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Without the ability to assess a project properly and put it out to tender how can a city really make forward steps in development. Cities must start to employ people that have the specific skills that are required to understand a project or development from a technological, legal and regulatory perspective. Learning from other cities and working to a set of standards are two further things that cities can do in order to help bridge this skills gap. There are now a wide range of smart city standards that are produced on a national, regional and international level.

These have been developed by city development professionals, taking into consideration all of the contributing factors and should be used by cities when they are making their plans. Cities need to create a consistent platform for development that investors and private industry understand — this will help to start the process of building trust between the public and private sector.

Changing mindset and plugging the skills gap are two big factors in building the sort of trust between all parties that will allow smart city developments to be a success. Job Title. Friday, June 28, About Us Sign Up. Cities Digest. Plant seeds of positivity and inspiration, rather than criticism and doubt. Your intentions set the tone for how skillfully you navigate personal and professional success.

Have you set yours high enough to challenge the status quo? If not, think bigger and push past your comfort zone. Setting your sights high and believing in the most remarkable outcomes you can attain changes the way you show up in the world. Believe me, no one has ever regretted embracing the power to think big. If not, know this: Both passion and perseverance are vital to your long-term success. Less common and far more difficult is the sustained focus and drive—throughout long periods of time—needed to achieve it.

Grit helps us push past the desire to give up, especially when things get rough. Fortunately, it can be learned and continually developed over time. Declaring a goal, without more, will do little to ensure its success. Only substance and structure will successfully ignite and move it forward. Begin by chunking your goal into smaller segments to organize it, making it more manageable. Then create a strategic plan with scheduled activities and outcomes that will help to assure its success.

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