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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Xenoblade Chronicles 2 My seven year old thinks this is a kids game. User Info: Charzuka. User Info: jeffmdeux.

Bringing lost angels into the family fold

Some people are just so closed minded that they do not understand that the media never designates what the content is going to be. User Info: Krentaris. Does it matter whether it is or isn't a children's game? Of course you might get teased by a child for it. He's a child. Just tell him you're playing it because you enjoy it? I mean, what other reason do you need? User Info: Chefcook SkyCrackers posted Chefcook90 posted But it has Actually, according to the game's ESRB rating, it doesn't.

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Hell, it doesn't even have the Partial Nudity rating that the first game had! Oh dang, I guess they actually updated it! If he does indeed exist, he's not wrong.

Many families caught in child care squeeze

The game is in large part a giant wish fulfillment fantasy for preteens, and it is incredibly blatant about it. Which isn't to say that it's not good despite that, though. This brings up a good point - just how old is Rex, anyway? Federal labor statistics show that among 59 percent of married couples last year, both parents worked. For many, it's a financial necessity. Kelly Scott, a city resident, said she and her husband have three children, including one aging out of day care and another who attends a summer program.

Both parents work, and about two-thirds of her paychecks go to day care, she said. Even couples that can get by on one income face difficult questions about which parent should take time away from his or her job. As Kate McArdle of Penfield and her husband discussed having children, they weighed whether it would make financial sense for her, as the spouse with the lower income, to stay home.

Yet she worried how spending a few years out of the workforce would affect her career. In the end, McArdle went back to work, but she might have decided otherwise if her salary was even a little less.

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Another mother, Leah Thomas of Hilton, said she had to make a different choice. She recently turned down a part-time job as a nursing home aide because day care for her 4-year-old daughter would have cost more than she earned. She complained that wages have not kept pace with living costs. Federal labor figures show that more than two-thirds of single mothers held down jobs last year.

Children of Ancient Rome

So did 81 percent of fathers raising kids alone. While statistics suggest that capacity in child care programs has remained steady or grown slightly in the region over the past five years, Child Care Council data specialist Mitzi Rose said infant care can be harder to locate in part because of heavier staffing requirements for babies.

It also can be challenging for parents with more than one child to find placements for all their kids in the same facility. Work hours also can be a barrier. Corinne Lippa-Zajac, who administers a child care subsidy program for the Workforce Development Institute, recalled talking to drivers who told her they saw no choice but to bring their kids along on night shifts, keeping blankets and pillows in the back seat.

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For those able to find child care, rates vary from one community to the next. Census Bureau.

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Subsidies are available for low-income families, but the county has a freeze for new applications to its main program for low-wage working parents. Lippa-Zajac said there are more than people on the waiting list for her program. Even for those who receive assistance, switching jobs can bring jarring changes in child care arrangements. Sara Morrison, a single mother who works for a local children's psychiatric facility, said she was bumped from the low-income subsidy program earlier this year after her part-time job became full-time and she started to earn more.

My Kids Are Annoying

She was able to find help from Lippa-Zajac's program a short time later. But in the interim, Morrison said she was desperate about what to do with her daughter, who is now nearly 2 years old. I felt like I was going to be stuck in the system. Despite the challenges of getting them there, many parents said their children blossomed in child care. There is little question that high-quality child care helps with early brain development and teaches kids how to form relationships, said Jody Todd Manly, clinical director for the Mt. Hope Family Center, which serves at-risk children and families.