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I had dinner one night at the Bent Mast, a restaurant in an house on Simcoe Street. According to the menu I swiped, the house was once a rooming home, a brothel, four different restaurants and an erotic art gallery. Apparently a number of ghosts haunt the house. Female staff report being felt up by a guy in a red fedora who disappears before they can take his order. The second floor, where the washrooms are, is definitely creepy. The hotel was designed by architect Charles Elwood Watkins in and is the third oldest in Victoria.

I spent a week there in september of I got some intruiging video footage and still photography of some amazing phenonmena, including intelligent coloured orbs chasing each other around our room on the third floor, they were actually going in and out of the room, through the walls and ceiling. It happened almost every night we were there. Also have an interesting photo of what looks like a gentleman in a military uniform looking out a window at the hotel. Anymore info needed please e-mail me at ShadowmanRG hotmail.

There was a little girl, frail and ill very pale — about 8 years of age, short dark hair, shoulder length and she looked out the window quiet a bit. She mostly stayed upstairs. Keep it light if you are in the room. Thanks for the info! Eve Lazarus recently posted.. There is a book on her it is called Haunted Canada 5.

And it is about haunting. A skeleton was later found on the property of a woman in chains believed to possibly be of First Nations descent. The haunting discontinued. An elderly couple has also been seen. Blog post. Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria heritage site The castle itself does not acknowledge that the building may be haunted but rumours persist.

An apparition of a little girl has been reported by volunteer staff, as well as the image of a maid. Music has been heard and the odor of candle wax is said to occur inexplicably. The theatre publicly acknowledges the ghostly presence. Beacon Hill Park, Victoria At one time, an apparition of a blonde woman would appear to joggers.

She would look to be struggling with someone, or something, and screaming silently. Reports came from NW corner of the park. Later, in the same spot, a woman was murdered with dark hair. The apparition is then said to have taken on her appearance after the murder and is no longer a blonde woman but a brunette. James Bay Inn, Victoria open Auditory phenomena is reported. Unexplained electrical occurrences are also said to occur. Apparition, possibly of Emily Carr. Helmcken House, Victoria heritage site The apparition of a woman is seen in the upper floor window, believed to be Cecilia Douglas Helmcken.

Piano music is also heard. Poltergeist activity is said to have occurred. This house is on the grounds of the Royal BC Museum. Empress Hotel, Victoria open Apparitions are reported in the hotel, the most famous believed to be architect Francis Rattenbury.

The Empress is very near the Parliament Building. The apparition of a woman who is seen on the 6th floor is believed to be a former maid. An apparition of an older woman has been seen, as well. An apparition of a construction worker who was found hanging has also been seen. Cherry Bank Hotel, Victoria open Apparitions of a woman and a little girl are reported. A girl has been seen running in the hallway. Poltergeist activity. Another apparition believed to be Robert Johnson — who committing suicide — is reported here as well.

Also, the apparition of a dark-haired woman in a white dress has been seen. Royal Theatre, Victoria open An apparition of a man has been reported. Bedford Regency Hotel, Victoria open Two apparitions are reported by employees. Bastion square in general, and Helmcken Alley, generate reports of various levels of activity. Old Morris Tobacconists, Victoria open Poltergeist activity has been reported.

Unexplained sounds have been heard. Pounders Restaurant, Victoria open A female apparition has been witnessed on the stairs. Items have also been inexplicably moved. McPherson Playhouse, Victoria open A male apparition and a lady in grey have both been reported at different times. Items are moved, and audible unexplained voices have been reported. For the full story, click on the image above. Sources claim that the entity is Chung, who once murdered a sing-song girl who scorned his affections.

Gorge Road Hospital, Victoria The apparition of a lady in white has been reported. White lights have also been seen. Poltergeist activity is often reported. Old Point Ellice Bridge, Victoria Ghost lights are reported at the tragic scene where the old bridge collapsed. This incident claimed 55 lives. Unspecified unexplained occurrences had also been claimed at the time.

Spinnakers Pub, Victoria open An apparition of an older woman with longer grey hair has been reported along with unexplained noises. Presence is said to have become less active in recent years. This includes the apparition of an old woman who is possibly Laura Dunsmuir. Bells have been said to ring inexplicably. According to sources, manor is also said to have activity.

Another apparition of a man in a suit is also reported. Also, a ghost said to be Jake Matteson is seen. Noises and poltergeist activity has been reported, as well as people claiming to have been touched. There is also a connection to the Thetis Cove Lady in White. Unexplained footsteps have been heard. East Sooke Road, Sooke An apparition of a lady in black has been seen along the side of the road and is believed to be May Stiff — although some have said it cannot be her.

A pretty young woman in white has also been reported. An apparition of a Chinese man has been reported and is said to jump into traffic. No one is present when vehicles stop to investigate, however. He is believed to have been a man who was struck and killed in the s while trying to get medical attention for his wife. Old Inn has been seen, even though it was no longer physically there. Other Miscellaneous Reports from the Victoria area:. There were also several other reports of unidentified lights in the area at that time. No missing boats were ever reported, nor was any wreckage ever found, even after a large-scale American and Canadian Coast Guard search.

Thetis Lake Monster Victoria, Vancouver Island Generally believed to have been a hoax, a monster was reported similar in appearance to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I so want to believe this actually happened! Sea Serpent Caddy, Vancouver Island Coastline A sea serpent is said to haunt the coasts of Vancouver Island, having been reported by multiple witnesses since at least The bay was named after an early HBC vessel the Cadboro. If you know of any other haunted locations in the Victoria area, leave a comment, or send me a private message.

Thanks to you who already have! It was either her or a parrot in my room. One morning I woke up to find a night table drawer upside down on the floor. There was a wet area inside the drawer. That same night I was trying to sleep when I heard a noise coming from the closet near the bed. It sounded like a plastic bag gently being massaged. I turned on the light and slid open the closet door. There was a white plastic bag provided by the hotel that was folded neatly on the shelf above the hanger bar.

I left the door open and turned off the light. Trying to sleep I heard it again, then suddenly I heard what sounded like a bird trapped inside a plastic bag trying to escape from the bag while frantically flying circles above the bed and passing over my head for about 5 seconds. I went under the covers for a very long time, but finally turned on the light.

To my surprise the bag that was on the closet shelf was now on the floor all wrinkled up. That was one scary night. It was fading when he arrived but he smelt it too. There is no way anyone would have lit anything in there; any kind of fire was forbidden because of the polish on the staircase which would have gone up if exposed to the smallest flame.

Old Joan Dunsmuir spent more of the remaining years of her life on that floor. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, especially in October! This definitely verifies what other people have claimed has happened to them. The scariest one was in August of at what is now called The Bent Mast. I was with a male companion for lunch. I excused myself at one point, to use the restroom upstairs. It was a pretty little singular room with flowered wallpaper.

I got the distinct feeling I was not alone, and even more so when I exited the powder room to the empty corridor. It felt like I was literally being chased down the stairs by something I could both feel and hear, but when I got to the bottom of the stairs and turned around, there was no one and nothing there I could see. I was rather rattled. I was driving, and really thought nothing of it at the time.

It was daylight. She had black hair with her arms outstretched, and I thought it was just some woman doing yoga on a rock. Thanks for sharing Michelle.

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The first experience is interesting because it is the sort of thing reported in places often believed to be haunted. The Beacon Hill Park apparition. What convinces you that it was the apparition at some point, and not just a woman doing yoga, other than the similar description? I am happy to announce that my new book The Haunting of Vancouver Island is now available for preorder. A few of the commenters here have been notified that their experiences are part of the book.

A few others never got back to me, so you are either the online name you used here, or just a first name. I had a crazy experience on dallas road near the pond with the fountains and the ducks about 8 years ago. I was walking from the beach back to the road, it was around pm. I got to a part where the path went through a forested area that was about 30 ft long. It was very dark, while standing on the path i looked straight ahead, and at the other side of the trees there was a dark shadowy figure standing and looking at me, blocking the path.

I stopped and looked and it just stood there. Seeing how it was the only way i could go, i started to walk towards it. As I goft closer, i noticed it was completely covered in black garb or clothing from head to toe. This really creeped me out and i started getting really scared. I was so scared that i stopped in my tracks and said hello, but it just kept walking without even realizing i was there.

It kept going and i watched it as it walked to the end of the path, turned the corner and was out of my sight. If anybody has seen anything like this or has had a paranormal experience near Dallas road. Please let me know. I saw the Gravlin ghost with 4 others one night. Twice in the same night. All 5 saw this.

I remember one late summer night, walking along beach drive near mcneill bay and seeing an apparition of a young woman in a white dress crossing the street. She appeared to be dripping with water and I got the feeling she must have drowned in the bay. I made eye contact with her before a car drove by and she vanished.

When I looked at her though, she looked sad and maybe lonely, also like she wanted to tell me something. Thank you for your account Luna. Well, short answer: Yes, there is. Do you mind if I contact you by email? I worked at the Elephant and Castle, Now Earls. I have heard so many crazy things from other staff and my brother. I never personally had an experience there but, I have heard about 3 or 4 things that have happened. Anything you feel like sharing? Would love to hear about the incidents as they were explained to you. So you know how thet give tours at the castle…..

When me and my grandma finally went to the third floor we were look in a room with a fully body sized mirror and out of the corner of my grandmas and my eyes we saw a young woman and man walking, so we went out of the room to see if there was more visitors to tour the castle but strangely there was no one out there or in any of the rooms on our to the top fkoor after that we felt a strange present as if he or and she was mad or angry! I have a great story about the Craigflower Manor and Schoolhouse.

I was working in the schoolhouse to photograph and document the clothing. Now this schoolhouse is wonky as it is. The floors are crooked and on the second floor you almost get the sense of vertigo. Well there I am up on the second floor by myself working away when I hear a phone ring. Now this is not a cell phone, no it sounds like a antique phone. I am startled immediately because I am not aware that there is any phone anywhere in this building. It rings and rings and I finally get up and cautiously walk downstairs to see where its coming from. The second I get down stairs it stops.

Now I am creeped out. I got back to work and the phone starts ringing again. I get up this time and hurry downstairs to find the source of the ringing. I find it is ringing behind a locked closet door. I happen to have keys so I open the door and sure enough in a closet there is a antique phone which appears to be not connected to anything ringing away……. So I naturally pick the phone up. Scary as hell. Also, there was a well dug next to the schoolhouse which they found the remains of a Native. These remains were kept in the schoolhouse and all sorts of paranormal activity began.

It was quickly removed. When construction began on the new bridge, an old Indian burying ground was accidentally dug up. Who knows what that stirred up. Also remember there was a violent murder and rape that happened just underneath this bridge. The spirit of Reena Virk may have seek shelter in the schoolhouse just above it.

I grew up in Victoria and remember loads of ghost stories inc the ghost on the Oak Bay golf course, a ghost house on Fairfield road, Fan Tan alley, the Chinese cemetery. I used quite a few of these places in my dystopian, alternative-world Canada novel, Quest for the Rose. Legend has it she cries on the full moon.

One time I stayed at ye olde English inn during a power outage and during the night I heard clicking sounds like high heels on hard wood but in the morning when I woke up I noticed that the in tire place was carpeted. Hi there in in wilkinson road jail I had spent 21 days there and had a very strange occurnce of a ghost trying to get in my blankets on the top bunk I thought it was my cell mate only to jump down and find him facing the wall sleeping sent chills down my back because he was solid and cold I changed locations after speaking to a guard who places you in cells which told me about a lot of unexplained events not only by inmates but gAurds too I did some research to find out wilkinson road jail used to be colquitz mental hospital with a lot of deaths.

I stayed in Victoria and went on the ghost tour two days ago. They took us in a room that used to be a brothel, and i felt an energy in the front right corner, kind of like a man. I asked the guide afterwords if something had happened in that corner, and she said she thinks so. That man that I sensed was, she says, probably a bouncer who had murdered the women who haunt there. Honestly, i think he was very violent, and just all around not a good energy. As a Spiritualist and a medium, I have encountered numerous spirits in Pioneer Square. I have encountered the spirit of John Helmcken and of Adelaide Griffin.

They come in visitation and still keep the ties they once had to Victoria and the surrounding area. Adelaide Griffin has been upset with the recent changes that the City has made to Pioneer Square. Does anybody know much about apparitions down and around the songhees on the boardwalk. I use to walk this a few evenings a week in the summer when I was a young adult. On one particular evening I had walked past a lady dressed in a very old nurses uniform.

She almost had a glow to her. I also remember her having her hands in what would be considered muffs to keep your hands warm. An older style of dress. There was no eye contact or any sort of body language. I turned around and she just seemed to continue walking into the night.

Ghosts of James Bay

To this day I think of this often and it just seems unexplainable to me. I feel that this was a apparition of some sort. Just curious after all these years if maybe somebody had a similar experience. Every morning for about two months I had to walk to work at about 3 am. The walk would take me over the bay st bridge. On more then one ocasion I saw a red light down by the water.

Sometimes over the water sometimes over the shore. I thought maybe it was a persons cell phone they had dropped or somthing. Then I read this. What sort of work were you doing there? The Creepy Canada episodes have become a lot more available on Youtube and online if you are inclined to check out the episode with the Helmcken House. I have heard from a resident at the now Mt View Heights that they felt it was haunted. Any history here?

Hi Jan, thanks for your comment and question! A handprint was found years ago but we used to love to play it as a prank on each other… I think! I assumed it was the managers having a meeting so I brought out the chocolates to the front room and asked my manager on shift why they were there so late about 8PM on a Friday in October and I remember the look on her face when she told me they left hours ago. There was nobody upstairs. Except a fussy old man waiting for the staff to go home so his dearly departed wife could come redecorate the store.

Thanks for sharing Jessy. That is a solid explanation for that particular account. Do you remember how long ago this was, as far as the year goes? Oh fairly recently! It was only about four years ago. The original handprint had happened years before that, closing staff just liked to prank the opening staff by leaving a handprint on the mirror above the door to the storeroom inaccesible without a ladder. We were all familiar with the ghost stories and knew the ghosts were there.

The original hand print was definitely not done by any staff. Well, not by any living staff. Wow that is really recent! Thank you for sharing your story Jessy. And thanks for clearing up the hand print story as well! I just visited Victoria this summer past to lay my Mom to rest, as this is where she grew up and I spent my childhood. Modern exorcist witches! The book is the source for most of the writers who have wrote about this haunting. If you come across it, you would probably enjoy it as well.

We Dig: Haunted Northwest – Ghostly Walks Dinner Ghosts, Victoria

Hi , interesting to read about your experience in Fan Tan alley! Thanks for clearing that up Mary. Makes perfect sense! We were surprised to read that Bedford is one of the most haunted places in the UK, at least regarding its pubs. I have personaly had experiences on 2 different occasions at Craigflower School House.

In the upstairs living quarters, what was once the nursury. That particular room is always colder than the rest of the building. Both times I was there it was during summer when even Victoria can be extremely hot. There use to be a childs crib in that room many years ago when I toured the school house. The room itself was cold but around the crib was even colder. I remember hearing a story about a school master and his young family that had lost a child in infancy while living there.

Do not know if it is true or not but I do know what I felt when there. I heard the story a couple of years after I had been there.

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  5. Glad they are re-opening the building again. Thanks Robert! If I do find it, will post it to this comment here for you. I just came across your website, as a result of looking for information on the Craigflower Schoolhouse on the Gorge here in Victoria. It is going to be open to the public this weekend, and I am eager to go and soak up the atmosphere, as I know it has a strong paranormal presence…. I wonder if you have ever heard any stories about the Jubilee Hospital; it has quite a few stories of hauntings , as one can imagine!

    I felt like I was being watched and looked up as I approached the building to see a face looking out of an upper window of the 2nd floor. This floor was closed for many years and no one ever went there; a bit creepy. Hi Mary! You might be interested to know that someone even gave the hospital pictures that appear to show a person in an upper floor window.

    The video shows these images too. Was that the same window you were talking about? Yes indeed, that wing was famous, and it was on the same floor that I saw the face looking from a window that morning….. Yes, I certainly will! I visited the property the weekend it was opened and was saddened to see that the schoolhouse is now totally empty,. It simply is not what it could be with no furnishings of the period.. How very sad! If this was the UK , the govt would have funded it from day one and it would have been advertised properly plus been made accessible so that tourists would flock there..

    I did take some atmospheric photos and did note how very cold it was in the upstairs rooms.. Offices would be strange, but not entirely out of the question. It was Nanaimo Tourism at one time, but those days are over. Apparently it still has a lot of activity though. Do you see yourself as a sensitive Mary? Would you normally notice cold spots, for example, or was this a new feeling? Thanks for sharing your experience. If the comment option allows you to post a picture would be cool to see!

    It could very well be the same room! I had chatted with the two fellows in the main downstairs room who were from the Hallmark society. Thanks Mary! I agree with you that silence can be eerie at times as well. Looking forward to checking it out over the next couple of months. Will have to pay attention to those rooms upstairs for sure! Yes it is pretty bare. Oh sorry, yes I would say that I am pretty sensitive to atmospheric temps and changes….

    Same room?

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    Check out by blog: gordhenry. Pictures from the James Bay Inn, and video footage.

    James Bay - Bad (Lyric Video)

    Also have many more still pictures and four more videos of the Inn. Will have more on my blog in the days and weeks to come. My house is up high overlooking the strait off Victoria.