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A vibrant city that welcomes tens of thousands festival visitors after an exuberant day at Tomorrowland. Travel from every corner of the world, all united in a once in a lifetime travel experience that brings you to Tomorrowland. Including your Tomorrowland ticket. Dive into a wonderful and new tale: The Story of Planaxis.

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With , People of Tomorrow, two wonderful and sunny weekends marked the summer of as magical. We have returned to the world above and filled our hearts with beautiful memories. In a magical gathering of the People of Tomorrow took place during 2 weekends. On July and July more than A show that is seldom seen, a gathering of talents that left you in wonder. On July 22, 23, 24, Tomorrowland celebrated its 12th edition.

All , tickets were sold out in recordtime. People from all over the world visited the Holy Grounds and discovered the Elixir of Life. In April , the second edition of Tomorrowland Brasil took place. Enter the Secret Kingdom of Melodia and be overwhelmed with true magic… Over , People of Tomorrow witnessed epic performances and massive fireworks. We unite hearts from all over the world. The fastest journey time by train is 43 minutes. Prices can also vary depending the time of day, route and class you book. Yes, it is possible to travel from Basingstoke to London Waterloo without having to change trains.

Use our journey planner above to get direct train times from Basingstoke to London Waterloo. The first train from Basingstoke to London Waterloo departs at The last train from Basingstoke to London Waterloo departs at If you're like us, you've probably seen the sheer number of ticket types available in the UK and wondered ''Why are there so many?!

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