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And also for all the people who have read more than one mass market copy of the book to tatters. Harry Keogh is the man who can talk to the dead, the man for whom every grave willingly gives up its secrets, the one man who knows how to travel effortlessly through time and space to destroy the vampires that threaten all humanity.

In Necroscope, Harry is startled to discover that he is not the only person with unusual mental powers--Britain and the Soviet Union both maintain super-secret, psychically-powered espionage organizations. But Harry is the only person who knows about Thibor Ferenczy, a vampire long buried in the mountains of Romania--still horribly alive, in undeath--and Thibor's insane "offspring, " Boris Dragosani, who rips information from the souls of the dead in a terrible, ever-lasting form of torture.

Somehow, Harry must convince Britain's E-Branch that only by working together can they locate and destroy Dragosani and his army of demonic warriors--before the half-vampire succeeds in taking over the world!

Necroscope The Lost Years Vol 2 (aka Resurgence) - Brian Lumley | Science Fiction Bokhandeln

Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. Om Necroscope Twenty years ago, the horror world was forever altered by the publication of Necroscope.

Necroscope book series by Brian Lumley

ARKs anbefalinger. Det finnes ingen vurderinger av dette produktet. Vis forrige. Watching Harry break into the Francezcis fault, and then his all out assault Francesco and Angus McGowan in their helicopter was cool. Angus deserved what he got for what he did to his long-time friend Inspector Ianson. Hope to read more about that as the books continue. Lumley is a supremely talented author. I used to use Anne Rice as the standard for vampire fiction, but as cool as her stories are, her vampires are too intellectual and contemplative.

Their philosophical in their approach to undeath. Whereas with Lumley we get characters like the Drakul Draham Drakesh who simply want to destroy the world and start a new vampire civilization.

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Or Radu Lykan who wants power. These creatures could easily break Lestat in half. I still greatly admire Anne Rice's work, however Lumley is now the ideal in my mind for vampire fiction.


You can't beat Harry Keogh, Necroscope! As with the previous one, an enjoyable read but once more it felt like going over old ground. I guess it's understandable that Brian Lumley wanted to fill in the years between Books 2 and 3 of the original series, and create a credible reason why so much time had passed between those books which was never actually mentioned, but really you won't lose out much if you don't read it. One for the completests only, or if you're in dire Necroscope withdrawal.

May 01, Michelleandderek Nakagawa rated it it was amazing. At first, I wasn't sure about this one. Lost years? Eventually though, I was in deep and as the story evolved I really got into the story of Radu and his moon children. The relationship between BJ and Harry left me cold, however. Lots of explosive endings in this one. Dec 28, Andy Strutt rated it really liked it. I had never heard of Brian Lumley but I was instantly infatuated with his work as soon as I had read the first few pages. Obviously, the first thing I did was go out and find the rest of the Necroscope series.

Harry Keogh is a very strange character with morbid supernatural powers that allow him to speak to the dead. That is enough to make you want to read the series on its own but it is only the start. The Necroscope is the first in the series of a totally unique and fantastical vampire mythology, and definitely my favourite out of all of them. His writing his dark and exciting and is not for the faint hearted. These are books for true fans of horror and I challenge any new reader to predict what is going to happen next.

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I pride myself on being able to predict the storyline and I was pleasantly surprised, there was no way I could have guessed where the story would lead. For me it is impossible to review a single novel in isolation or necessary because I feel that anyone who reads the first will very quickly read the other 14 novels eagerly. Highly recommended and I guarantee these books deserve horror classic status. The writing and characterisations are timeless and will be enjoyed by true horror fans for centuries to come.

Apr 23, Troy Palmer rated it really liked it. After reading volume 1 and being completely dissappointed, I was hoping that Lumley would win me back with this one.

Necroscope The Lost Years Vol 2 (aka Resurgence)

He absolutely did. I enjoyed this one far better than volume 1 and look forward to reading the rest of the series. Besides, 10 books in and 1 dud aint to bad in my opinion. May 01, Coy rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Necroscope readers. Shelves: sci-fivampirebooks. This book just drags on and ends very predictably minus the strange cooperation at the end.

Lumley could have ended the book about pages earlier. Worst of the series. Terribly disappointed much like Chapterhouse: Dune was an awful end to that series.

Brian Lumley

I wish Lumley would have tagged some pages on Volume I and ended this whole thing with honor. DNF on page 31 because this is not holding my attention at all. So indefinite hiatus for now. Oct 28, Ike rated it liked it. Jan 29, Cameron rated it liked it.

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It just seemed like he had to come up with something, it did not flow well and seemed to be a lot of filler. Very unlike his other work. May 26, Amanda and tony schmidt rated it it was amazing. Feb 15, Dollie rated it really liked it Shelves: horror. Lots of twists and turns in this one. I think this may be the last we see of Harry.

I hope not, as there are 3 or 4 more books. Nov 29, Stacy Croushorn rated it really liked it. Very enjoyable book. May 30, Joseph Lopez added it. Mike T rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Christian rated it it was ok Feb 09, Penney Nile rated it it was amazing May 18, Caleb Fulton rated it really liked it Feb 08, Darkorical rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Adam W. Lily rated it really liked it Jul 23, Isotrip rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Sheila rated it it was amazing May 24, William rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Mark Howell rated it really liked it Apr 11, Jose Mawyin rated it liked it Sep 29, Thtliife rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Julie rated it it was amazing Apr 29, MikeR rated it liked it Dec 28, Delascabezas rated it it was amazing Nov 13,