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Are such thing done on Albion's shore?

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A pleasure to read. Report Reply. And burned him in a holy place Where many had been burned before; The weeping parents wept in vain. A ghastly tale told so very elegantly The boys reasoning quite astute, I think, but to be met with such barbarity for falling outside the norm I often forget the treacherous and inhumane way people treated one another back then.

Drawing and quartering - a ghastly execution style by which four horses are tied to the limbs and driven in four different directions - was still very popular method during Blake's lifetime. Trial by fire, or trial by water consisted of subjecting a person to either burning or drowning for a set period of time - if he survived then it was deemed that God found him innocent.

William Blake’s Visual Poetry: The Little Boy Lost

Blake was 36 years old when Marie Antoinette had her head so grisly cut off. It's amazing to me how much beauty and depth of feeling we can find in the words of those who lived then I feel that this poem describes how people often put religion before basic morals, and in doing so they are actually defying the religion. Isn't the base of most religions, especially Christianity, be good to one another? Yet through out history, people have been tortured and killed, all in the name of their peace loving religion. An amazing poem, not only for it's composition but for its content.

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski

The Priest sat by and heard the child; In trembling zeal he seized his hair, He led him by his little coat, And all admired the priestly care. There was a time when religious authorities had the power to slay those they accused of being heretics, in my universe, unthinkable! An amazing write, but then, William Blake was quite an amazing Soul!

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Just in tears Seeing the cruelty of man that stems from literarilism of fundamentalism Report Reply. Great poem Report Reply. I don't care for this poem Constance Report Reply. In England through the ages religion has been involved, thank god no pun intended its starting to abate Report Reply. What strong and perfect references - I love Blake's style. Too bad freedom isnt' always free.

Art Analysis #5: A Little Boy Lost

On the other hand, not everyone is bound to reason. The spirit of the Enlightenment is in this poem. The reader may now assume that the child is not supposed to be perusing the father. They are not traveling together but separately with the boy trailing after his parent.

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The father is going to an unnamed, unknown, destination, but it is clear that he does not want his son there, or does not care enough to stop and comfort him. The father is walking quickly, much faster than the child can keep up with. He is unable to see his father and needs to use his voice to locate him. The boy is afraid that out in the dark he is going to get lost and tells his father as much. The father, if he is even there, does not call out or turn back.

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The second stanza continues the story of the young boy but now it is told from the perspective of a narrator unaffected by the scene unfolding around him. There is no safe place in this poem.

Little Boy Lost

The speaker now takes some time to describe the state of the child, hoping to evoke feelings of pity from the reader. The final two lines of the poem bring to mind a possible deeper meaning to this narrative. Additionally, this word could refer to the physical surroundings of the child. The child is weeping in this landscape, completely forlorn and lost. The final line of the poem stands out from the rest as it seems to take the reader out of the narrative.

This entire poem can be taken less literally, and more spiritual. This choice to weave a religious narrative within another story line would not unusual for Blake who was known for his depictions of spiritually and mythology. The boy is desperate, pleading and pray for salvation. William Blake was born in London, England in November of