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If you want to view historical documents, including census returns, wills and nonconformist records, you have to pay to subscribe via TheGenealogist website. Another great tool for creating and editing your tree. A useful feature allows photographs to be incorporated.

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Has a good but basic facility for looking up records, but you need to pay a full subscription to view search results. It supports 32 languages and is renowned for its worldwide genealogy community, helping you link to relatives overseas. Designed to help you search for family graves worldwide, but equally useful for those who want to share their findings via crowdsourcing. Add photographs of headstones and transcribe memorial inscriptions to build up the database. Also lets you post a request for local volunteers to search for your ancestor's headstone in a cemetery.

Links with Dropbox and iTunes so that you can view trees and research logs created with RootsMagic desktop software.


Gedcom files can also be converted from other genealogy software companies for viewing as RootsMagic files while you are out and about. Contains tools, including a date calculator, perpetual calendar, and relationship calculator.

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Every genealogist needs a first-class filing system and One Note is proving a credible competitor to the popular Evernote app. Incorporate digital photographs of old letters, clippings from genealogy websites, videos and audio interviews into your searchable notes, share them with relatives and sync with all your devices.

Accompanies one of the best family tree building software programmes, Reunion. Easy to use and with detailed but simple layouts, this app lets you work seamlessly on the go.

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The one downside is that it is available only for those who already have the full software package installed on a Mac. Pin old family photographs of a known area on to an interactive map and search for thousands of images uploaded by museums and archives. Great for comparing changes to the places where your ancestors lived or worked, as it overlays historical scenes on to Google Street View. Browse by date or location to find images and stories behind them.

The Guardian is running a Masterclass on researching your family tree on alternative dates in May and June This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.

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  4. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. A new edition of the Confucius genealogy was printed in September by the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee , to coincide with the th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese thinker. This latest edition is expected to include some 1. There are extensive genealogies for the ruling dynasties of China, but these do not form a single, unified family tree; and it is unclear at which point s the most ancient historical figures named become mythological.

    In Japan, the ancestry of the Imperial Family is traced back to the mythological origins of Japan. The connection to persons from the established historical record begins in the mid-first millennium AD. Another very old and extensive tree is that of the Lurie lineage—which includes Sigmund Freud and Martin Buber —and traces back to Jehiel Lurie, a 13th-century rabbi in Brest-Litovsk, and from there to Rashi and purportedly back to the legendary King David , as documented by Neil Rosenstein in his book The Lurie Legacy.

    The Biblical genealogies of Jesus also claim descent from the House of David; covering a period of approximately years. In the Torah and Old Testament, genealogies are provided for many biblical persons, including a record of the descendants of Adam. According to the Torah, the Kohanim are descended from Aaron. Genetic testing performed at the Technion has shown that most modern Kohanim share common Y-chromosome origins, although there is no complete family tree of the Kohanim.

    In the Islamic world, claimed descent from the prophet Mohammed greatly enhanced the status of political and religious leaders. New dynasties often used claims of such descent to help establish their legitimacy. Many noble and aristocratic families of European and West-Asian origin can reliably trace their ancestry back as far as the mid to late first millennium AD; some claiming undocumented descent from Classical Antiquity or mythological ancestors. Before the Dark Ages , in the Greco-Roman world, some reliable pedigrees dated back perhaps at least as far as the first half of the first millennium BC; with claimed or mythological origins reaching back further.

    Roman clan and family lineages played an important part in the structure of their society, and were the basis of their intricate system of personal names. However, there was a break in the continuity of records-keeping at the end of Classical Antiquity. Records of the lines of succession of the Popes and the Eastern Roman Emperors through this transitional period have survived, but these are not continuous genealogical histories of single families.

    See: descent from antiquity. The genealogy of Ancient Egyptian ruling dynasties was recorded from the beginnings of the Pharaonic era circa BC, to the end of the Ptolomaic Kingdom ; although this is not a record of one continuously-linked family lineage, and surviving records are incomplete.

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    In some pre-contact Native American civilizations , genealogical records of ruling and priestly families were kept, some of which extended over at least several centuries. In many human cultures clan and tribal associations are based on claims of common ancestry; although detailed documentation of those origins is often very limited. The author Pete Frame is notable for having produced "family trees" of rock bands.

    In this instance, the entries represent membership of certain groups, and personnel changes within them, rather than family relationships. Several books have been produced with his family trees, [5] which in turn have led to a BBC television series about them, including interviews from the bands depicted in the trees.

    Media related to Family trees at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Family tree disambiguation. Main article: Ahnentafel. Paternal grandfather 2. Father 5.

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    Paternal grandmother 1 Subject or proband 6. Maternal grandfather 3. Mother 7. Maternal grandmother. Retrieved 20 September Royal or noble family trees. Aztec Brazil Mexico. Religious family trees. Descendants of Noah Abraham's family tree. Naomi to David.

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    Kings of Israel and Judah. Genealogy of Jesus. Family tree of Muhammad.

    Umayyads Hafizi-Isma'ili.