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Andrew Bujalski is supporting the girls in this fresh and brilliantly acted American indie

Later, Dr. Ways to Give. Giving Societies. How to Give. An all girls boarding and day school in Southern Virginia, Chatham Hall prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our innovative academic program offers Advanced Placement courses, global study and travel, as well as project based learning.

What will she do with a waitress that has a huge tattoo of Steph Curry on her midriff when tattoos are forbidden? What about Maci who, it becomes clear, is dating the professor? Single mother Danyelle Shayna McHayle tall, thin and well-endowed, comes to work with her son as he would otherwise be alone over the school break.

Lisa has the idea of a car wash to raise money, but this backfires and Lisa has to answer to boss, Cubby James Le Gros only to learn the hard way that helping an abused woman is not always straight forward. Lisa is not one to over react, but when she witnesses the pathetic Cubby embroiled in a road rage incident, she gets out of his car and calls her depressed husband Cameron Lawrence Varnado who dutifully drives out to collect her.

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Cameron is not home when Lisa, now sacked by Cubby, returns to their modest flat to have a bowl of soap by herself just as the thief, Arturo Steve Zapata stops by. Shayna McHayle and Chris V.


Brown in Support the Girls. When the girls learn that Lisa is not returning to the bar, Danyelle is put in charge.

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The cable televisions are repaired and a full house guarantees a solid take. But as Cubby makes an appearance to supervise, Danyelle and the girls are intent on showing their solidarity with Lisa. What is infectious about Support the Girls is the naturalness and spontaneity of their interaction.

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Their caring natures and cheerfulness as well as their foibles all come across in an unusual portrayal of a female-dominated working environment. Lisa and the girls need a pay cheque, of course, but what they do they do to support one another. While the timing of the film might suggest some pat response to the MeToo movement and Harvey Weinstein, the script predated these events. If Lisa asks one large, hairy biker to leave, it is not because of sexual impropriety, but because he called a waitress fat. It is also refreshing that if there are no heroes in the film, there are no villains either.