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Von Genen und Embryonen Reclam Universa Das kooperative Gen : Evolution als krea Das kooperative Gen : Abschied vom Darwi Molekulare Biotechnologie : Konzepte und Michael Wink. Untersuchung der Neuropathologie konditi Gentechnische Methoden : Eine Sammlung v Monika Jansohn. Polymorphismen in den Transkriptionsfakt Dolly ist tot : Biotechnologie am Wendep Molecular Biology : Understanding the Ge Stem Cell Technology Principles and Pra Molekulare Genetik 9.

Biohacking : Gentechnik aus der Garage Paula Hertwig - Genetikerin im Biological Reaction Engineering, w. Dunn, Elmar Heinzle, John Ingham et al. Allgemeine Vererbungslehre Nachdruck de Dritter Gentechnologiebericht : Analyse Genetically Modified Organisms and Genet Advances in Plant Cytogenetics : Reprint Birchler and J. Chris Pires. Craniosynostoses : Molecular Genetics, P Aneuploidy Cytogenetic and Genome Resea Human Heredity. Privacy, Data Protection and Responsible Genetik Springer-Lehrbuch 5. Gene sind kein Schicksal : Wie wir unser Vererbung und Auslese : Grundriss der Ge The activation of the insect immune syst BioTechnologie : Das Jahr- und Adre Andreas Mietzsch.

Life Sciences - Wirtschaft, Kapital Lauer, Andreas Graf von Stosch u. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube.

Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. Volume , Issue 24 December Pages Related Information. He who reads Orwell might not be too surprised. Another funny thing happened some weeks later: A group of young refugees were chasing Germans in the small town of Amberg. Drunk, they punched passersby, some of whom were running away. While this was a real violent incident, it caused no media uproar, in contrast to the fake pogrom in Chemnitz.

There was no police around, no fences, no guards, nothing. In , German Christmas markets are surrounded by concrete posts to prevent Islamists from driving into the crowds. Police is often around, sometimes heavily armed and closely watching everything. Yet, we are still told, all is quiet on the Western and Eastern front. Only obscure bloggers bother to paint a different picture of the reality.

Vera Lengsfeld is a former politician of the conservative German Christian Democrats. Born in the former East Germany, she was a critic of the Communist regime, so was jailed for speaking her mind. After the fall of the socialist regime, she joined the Conservative party. To her great amazement, the Federal Republic of Germany underwent a change from a liberal country to a politically correct state, which began to follow suicidal polices in regards to migration, economics and the environment, etc.

Her informative blog paints a rather bleak picture of present day Germany. Since the media paint the right wing AfD as a menace, AfD members are most likely to have their cars burned or their offices smashed. They may also face problems at work or have bars and restaurants shun them. The change in political climate can also be seen in the following incident: The boss of the AfD in Bremen, Frank Magnitz, was attacked and badly hurt.

You can see the picture of him lying unconsciously in a hospital. An outcry of historic proportions would have ensued. We have it coming too. He meant that tax revenues will go down and an economic slowdown might ensue. Danke, Herr Minister! With about 50 billion Euros a year for all the new programs for migrants and refugees, including housing, language and integration courses, social benefits and what-have-you, what shall we do?

Hmm, wise words, but I smell something fishy here… With taxes already at the highest level in German history, what should we expect? Even higher taxes! And more economic hardship, of course. On and on it goes…. Two young Germans were just pushed in front of a train and died? Who are the suspects? Ah, some Germans sigh of relief , but they are of Turkish and Greek origins? The Germans were pushed because they had told the suspects to stop smoking there.

Oh, well… It could have been the other way around, no? Unfortunately, statistics tell a different story. So all in all, we are on our way to the heart of darkness. No revolution will stop this course, no reform, no rationality, no new thinking. Reality will matter still less in the years to come.

There will be more taxes, violence, hatred, bigotry, irrational behavior and modern witch hunts. We are ruled by ideologists, not only in Germany but across the West, and they will not stop chasing paradise on earth as they create hell. Will we learn from the epic downfall awaiting us? I hope and pray that some of us will hold up the light of rational thinking, the heritage of our forefathers, who gave their lives for freedom and justice. Be that as it may, we will be challenged in the years ahead to become heroes of a true and decent humanity. Good luck to us all. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

Nothing has changed since the Crusades, Europe will soon be on fire. Christians dislike Muslims because Muslims dislike Christians. The difference is The Koran says they must kill the Infidels [Christians] as where the Bible does not. Is it any wonder we are wary? And the Jews pulling all the strings.

We are ruled by an utterly rational elite, that has no illusions, and the moral sense of reptiles, and cares only to use ever-cheaper labor to maximize short-term profits. Europe is quickly moving from White people having to walk on eggshells so as not to offend pigmented sensibilities, to their savage replacements tramping on the shells of the eggs they have broken as they go about making diversity omelettes. Uncle Joe would be proud.

Ah, the list has already grown. An year old girl, bullied to death by…. Saxony seems the obvious choice. Country of heroes! AfD already likely to come out as strongest party there. Take the place over. Build, prepare and eventually — secession. There is a terrible irony in all of this. Muslims, being of stronger fiber but weaker minds, attack the Holocaust guilt-ridden feminized Germans with impunity, as they steal their women, and produce ever more Muslim babies, while white German babies vanish.

Then, after the Muslims have taken charge of the country and instituted Sharia Law, they will set their sights on their real enemy — the Jews. Unlike weak-kneed Christians they are not taught to turn the other cheek. Or at least put Angela Merkel in prison for life. I wonder, are you German? Speaking as an American who knows little of Germany, would Saxony be far enough? Maybe it would be better to look further East — perhaps to Russia, that is, if the Russians would take them in, and the WWII wounds could be forgotten.

They certainly have lots of space. Already something similar is happening in the fast-crumbling state of California, as middle class whites, now a minority, leave the Mexican Reconquista in favor of states like Montana, which have plenty of room to grow. With both coasts and the far South now gone, Middle America is where whites must make their stand. There is much more there than meets the eye. Germans are………. Making an opinion based on short visit and chats with some people there could be hugely misleading. What says he? Is that really in their hearts and minds, OR, more likely, they know exactly what to say and how to behave in this paradigm?

There is, again peculiar, pattern in conversation abut serious things with a German. Pretty similar, if much more subdued, to pattern when speaking with a Japanese. Make of that what you will. Just me. A proper reckoning of real power must, of necessity, account for all 3 divisions. As it is, like good little boys and girls, we all seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room.

Imagine you have a spacious room. But suppose a bomb drops from the sky, falls through the roof, and sits in the room without going off. You are told there is nothing that can be done about it. Indeed, trying to remove the bomb may set it off and kaboom! So, you must accept its presence and work around it. Day after day, you get used to it, and it just becomes part of the room.

Eventually, if someone says there is a nasty bomb in your room, you get all triggered and denounce him for casting negative aspersions toward something that is so essential to the room. Maybe when something is made so ubiquitous, people not only get used to it but habitualized to it, indeed to the point where the they cannot conceive of normality without it.

Initially, it is seen as a crime against nature, what with the flooding destroying so many plants and animals. But over time, a new flora and fauna grow around the water, and people become accustomed to the new reality. The dam, which had been denounced, has become essential to the new reality. People now defend it. Or consider the Chinese who were forced to wear queues as a sign of submission to the Manchus. It was to humiliate the Chinese. But over time, Chinese got so used to queues as a part of their style and culture that, when the time finally came to cut them off in defiance to the Manchus, many Chinese resisted and had a hard time doing so.

They were born wearing queues and their father and grandfather had them too. There are lots of lies and fabrications and tall tales about the Holocaust. And 6 million figure is almost certainly false. But there are tons of evidence that Germans committed mass killings, esp in the Eastern Front, and many victims were victims. David Cole is probably right that around 3 million Jews were killed.

So, while Jewish Power has grown corrupt and crazy, there is no sense denying the reality. Dinh should be careful about pushing in the other direction too far. If the US, which stood for democracy and freedom, could brazenly kill so many people, imagine what the Nazi War Machine did in the East. Nazis were brazenly ethno-supremacist and felt justified in expending countless Slavic and Jewish lives to fulfill its dream of empire. So, the mass killings of Jews and Slavs was no myth.

If Holocaust is a total myth, then Slavocaust must be too.

Vatican’s Nazi German Fourth Reich established under the guise of the European Union

In fact, Nazis committed both on a huge scale in the East. The great irony is that Jewish globalist imperialists have become Judeo-Nazis. Their attitude is hardly differently from that of Nazis. They believe any number of Arab, Muslim, Iranian, and white Christian lives should be sacrificed to serve its own dream of the yr Reich. Or the white death by Opioids, which is reminiscent of Jewish monopoly of opium trade in China. Those ones are always comfortably far from being a critical mass and a majority of them chooses convenience, either in disregard of ideals of having been grown wise to their unattainability.

That said, I have had to deal with too many a non-Jew, and non-Jewish power, to have anything against Jews and Jewish power in particular. What is to be done when everyone knows what the problem is, but none are willing to take the steps necessary to rectify the situation? The West is like an addict who knows that his drug is killing him, but still refuses to get clean. One wonders what would happen if, instead of peaceful protests and candlelight vigils, whites actually rioted, and burned a few things down or blew them up.

Would it change anything? Would the average German sympathize with the rebellion, or instead choose to preen himself on his virtue in opposing it? The surveillance state makes organizing resistance impossible, even if whites were still capable of it. Civilization has tamed them, and whites now gamble that it can eventually tame non-whites as well. You might want to do a bit of research on who really did Then you might see things differently.

No such verse — check your source. Christians have historically been given the dhimmi option — this is well known and not controversial. The Bible states to turn the other cheek, love your enemies and pray for them that persecute you. Christians need to disband their armies and navies if they want this kind of signalling to be taken seriously. This is possible future — but, mark my words, they will native German Muslims. Will it happen? No clue — what we are seeing is unprecedented in human history.

Unlikely if you are thinking pogroms or expulsions or such — but they will not hold the disproportionate sway they currently have in Germany — that is for certain. Pro-tip: people hate losers — they like the winning team. Act like winners and people will come your way. Germany was reasonably sane until the end of the Cold War.

It still had blood-based citizenship. And there was moderate pride in having overcome its dark past. Also, West Germany was much praised as a model for all of Europe, not least for East Germany that was under Soviet rule. Europe had to remain moderately stable and proud to keep the Soviets at bay.

But once the Soviet Empire collapsed, there was no longer a need for a proud Europe. At the same time, the final power transition happened in the US, the dominant power over Europe. US went from Wasp rule to Jewish rule. Though Anglo-America and Germany had fought bitterly, white Christian-Americans and white Christian-Germans were willing to bury the hatchet and work together once the dust settled. Nationalism was seen as a good thing during most of the Cold War. Both the new right and new left defended nationalism against imperialism.

Also, following WWII, Europe, both West and East, was reordered along nationalist lines, sometimes involving mass relocations of peoples, such as expulsion of Ost-Germans from Poland and other places. Even if there developed a school of thought that saw nationalism as problematic, the fact is both US and USSR were fine with moderate nationalism around the world. But with the fall of the Soviet Union and with the US as the sole superpower, mindsets began to change.

The changed owed especially to Jewish takeover of the US. Perhaps if Wasps had retained power and kept Jews at bay, the US would have been more accommodating of other nations and systems. But with Jews at the helm, the lone superpower went into hyperdrive against all nationalisms except that of Israel of course. Granted, Jewish-ruled US could cynically support particular nationalisms for political opportunism: Stoking ethnic hatreds in Yugoslavia, inciting anti-Russian animus in Georgia and Ukraine. The reason why Jews were eager to weaken goy nationalism had to do with the nature of Jewish Power.

Jews have very little national power.

Their power is essentially globo-hegemonic: More about Jewish networking around the world than about unity of national elites and national masses. It is globo-Jewish networking and coordination of power that allow Israel to get special treatment. Now, if Jews had a gigantic nation of their own, they might be more tolerant of nationalism as a general principle. Suppose Israel were the size of Russia, China, or India. Or even Iran.

Jews might feel secure in their great national power. But the only national power that Jews have is Israel. In contrast, the US, China, or Russia can be great powers even without control of foreign territory. They have land, population, and resources on their own. Because Jewish World Power depends on control of goy nations and peoples, they must weaken nationalism in them. Now, Jews could have it pretty good without imperialist hegemony over other nations, BUT Jews are now addicted to supremacism just like Brits got addicted to empire and like Japanese got addicted to empire in the s.

And that is why things really began to change after the Cold War. With control of media, finance, academia, law, and deep state, Jews pushed the New Narrative on all the world. We speak of the fall of the Soviet Union but no less monumental was the fall of Wasp rule around the same time. An ethnic coup happened in both US and Russia in the 90s. The relative lack of rule of law in Russia was both a great boon and great bane for Jews. It was an advantage in stealing and robbing as fast as possible in the era of Shock Doctrine or Shylock Doctrine.

Jews could steal more and faster in Russia of 90s than anywhere else in the world. Just like Hitler got too hungry and aggressive and lost in Russia, Jews got overeager in the 90s and grabbed too much too fast, leading to Russian backlash. As most white people lack prophetic power, they rely on the Power to tell them what is what. Jews are like adults and big-thinkers. Whites are like children and students. Whites are to Jews what Asians are to whites. Mental Dogs. Also, because the West had made so much of the Shoah as a kind of secular cult , white people came to look upon Jews as sages, saints, and wisemen.

But by the time the Cold War ended, Jews had amassed immense power and were arrogant and megalomaniacal. They were the new supremacist-imperialists. But because whites had been indoctrinated with Holocaust Cult for couple of decades, they listened to every Jewish word as if it was the holiest wisdom. Of course, devious Jews played the part of wisemen and sages and tragic victims….

They were trying to mentally, politically, and financially enslave goyim so that the globo-homo supremacists could rule over them as sheeple. But because whites had come to see Jews as the holy holocaust people, they earnestly took every Jewish advice, no matter how ridiculous, to heart. Because smaller nations usually follow the lead of bigger ones, what happens in US and UK and Germany shapes what happens in smaller European nations as well.

In some ways, Sweden is even more far gone than Germany. The fact that Jews target all goy nations — victim nations along with villain nations of WWII — goes to show that the real motive is not about War Guilt or the Holocaust. It is about Jewish Supremacist takeover and control. Poland was invaded in WWII, and its resistance heroes were nationalist. So, one might think its national consciousness would be praised and be associated with anti-Nazism.

Globo-Homo propaganda is pushed on both nations where nationalism and homogeneity are now considered dirty ideas… which is one reason why both nations are going down fast. But Jews think differently.

Table of contents

When white elites ruled, they felt a bond with the white masses. So, the unity of white elites and white masses led to a sense of national ownership, and whites respected similar sentiments in other nations. But Jews in the US only see themselves as ruling over the filthy goyim. Jews fear goy nationalism because it might revive the idea that the goy elites of a nation are supposed to bond with, represent, defend, and serve their own people… like what the Jewish elites do in Israel and what Orban is calling for in Hungary. Now, Jews are okay with such arrangement in Israel but revile it in Hungary.

French hated the idea of Vietnamese elites bonding with Vietnamese masses. They demanded that the comprador Vietnamese serve the Franco-super-elites in the French Imperialist hegemony over Vietnam. To drive a wedge between goy elites and goy masses, Jews push for Diversity. As the US and Germany turn more diverse, the white elites are pressured to care about ALL people than about white people.

Thus, the bond between white elites and white masses is lost. Look how globo-homo corporate Japan is celebrating its mulatto athletes born of black men and Japanese women. Japan is total Cuckpan now. What does that tell you? The radical supremacist sickness has now passed to Jews, and it has to be stopped. I agree, they must be stopped. I personally do not want to be among the millions of Americans to be Kulaked by our chosenite overlords.

  1. Can Science Progress through Errors? Fallacies and Facts.
  2. Discover Germany | Issue 12 | March by Scan Group - Issuu.
  3. Germany gov waging new Cold War from USA and Canada;
  4. (DOC) ukyrelazok.tk | Simon Meacher - ukyrelazok.tk.

Pretty damned pathetic. I really liked Das Boot, when I saw it — are Germans allowed to make these kinds of sympathetic movies anymore? The Darkness is here already …I knew some Germans and they are very good people as single.. When somebody gets on the platform and starts shouting to the crowds….. They still have some problems too , now. Seems to be now right between the Nazis and fanatical Islamists. May be the case of fanaticism..

Ernst Bayer (1927–2002)

Over 30 millions of victims of it in Russia only, or more.. But the Russian defence made the difference. I believe , even when the Russians already lost the war , they kept denying it and refused to admit it. And Stalin slept like a vagrant in the underground Metro in Moscow. They save me too.. The only suprise was that fanaticism we used to see coming from the Middle East… One problem appears now. Not many nations or tribes were so much chased out of the other nations lands. They ,the nations stayed and stand and defended and loved their land and keep to stay there..

Under so many terrible times… They literally grew into the roots of the soil.. Why go somewhere ,where they do not like me?? And why not leave, when … Local people protest…Or whatever. Home is my sweet home. They were never liked nowhere. It seems can not exists without feeding on billions of dollars from other countries..

Full text of "IG Farben Trial Transcripts"

Even when they consider themselves above average in everything…. So true Haxo,the filthy Jew has destroyed the White world. The Bible clearly tells us this would occur,and it also clearly tells us the Jews will join their father in Hell. That cannot come soon enough. This vile race will bring about the end of the world because they believe not in Heaven but seek to establish their materialistic empire of Earth. We Whites know this world is not our home.

But surely while we are here we can be forgiven for fighting back with the greatest determination. Totally agree with every word. You are truly a blessing. You will never know how much your work and truth is appreciated. God bless you. Yes, we have. But not for you. Eat your shit yourselves, you did this mess and you still do. So do not complain. Well Linhjo, there are all of those German ubermenschen who come to Vietnam and Thailand to pork 13 year-olds.

That nation simply cannot claim to be secular; which it denies anyway by being founded on a religion. What a know nothing post.


Nothing in Quran says Christians should be killed. They are specifically protected and Muslims are forbidden from trying to convert them, as they are worshipers of the same God. The Crusades were a Pope and King instigated looting and pillaging aggression against the Islamic Empire at its Golden age and when it had known peace so long they had no standing armies to defend with.

The second Crusades went badly since Muslims were prepared that time. Deciding your political opinions based on your own imaginings and fantasies about others is idiotic. Europeans and Germans especially should use anti-American sentiments in their fight against the immigration. There is no laws against being anti-American in Germany yet. Why Americans are so easily manipulated by their media and neoliberal oligarchy.

Because they have low social cohesion and solidarity as a country of immigrants. Why do the powers that be want immigrants and minorities? Because ruling people is so much easier when you can divide them. You can stop immigration only if you attract more people to your movement. Your message must be palatable and attractive to them. To attract people from the left to your side you must make your cause about going against the system, against the capitalism, against the neoliberalism and against the economic injustice.

Do not concentrate on immigrants how stupid, ugly and bad they are but on the powers that bring them in. They actually might be the useful idiots or the fifth column of the neoliberal system. German movies always seem to have something weird in them. Something to gross out Americans. Maybe, not every movie, but a lot of them.

I used to think it was just because an artsier crowd made them, but then I saw contrasting versions of an anti-schistosomiasis campaign. One in English and one in German. The German one depicted urination graphically. Maybe, makes sense, if it was, as I believe, in Africa. But still it is gross in movies. Germans could really use not just more sympathetic films, but cleaner and more optimistic ones too. Germans make excellent movies. Germans are the wierdest, most abberated peoples on this, granted, insane planet.

In Heidelberg to this day there is an exposition of disected actual human corpses, which edumacated, Heidelberg is one the centers of German culure, folks bring their kids to view. I only encountered one German person, who objected to this law, and he moved to the US thirty-plus years ago, where he has become a citizen and very successful. One however must be fair, and I will add to the list of unpleasantries, the one of the most positive elements of Germany, namely the Autobahnen, upon which one can , to this day, stretchwise travel at chosen speed, with no imposed limits.

I can vividly recall picking my sister and mother up from the Frankfurt Airport, summer , and zooming down the Autobahn , my sister asking me : Just how fast are we going, my reply : MpH, KpH and she freaking out, as she had never exceed seventy-five MpH til that day. I had owned eleven Alfa Romeos, in succession and the joy of unrestricted cruising still sticks to my old bones, and conjures up wonderful memories, and a wets eyes.

The Greens are pushing , mediawise, relentlessly for a overall speed limit. That, itself, rides on …. Or…in practical terms: A conversation starts, they are accommodating to the point of being deferential. They know how to behave. They start to open up. Get interested in the conversation. You allow even more of greatness there. They get in synch and the conversation starts to get….

You start to feel…….. Not at all. Bottom line, one wonders how the world would look like if the current Germans had the power of the current Americans. Oh my……. I re read Herman Wouk books every now and then. To me Nazism is unthinkable without its roots in German nineteenth-century thought: romanticism, idealism, nationalism, the whole outpouring.

The White race has to accept responsibility for the events taken place all over the world right now. Germany was becoming a economic threat to their worldwide trade. They were producing products that were superior in quality and cheaper due to changes and innovation in the manufacturing process.

But I will share my personal belief of the war. Hitler in my opinion was a Nationalists that tried to help the German people. He tried to bring back that spark that was taken away after WWI, anyone that loves his people, his culture, his country would do the same. Unlike the treasonous motherfuckers in the US and Mexico that have ripped off the people with impunity for the past 30 — 40 years. I truly believe the Jews wrote the Holocaust history and manipulated it to demonize the German people. Who would the US feed first…the soldiers fighting for you or the prisoners that declared war on you?

General Patton saw it the same way Hitler did, he wanted to keep going, but he died in a jeep accident, if you can believe that. The bombing of Dresdin should have been a war crime. Every war since has been a war that the Jews wanted and for their benefit. The Anglo-Saxon race never fail to surprise me. The extent that they are willing to go for these people is beyond comprehension!

Seriously, how long are you going to blame evil Jews, because enough is enough! The Germans have only one race to blame for what they are going through, and they are not the Jews. I really thought Trump was going to put a stop to it, but every day his light blue color comes out in his actions. Mexico and Latin America could have made the US a force that no one in the world would want to fuck with, but you stupid mother fuckers treated them like shit and still do. Hang in there my German Brothers, things will get better when someone with balls finally takes these evil fucks down and Muslims can go back to the Middle East and do what they do best, pray to Allah.

Wake up Anglo-Saxons, the high IQ is being wasted or do you need us Latino lower IQ bad motherfuckers to take care of business for you! I attached a little paragraph, read it! After a few minutes the man returns and hands him the chicken. He grabs it tight in one hand and began plucking the feathers with his other hand. He continued until he had plucked every feather, he then faces the crowd and says. He placed the chicken on the floor and walked a few feet away and grabbed a handful of wheat while the crowd watched in astonishment.

Getting It Right in Science and Medicine

The chicken, scared, in pain and bleeding, ran after him as he threw handfuls of wheat while moving around the room. The chicken chased him in all directions. Then, Stalin looks at the crowd, who by this time is totally surprised, and says. There were more quality, serious films made in Germany than in Hollywood during the same period. Hollywood during that time produced Citizen Kane , but little else of lasting value.

Galileo was never much of a hero to begin with and he was right to recant. The truth is that the calculations can be made from any perspective in the the galaxy, but they actually work better from a geocentric perspective than a heliocentric one. Where would the retrograde movements of the planets be without geocentrism?

But I get your point, not many heroes today, not many willing to bravely grasp the third rail of world politics like you, Linh Dinh. Worse, your comment here is content free. You simply choose to insult like a child. What you are speaking about is Bodyworlds, which is a worldwide exhibition that had a very long tenure in museums throughout the United States. If you saw Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, the exhibit serves as a backdrop for a scene in that film in Miami. In addition, there are plenty of other similarly-themed exhibitions throughout the world.

They use cadavers for medial training. That exhibit serves the same spirit.