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It has million internet users — now the largest online community in the world, far surpassing America — based in both the cities and rural areas.

Politics is often the furthest thing from their minds, but connecting with friends has become an essential part of life. The sight of darkened internet cafes across the country was something to behold, with thousands of users gaming, watching soft-core pornography, blogging and instant messaging.

This is not to say that the Chinese desire authoritarian rule; but while they want change, curbing corruption and ensuring essential services are their top priorities, not the advances in human rights the west puts at the top of the agenda. After the Beijing Games, Chinese bloggers fiercely debated the economic direction the country should take over the coming years. It was a far more robust debate than one would expect from coverage of China in the west, where the emphasis is always on rampant nationalism.

Equally important debates are occurring in every country I visited. Allowing people to speak and write for themselves without a western filter is one of the triumphs of blogging.

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The online culture, disorganised and disjointed in its aims, is unlike that of any previous social movement. While some want the right to criticise their leaders, others simply want the ability to flirt and listen to subversive tunes. That is revolutionary for much of the world. The blogging revolution The Online Citizen Uncategorised. Challenge them to think. You want to help your readers think, not make them work. A smart read: Welcome to the Era of Creative Meritocracy Essays by Paul Graham — long before Paul Graham founded Y Combinator, he was a huge influence on me and thousands of other would-be entrepreneurs.

A smart read: What Startups Are Really Like Derek Sivers — an entrepreneur, speaker and minimalist, Derek Sivers is great at making you think with short but powerful thoughts at his blog. A smart read: Ideas are just a multiplier of execution And a couple of my favorite smart up-and-comers: Everyday Bright by Jennifer Gresham — Jen is both a PhD Biochemist and award-winning poet. She has a fantastic way of writing smartly about living with optimism and courage.

She keeps things high-brow and engaging at the same time.

Review: The Blogging Revolution by Antony Loewenstein

A smart read: Are You Winning? Download the guide. Making a Book, Blog or Podcast? Start Here! Podcast Blogging. Should Bloggers Use Medium?

FS Podcast Blogging. Free Coaching for Bloggers! Start Your Day Free Trial Fizzle is an all-in-one business building solution for people like you who want to create a profitable, sustainable, meaningful business. Cancel anytime. Earn a living doing something you love. Children are vain, just like adults. They desire and require an audience for their thoughts and achievements. Every teaching college in the world extols the virtues of providing students with an audience. Blogs allow students to express themselves in their own way, says Ford, which explains their growing popularity among teenagers.

But not only students are finding the blogs useful - a recent article in the New York Times revealed a new and interesting trend - using blogs as a billboard for the class, a course, or even the school's library.

The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0

Blogs make it a snap to post assignments, announcements, and topics for discussion, which every student can access simply by typing a web address. New York's own East Side Community High School manages several blogs as a means to encourage discussion and self-expression among the students, including debate on topics as varied as abortion, drug addiction, and dealing with death in the family. High schools are not the only educational institutions using blogs. Just visit this kindergarten 's blog to see a simple demonstration of the versatility of blogging. Or meet Lauren Bruce, a Language Arts teacher and a single mom, who had gone so far as to open a blog for her four-year-old son!

Through dictating to his mother into this blog, she hopes, Ethan will improve his recall and memory, word choice and syntax, self-esteem, and personal history awareness - as well as share his thoughts with distant family members. Many nonprofit groups are also beginning to see the educational benefits of blogging. The Educational Bloggers Network EBN , for instance, is a growing community of teachers and education professionals who use blogs for teaching. The network assists members to advance blog integration in education through advise, tools, and community support.

The Blogging Revolution: New Technologies and their Impact on How we do Scholarship | James McGrath

EdBlogger Praxis is one of the member blogs of EBN, listing and promoting dozens of education-oriented blogs. Like E-Mail, the blogging revolution is a cultural as well as technological revolution. And like E-Mail, it encourages millions of people to sit down and write, in their own words. There are, of course, many things a blog cannot do.

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