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Morkies must be brushed every day to prevent their fine hair from knotting and matting and they must be groomed regularly.

Early Yorkshire Terriers and Breeders

Haircuts are recommended every 6—10 weeks. Dog shampoo is also recommended. Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese are considered non-shedders, because they have hair instead of fur.

Yorkie and Maltese dog friends are reunited

However, all animals shed to some degree, so they cannot be called hypoallergenic. People with mild allergies may be able to tolerate a Morkie, but others may still have allergic reactions. Morkies are active and playful.

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They form strong attachments to owners as well as desire a lot of attention from their owners. Morkies are very social and love to be played with. They are excitable, energetic, confident, and loyal.

Do Yorkies Get Along in Pairs? Yorkshire Terrier Socialization

This breed can be very difficult because of their stubbornness, which comes from the Yorkshire Terrier side, but they very quickly get the point of what you want so it is important to begin training early on in its life. Morkies normally get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets that they have been brought up with. Morkies can be destructive if left alone for extended periods, and at such times can be prone to excessive barking. Like many dogs, Morkies are suspicious of strangers or unusual sounds in their environment and are quick to alert owners.

Common health problems for the Morkie are mainly seen in the eye, ear, or oral region. Although, we have Chinese breeders to thank for keeping the Maltese breed alive after the fall of the Roman Empire. Even though the Maltese breed has made its mark very far back in history, it remains just as popular in the modern age.

This breed was developed in Yorkshire, England, and was originally used to kill rodents in factories and mines. As it became more fashionable with upper classes, its purpose changed more to a companion breed than a hunting breed. The Maltese is a toy breed that measures between 7 and 9 inches tall when fully grown and weighs under 7 pounds. They have long, straight, white fur that covers their whole bodies withstandout black noses and big, dark eyes.

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It measures between 7 and 8 inches at the shoulder when fully grown and usually weighs around 7 pounds. Duffy et al.

Maltese vs Yorkie – Which Tiny Pup Makes The Best Pet?

They also suggested Yorkies scored higher than average for owner aggression and aggression toward other dogs. In a study, Serpell and Duffy suggested toy breeds, including the Maltese, showed a higher level of aggression than other breeds. However, socialization from a young age is a great way to minimize this potential for aggression.

As popular lap dogs, both the Maltese and Yorkie breeds will want to spend most of their time with you.

What’s In This Guide To The Morkie

Even small dogs can get some bad habits if not taught how to behave properly! This means they can do well when being trained, especially using a positive, reward-based system. They are also extremely outgoing, which will only flourish more with proper socialization and training. Because they can be very loyal, and potentially territorial, it is even more important to socialize your Yorkie from a young age.

White Yorkie

This socialization will help both the Maltese and Yorkies to be as happy and confident as possible as they grow up. And Yorkies are even known for their use as service therapy dogs, which shows just how well they can take to training! Encouraged to name these dogs after Mrs Biewer, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier received a lot of interest around the world given their unique color. The breed were established as a purebred separate to the Yorkshire Terrier before the AKC granted these dogs status in One such cross breed that has become increasingly popular over the past decade is the Morkie , which is a cross between a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier.

These little dogs can come in three different colors: black, black and tan from the Yorkshire Terrier , brown, tan and solid white from the Maltese. If you get a tan and white Morkie, it could display some of the physical characteristics of a Yorkie, giving rise to the white Yorkie. Yorkie Poo. Yorkie Lifespan. Fact Checked This article was fact checked by one of our writers on April 09, We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience.