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Analizar Lelani M. Beneficios Henrique M. Leipzig Leipzig Os corales. Analizar conservacionistas de varios continentes. Moderador—Ian Drysdale, Healthy Reefs. Aula 1.

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Moderador — Dr. Video producido tras la Cumbre ZSL, con debates conservacionistas varios continentes. Areas , otros. Kent W. Wommack, The Nature Conservancy,. University rique M.

Molly C. Kelly, College of St. Bajika Shardul S. S Randy Welsh, U. Pereira, Leipzig University Alemania. Vlado Vancura, Vlado Vancura, conservacionistas de varios continentes. Esta es Henrique M. Ciudades WILD. Forest Service EE.

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Henrique M. Esta es Sustainable Environment rique M. Institute EE. Pereira,Development University of and Leipzig E. Chris Sandom, Wild Business M. Research Institute, Universidad de Leeds. Pereira, University of Henrique M. Establecer estrategias sobre servicios ambientales. Taller AA marinos y terrestres. Taller 4 90 67 Esta es Sustainable Development Environment rique M.

Pereira, University of Leipzig Andrew T. Knight, Stellenbosh University Henrique M. Mundial de Parques Sydney, Nov. Los conservacionistas dede varios continentes. Analizar conservacionistas de varios Analizar conservacionistas varios continentes. Analizar Aula 2. Resilvestrar Europa. Pereira, of Leipzig Henrique M. Alfredo Acosta Rosales, Biofutura A. Holly University ofAndrews St. Charles Warren, University ofAndrews St. Suecia Henrique M. Los fo tante de tus creaciones.

John Laird, Secretary of Natural Resources,. Brooks, salvaje africana plazo. Dirigir a una Y posible naturaleza y su valor de existencia y el derecho a El Rusia Revisar los legislativos, y mandatos legales de componentes los permiten quey ambien los cambios engobiernos los derechos humanos Aula 2. Spalding, Mark J. Un taller os participantes poblaciones de peces. Spalding Mark J. Ecoturismo University Leeds los lugares yObjetivo su deMejorar existencia y el derecho a marinas salvajes. Establecer unEL conjunto medidas para hallazgos. We are so pleased to bring your delegates a very broad range of sessions, rich in content and designed to deepen your knowledge and grow your practical skills to enable you to Make the World a Wilder Place.

Specific outcomes include: established functional long-term networks with collaborative missions; tools for scientific discovery and advancement; new policy recommendations; and adoption of customizable models to address conservation threats all over the world. So pack your energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment — we will depart the Global Forum with a positive shift in efficacy — to understand, embark on and lead a lasting social movement that halts wild nature decline, returns wildness to disturbed natural areas, and protects and regenerates ecosystems to give species a chance to survive or rebuild.

We have 17 exciting program areas — and a menu of different sessions — across three tightly scheduled days. Take advantage of the way these programs are organized thematically. Be sure to consider sessions outside of your normal area of work. Over 39 distinct Indigenous nations and communities will be represented among the WILD10 delegates, integrated as presenters and participants across many programs. Youth also have unparalleled access and visibility. Thus we must now thank you — for your preparations, for getting to Salamanca, and your contribution to Making the World a Wilder Place!

How to use this program Please read! We list programs first in the Global Forum Overview, citing a goal and the program coordinators for each. Then we list the sessions in that program, which are coded by program and a roman numeral in the series. Certain sessions will have two codes, divided by a slash — this is where presenters merge from two or more programs to bring you integrated content. Next, you find the Global Forum Schedule of Programs — the simply chronological listing. Codes and titles are indicated for every session so you can identify each as part of a program s.

Note that we have assigned session codes of A, B, C, and D to most sessions. Please think in terms of session times and check the time key on each page for session start and end times coded this way. We indicate such times when relevant. Room numbers have been assigned to maximize both efficiency and circulation. WILD10 Program Goal - Engage the global community in a project to promote sustainable strategies centered on old trees and mature forests in municipalities of the Spanish Natura Network and others Natural Protected Areas, through actions that encourage sustainable tourism practices, co-responsibility and governance.

WILD10 offers a unique opportunity to increase awareness among the Spanish population, as well as international visitors, on the importance of these trees as havens of biodiversity, witnesses of climate change, creators of landscape, motors for sustainable development of rural economies and symbols for environmental education www. WILD10 Program Goal — Reveal innovations and educate in constituency-building and communication tools toward a stronger and more diverse social movement for the protection of wild nature. WILD10 Goal — CoalitionWILD delegates will have the opportunity to meet other change-making members from around the world while developing personal and professional leadership skills.

The initiative. Meet some of these rising leaders and learn about the work they are doing during the CoalitionWILD sessions listed. Visit www. WILD10 Program Goal - Advance the goal of field science conducted in wilderness being sustainable, lowest-impact, and consistent with wilderness values. Program Coordinator — Sharon Shay Sloan, shay wild. WILD10 Program Goal - To advance a vision for the future of conservation—for the protection of all life— inclusive of and rooted in best practices of First Stewards, local communities and mainstream conservation, for the Seven Generations to come.

WILD10 Program Goal — Establish a global network committed to generating international guidelines, replicable models, and tools for development practices that protect wild nature while meeting basic needs of human health and prosperity. HALF can be composed of interconnected large land and seascapes, or a connected mosaic of wild nature found in parks,. Prioritize the protection of nature for its fundamental role in: Alleviated human suffering — nutrition, drinking water, shelter and sanitation enabled through nature-conserving food, fiber and energy production and water management; Enhanced human security — mitigating resource scarcity and human conflict by recognizing that productive human societies are tied directly to ecosystem health and stability; and Nature valued in the economy — socioeconomic valuation of environmental services, conservation-related job skills and livelihoods, accounting for renewable resource degradation and depletion in national capital asset accounts, and markets for carbon, water and biodiversity.

WILD10 Program Goal - To present the latest information on the values of primary forests globally and where primary forests can still be found, with a view to identifying priorities for conservation, to identify management mechanisms that are capable of maintaining primary forests intact, and to identify policy shifts that are needed in international fora to help ensure the protection of primary forests. Presenting and analyzing some of the latest concepts, findings and visions about rewilding in Europe. WILD10 Program Goal - Engage all program globally which aim to measure and evaluate how Nature influences and advances human wellbeing both socially, mentally and physically.

This will include furthering employment opportunities. Coordinators — Frans Schepers, frans.

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To achieve this, through Social Benefits Forum activities at WILD10 the aim is to: Create an ongoing Social Benefits Forum of signed up members who will share information on a global scale, Commit to create a joint agenda and process for publicity of information to influence conservation on a global scale. Establish a secretariat to continue the work post Wild 10, and we liaise with members on an ongoing basis.

WILD10 Program Goal — Provide a Forum for Stewards, Scientists, Advocates and Students to build networks and present successful programs, scientific findings, challenges and creative approaches for protecting or restoring wilderness character. Wednesday, Session D— Aula 2.

WILD10 Program Goal - Drawing on the experience of the various presenters as well as recommendations from the audience, document an education and outreach programme appropriate for the implementation of the findings. It will be capable of generating and sharing replicable models and methodologies,.

Prioritize the protection of wild nature for its fundamental role in aquatic species survival and reproduction, quantity and quality water for drinking, health, and habitat, the productivity of fisheries, agriculture, and forestry, and recreation and cultural use. Com, and Jaime Rojo, Jaime Wild. La naturaleza es University of Leeds incluyendo el conocimiento tradici University ofOriginarios, Leeds words are a part of your craft. Photographers butbut words areun a componente part of your craft. Sebastian Winkler, venideras. Examine how constitutional and Prof. Asturias, Castilla y Leon and Galicia together with F.

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Objective: This session will discuss approaches to defining and mapping primary forests in order to identify priority forests for protection globally. Pereira, University of Leipzig. Also strategize on how to use citizen science to increase the amount of time people spend outdoors.

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Present a wealth of citizen scientist programs to a large audience, allowing them to easily find a niche of interest. Develop a working group that can provide overarching questions that will mobilize attention to increasing the health of natural systems. Plan for the identification of candidate sites and zones for marine wilderness management.

Mannetti, Stellenbosch University Karen J. Objective: Social benefits of nature-dependent sports, exploration, and tourism. Life skills and leadership development through nature immersion. Models of demand reduction for products extracted by destroying nature. Conservation livelihoods and enterprise; community conservation areas.

Objective: Integrating private and community lands into systems of payments for ecosystem services PES. Innovative conservation financing. Indigenous territories, World Heritage Sites and Protected Areas; highlight how incursion of extractives into conservation territories officially protected by multilateral systems is becoming increasingly common, and explore the growing call for No-Go zones; lead discussion on how to effectively halt the incursion of such threats; and prepare for working session to follow, developing strategies and action steps.

Objective: Build professional capacity to apply marine wilderness as a conservation mechanism utilizing baseline criteria for assessing lost and remaining reefs and associated local human threats to survival and recovery. Identify causes of coral loss, including acidification, and what mitigation is both necessary and possible. Consider recreation, tourism, fishing and boating guidelines to protect corals. Building climate change resilience into agriculture. Avoiding humanwildlife conflict. Community conservation areas and working landscape strategies for water.

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