSCE from various angles andhave provided rather helpful reflections on the current state of affairs. This contribution deals with the issue in a broader political context. Should the OSCE finally be endowed with legal personality? I have a hard time positioning myself in the debate. Obviously, I understand the argument — brought forward at the conference on the legal framework of the OSCE mostly by practitioners working at the organization, but also by Niels Blokker see the introductory post , — that legal personality would make work at the organization much easier.

It is quite apparent that …. While before the Ukraine crisis the OSCE may have laid relatively dormant, the events in Ukraine allowed the organization to reclaim its position as a pan-European security forum. However, in the absence …. This …. Despite its name, the OSCE is not an international organization in the public international law sense and lacks international legal personality. One of the main consequences in practice is that OSCE personnel sent abroad ….

Elif Askin picked a current, important, and yet rarely discussed issue for her insightful post and offered a compelling perspective on human rights law and arms transfers. By transferring arms to regions where the human rights situation is precarious, Germany risks to contribute to human rights violations, as Elif has highlighted. I will use this opportunity to take up the example of Germany and look at how the human rights situation ….

Strong reservations arguing that these weapons might end up in the wrong hands and likely be used to commit human rights violations were voiced, especially considering …. The factual background is as follows: intended parents residing in a country with a higher average income, travel to a country with a lower average income, usually in eastern Europe or the global south, to make use of the services of a surrogate mother, and then return to ….

Whether surrogacy is ethical or not is subject to lively debate. But so far, it is the prerogative of each sovereign state to decide whether to allow or forbid in its territory the provision of surrogacy treatments, according to its own national values. Furthermore, conflicts associated with natural resources are more likely to relapse into violence within the first five years of a peace agreement. Fortunately, an increasing number of peace processes and related agreements include natural resource provisions on a direct or indirect basis.

For these and other reasons, resource-sensitive mediation and dispute resolution is becoming an …. The Promise of Peace Mediation Navigating norms in peace mediation is possible through understanding what mediation can or cannot achieve. This means determining whether it is indeed the best option for third-party intervention in a given context.

Mediators have limited power. They can facilitate, cajole or encourage the parties, but they have …. A reply to Christian Tietje Attempts to conceptualize the foundations of and crucial questions around investment arbitration are most welcome, as the field gains not only public attention, but also increasing importance for investors as well as receivers. Christian Tietje, claiming in the title that investor-state arbitration is a part of the international rule of law and, therefore, a mechanism for upholding it, touches on what may surely be called ….

Investor-state arbitration is not only the most heated topic discussed in international economic law, but it also has become an important political issue more generally. Indeed, it is amazing to see how a topic that, some years ago, interested only a handful of international economic lawyers and very few academics has emerged today as an issue on which everybody has an opinion. Moreover, there seems to be only one direction …. But the name is a misnomer. In most legal systems these days, most disputes and conflicts are settled or resolved in some way short of a formal trial — through an ombuds a person who works for the government or for private industry by ….

Today, a vast array of treaties exists, both multilateral and bilateral. They regulate almost every aspect of human interaction and cover such diverse fields as the environment, trade, outer-space, human rights, organized crime and terrorism. For example, over multilateral treaties are deposited with the UN Secretary General alone and more than bilateral investment treaties exist.

The majority of these treaties are concerned with standard setting, that is, the …. We take this opportunity to reply to both posts and to reflect on some further themes coming out of the ICON-S panels that dealt with the megaregionals. In a post of 13 June to this blog, the authors addressed the financial crisis of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, characterized it as a result of state dissatisfaction, and portrayed it as an opportunity to reimagine the role of member states and the organs of the Inter-American Human Rights System the Commission and the Court.

I agree with the authors that the financial crisis goes beyond the issue …. Global international economic relations have been constantly evolving since the institutionalization of the GATT. The majority of African countries signed into the World Trade Organization in , whether because of a desire to join the multilateral trading system, or as a condition of loans from the IMF and World Bank during the heyday of the Washington Consensus. The multilateral trading system has been quite efficient in mitigating the hitherto ….

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this symposium and would like to congratulate the MegaReg team on their efforts to draw attention to a fascinating series of developments in international law, and the authors of the working papers on providing thoughtful commentaries to form the basis of these analyses. Stewart draw out some common themes relating to the …. Second, he explains the meaning of recognition as a requirement for the formation of a state. And third, he sets forth the legitimacy argument by concluding that because of the lack of the rule of law, the ….

The so-called Islamic State has triggered a wave of commentary ever since it emerged as one of the leading military groups in Syria and further captured vast parts of Iraqi territory in mid What seems to have received only little attention this far is its legal characterization. Three key themes are developed. Each of them gives rise to diverging interpretations as …. The planned criminal law chamber stirs academics as much as practitioners because of its not yet defined relationship to the International Criminal Court ICC.

The new chambers could either be upstream or equally ranked with …. The Protocol foresees the creation of an integrated African Court of Justice and Human Rights featuring a human rights chamber, a general affairs chamber and a criminal law chamber that has jurisdiction over natural …. April , Beschwerde-Nr. These involve stories about stateless persons, for whom their state of residence decided to buy citizenship of another state, stories about the merchandising of passports for a global elite, and stories of a man who decided ….

A response to Birgit Peters. Peters emphasizes what she understands as a shift from traditional regulatory approaches that frame the Arctic as a common heritage and common concern, focused on prohibition, to an integrated approach focusing on sustainability. Peters in this respect discusses the role of …. Climate change in the Arctic Climate change, in particular global warming, is an inevitable fact. Nonetheless, it will hit different regions of the world differently.

Of all regions, the area most affected by future temperature change is the Arctic. This is the part of the global north, which is situated above 66,3 degrees latitude. Here, differences in temperatures are predicted to rise at least 3 degrees Celsius compared to the …. The international legal order finds itself in turmoil. The crises in Ukraine and Syria, the questioning of the authority of the ECtHR, the opposition against the ICC by African states and the rise of global terrorism can all be interpreted as crisis symptoms justifying the need for a re- assessment of the current state and future of International Law.

The illness caused by this virus is very rarely fatal, and it causes mild symptoms: rash, headaches, conjunctivitis, sometimes fever and joint pains. The last quarter of century registered the resurgence of infectious diseases, that the medical community deemed to have defeated with the global vaccination campaign.

The global health governance …. In theater, the peak of a play in which all strings of the story converge and the intrigue is resolved, is called the climax. Regional integration in Africa has been regarded as a necessary step towards accelerated development on the continent. The belief is that greater gains would be made if states pooled their resources together rather than act individually. Despite elaborate regional goals and objectives, regional institutions in Africa have not been effective in facilitating development, for two major reasons.

First, they have significant capacity deficits, especially considering the weakness of their members …. During the Ebola-crisis , states have widely ignored the measures recommended by the World Health Organization WHO and have interfered in the fight against the disease. After the first appearances of the Ebola epidemic in December , the disease spread wide and fast, exceeding any previous Ebola epidemic with regard to incidence and prevalence and was declared a pandemic by WHO. Before , the outbreaks of this highly infectious disease were locally restricted and primarily situated in rural areas.

The latest outbreak of this epidemic, however, expanded to the urban population as well as across borders. The recent Ebola crisis that shook West Arica, exceeded any previous Ebola epidemic and later was declared a pandemic by the WHO not only stretched local health care systems, but also revealed deep structural deficiencies in the international response to health issues of such a scale. The outbreak of this virus that crossed boarders easily and cost the lives of so many people raises fundamental questions regarding the actors and ….

I am grateful to all participants of this symposium for their thoughtful and generous commentaries. The strange truth about book-writing, which I suppose all experienced hands know and I discovered as a first-time author , is the void that follows once the manuscript is finished. The book then disappears into the publishing process, and gradually snakes on to the desks and reading lists of other scholars. The author might wait months ….

The choice of the subject-matter alone shows that Ranganathan puts legal concepts into political context. She outlines the inherent limits of international law which cannot prevent states from creating new treaties to undermine existing commitments. However, international law may constrain policy-makers by steering them towards legal …. Some years ago, I published a slender book on the topic of treaty conflict.

Zooming in on the treaty relations of member states of the EU, I found that international law had little to say about treaty conflicts involving different parties. If party A has incompatible treaty obligations with states B and C, then it just has to make a choice or, as a German scholar and later EU judge ….

This assessment, however, reveals more about myself and how I would approach the topic than it does …. International legal scholarship tends to address the political substrate of international law in one of two extreme modes: either by not dealing with it at all and engaging only with the doctrinal surface; or by being entirely consumed with it and reducing doctrinal form to insignificance. Maximilian Oehl started his text spelling out the abbreviation …. Law Clinics kannte man einst nur aus dem US-amerikanischen Rechtskreis. Neben …. A response to Maximilian Oehl In his thoughtful post, Maximilian Oehl placed TTIP into the wider context of the world trade system and discussed some of the critical questions surrounding the negotiations.

While there is certainly no fault in the portrayal of events and facts presented, it may only be one view of the cathedral. Let me add a slightly different one. The present Turkish military interventions in Syria and northern Iraq continue to raise the question of when States may use defensive force against armed non- State actors in other States. It is one of the ongoing and legally disputed actions of multiple, state and non-state, actors involved in the Syrian conflict. This post analyses the international legal implications of the ensuing military action by Turkey, especially the meaning of ius ….

Nevertheless, political leaders are determined to follow through with the undertaking …. Representative democracy is the most widespread political system in the world today. At the same time, in a number of countries, democratic institutions and guarantees are subject to erosion with severe consequences for the respective population.

This means, for example, that state …. In this contribution, I look at the first state-led prior consultations which were implemented in the Peruvian Amazon. In contrast to other studies this will not …. Portmann is right in pointing out that direct effect is crucial. I would …. This phenomenon is linked to a continuous process of internationalisation of legal relationships with host states. But indeed neither the very nature of that process nor that of their rights are well ….

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