Guide 11 Reasons You Will Lose Weight With Acai The Acai Berry Phenomena A Book About Acai Berry

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So let's consider the omega-9s, a.

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The bad news: That amount is almost invisible. Or to look at it another way, you can either drink a quart of juice, or eat a slice of percent whole-wheat bread. The juice will set you back calories, versus for the bread. Black concedes the point.

11 Reasons You Will Lose Weight With Acai The Acai Berry Phenomena: A Book About Acai Berry

You can bet the phrase "decent quantity" has never appeared in any Sambazon marketing. Antioxidant effects Nowhere is the power of the nutrition buzzword more obvious than with the term "antioxidant. Within the marketing world, however, antioxidants have an even greater impact: They move product. Here's how it works: If a company wants to one-up a competitor's superjuice in the antioxidant arena, all it needs to do is claim that its fruit potion has a higher ORAC score.

This "mine is bigger than yours" acronym stands for "oxygen radical absorbance capacity. Look closer, however, and it seems this fight may have been rigged. Black is adamant that the sample Sambazon submitted was typical of what you'd find in its products. But the dirty secret of ORAC testing is that with less principled companies, there's no guarantee.

They could easily submit a high-quality sample of the ripest, freshest fruit for testing and then trumpet the resulting high ORAC score knowing that the product it sold would probably be far less potent. Manufacturers can also test their product dozens and even hundreds of times, simply cherry-picking the highest ORAC score and concealing the less favorable results. Nichols agrees that ORAC comparisons are folly.

The little plastic container, in fact, includes a handy ORAC bar chart. And that's impressive, until you read more closely and discover that the "antioxidant comparison" was made using fresh fruit, not the juice. In other words, the numbers bear very little relation to what's in the bottle.

This raises another critical point that's lost in the ORAC wars: There isn't just one type of antioxidant.

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Instead, a variety of antioxidants are found in different levels in different fruits, each one potentially effective against a specific chronic malady. The result was seen in a test tube and not a human being.

Antioxidants from carotenoids found in yellow and orange fruits , on the other hand, may be more effective at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The upshot, say experts, is that no one fruit or berry, no matter what its ORAC score, fires an antioxidant silver bullet. Seeram, Ph. Where is the evidence? But for psychologist Ditto, it's an all-too-familiar phenomenon among American consumers. They're sort of exotic, and they have the trappings of something that sounds good for you.

It's easy. It's painless.

12 Reasons You Should be Talking About Acai Berries - Benefits of Acai Berries

So people tend to be kind of gullible — 'Sure, I'll give that a try. Consider the very concept of the superfruit. Seven years ago, no such thing existed. Then came the stunning success of POM Wonderful, and the revelation that enormous profits could be squeezed from exotic fruits such as mangosteen, goji berries, and noni berries. The superfruit — a name that calls heroic feats to mind — was born. The media ate it up. Scientists balked. Of course, marketers knew the deal: "Superfruits are the product of a strategy, not something you find growing on a tree," reads a blurb for the book "Successful Superfruit Strategy: How to Build a Superfruit Business.

Lure of the exotic Not just any berry will do, however. In other words, we're enticed by the exotic. So it's no coincidence that goji comes from China, that noni comes from Tahiti, and that the mangosteen hails from the tropical evergreen trees of southeast Asia and Indonesia. Or that the pomegranate is native to Iran and flourishes in Afghanistan. That those trees are in Brazil not only lends mystique, but taps into a well of positive associations.

Meanwhile, another more important, more primal message is being conveyed by companies such as Sambazon and Amazon Thunder: that they aren't slick, faceless corporations mining millions on the backs of jungle dwellers, but rather eco-friendly co-ops committed to a simpler time and a woven-basket mindset. Am I turning asexual? Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

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