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Within 3 minutes her order was ready as Iris wrapped the panini with tin foil before placing it into a small Jitters paper bag and poured her latte into a to-go coffee cup then placing a plastic cover over it. Iris hands the bag and coffee cup to Caitlin "There you go! Taking a sip of her coffee "Ah as good as ever" she said to herself smiling.

She then checks her phone and notices the time "am". She was shocked as she realized she had get going. Swiftly putting her phone back into her bag. She starts to make her way to the exit when a tall man rushes through the doors and in the process knocks into her causing her to drop her coffee. The man runs over to the side of the barista counter and says "Hey Iris!

Caitlin didn't hear the man's name as her blood began to boil looking at her spilled coffee. I really owe you one" the man said to the kind barista as he began to make his way towards the exit. The man turns around and realized what he had done to Caitlin's coffee. Caitlin angered by this man yells "Are you freaking kidding me!?

Everyone at cafe's attention was on them. The man looks down spotting the spilled coffee. Iris walks over "So would you like another latte with cinnamon? Caitlin sighs in attempt to calm herself down and replies in a more relaxed tone "I guess".

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Iris smiles and says "Sorry about that, don't worry it's on the house". Caitlin smiles in relief to know the coffee was free. The two girls walk over to the counter once again as Iris begins to make her a new cup of coffee. Iris laughs to herself and says "That guy always such a goofball, always running" smiling at Caitlin as she hands the new coffee to Caitlin. She walks out of the cafe and goes towards her car checking her phone for the time once again.

Gotta go! She closes the door, puts on her seat belt and takes out the keys from her jacket pocket as she starts the car. She rushes to get to work on time driving as fast yet as safely as she could.

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee” speaker: four letters.

She grunts "If that guy didn't run into me maybe I wouldn't be! I swear if I see that guy again I'm gonna hurt him! Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Flash. Snowbarry AU. A world with no super powers. Caitlin is a woman who has shut people out ever since she was young and when she found love she changed but when her fiance Ronnie died in a car crash 2 years ago she began shutting people put again. Will a certain man be able to change her ways and make her feel love again or will she remain as cold as ever?

Chapter 1: Caitlin Snow: Late Caitlin Snow had always been a woman with a plan, ever since she was young she'd already planned her life for success. Step 1: Finish high school as the Valedictorian. Step 2: Get into a prestigious college. Step 3: Graduate as the Suma Cum Laude.

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Step 4: Get a PhD. Step 5: Get a job at the best facility of science and work among the best of the best. Present day: Caitlin naturally woke up at am for work to the annoying beeping and vibrating of her phone which lay on her beside table on top of a book that she was reading last night. End of Chapter 1. Chapter 1: Caitlin Snow: Late 2. Chapter 2: Barry Allen: Late 3.

Chapter 3: Small World 4. Chapter 4: Movie Night 5. Chapter 5: Nice To Meet You 6. Chapter 6: Jealous?

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That's ridiculous! Chapter 7: Impossible 8. Chapter 8: Thanks For Being Here 9. Chapter 9: In This Together Chapter The Fair Chapter Time For Something New Chapter Double Date Chapter Merry Christmas Part 1 Chapter Merry Christmas Part 2 Chapter New Years Party Part 1 Chapter New Years Party Part 2 Chapter Red Roses Chapter Together at The Coast Chapter On My Mind Chapter Time and Space Chapter Back To The Start Noah had a hard time remembering why they were called trailers in the first place. Little gardens of succulents and herbs were planted in painted pots, lining the central walkway through the trailer park.

People emerged from their trailers yawning and stretching as they greeted the new day. Neighbors helped each other set up shade structures over brick patios. The aroma of desert meat cooking over roaring fires filled the air. The pink, skinless bodies of rattlesnakes and emaciated rabbits sizzled and popped as they rotated on skewers.

Groups of hungry children surrounded the fire pits with wide, impatient eyes. Noah would never eat the desert meat, no matter how hungry she was. The thought of sinking her teeth into flesh saturated with poison and ingesting the broken cells of a radioactive creature was enough to make her vomit. A few men and women carted water into the trailer park from the nearby springs of the Zion Canyon wetlands.

Everyone had to take their turn filling the community filtered aqueduct. Noah enjoyed the trips to the higher elevation; the air was cooler and fresher and she got to study the opulence of shimmering pebbles lying underneath waterfalls. The silent sky was bright blue with disintegrating wisps of cloud. She could feel the sun already prickling her cheeks. It was mid-June and everyone suspected a long heat wave in the near future. She pulled a tube of sunscreen from her back pocket, squeezed out the cool, aromatic cream, and rubbed it into her face and neck.

Not even the Remedine she had taken was strong enough to protect her skin from the ultra-violet rays.

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Groups of dusty-clothed children clustered behind shade structures or climbed up boulders. It was much too early to be friendly, not like she had any friends to begin with. A group of bearded young men gathered by the outskirts of the trailer park leered as she passed by. One of them was particularly strange looking, with a twisted back and a mushroom-shaped tumor sprouting from his face.

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A nauseating feeling constricted her throat. She looked down at her feet, the dusty sand gathered inside her slippers and flung into the air with each brisk step. He gave her a toothless grin and a thumbs-up. How many times had he told her about cancer of the lungs, esophagus, or larynx?

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Noah pinched the end of the cigarette and a flame burst forth. The toasted end was glowing red. As she sucked in fumes of arsenic, benzene, and beryllium, the smoke fried the delicate tissue of her throat. She coughed and retched, her eyes watering. Her head felt so light, almost as if it was expanding.

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She let the rest of it drop to the ground. A little furl of smoke escaped as it was extinguished by sand. It was only three miles to the train station, but her body felt slow and heavy. Red-veined cliffs towered around her. The ground became hard and cracked. Spiny cacti were clustered here and there, sprouting gauzy yellow and pink flowers. She felt alone with the buzzing of her mind. The thought of Jairus returning today made her anxious.

He was due back at any moment, but it was worth the risk. But surely she would no longer be recognized as the daughter of an outlaw. It had been eight years since Noah had been forced to change her name. She used to be a thin little girl named Camille Gardiner.

Now she was an eighteen-year-old woman named Noah—the letters glowed officially on her identity film. Her father had to hire a hacker to surgically remove the old chip in her index finger and tweak the data. He made sure no evidence of his existence could be traced from her chip. She never took any photographs of him with her pointer finger—she had no record of him as a father. She no longer identified with the name Camille or the life she lived in Jordan so many years ago. Before that they were squatting in a tattered Victorian style home on acres of dried-up land.

Those three long years in the Victorian alone with her aunt had buried her in a deep, pervading depression. The most recent copyright date she could find was , a thick text about pharmaceutical drugs of Western medicine. With her eyes closed, she would transport into different worlds found in the tiny text of crumbling anthologies.

Some days she would read about ancient Greek and Roman culture, imagining herself wrapped in a soft toga of fine white cloth with a wreath of olive leaves placed on her head. She tried to imagine the scale of these manmade buildings that looked like long gray rectangles in the photos, and could only compare them to the canyon cliffs that towered around her.

She read about the world long before she had existed—a world of endless things and stuff she could only visualize from the faded photos. Besides the anthologies, her father kept a hardcover New Testament Bible. While the anthologies were dry and factual, the bible was rich with poetry and symbols. She loved the grainy texture of its pages and the messages of hope found on each yellowed page. Some pages had been bookmarked by her mother with dried leaves or scraps of paper. Noah tried to preserve these artifacts with painstaking care, but the leaves became dust over time.

Sometimes, when the loneliness permeated her very core, she would talk to her identity film and record her desires and dreams. The bible instructed her to pray for the things she wanted, so she prayed for Love. One day, a group of homeless men tried to rob the Victorian while Jairus was away. Paralyzed with fear, Aunt Belle and Noah hid in the cool, damp cellar with their bottles of Remedine as the house was torn apart.