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The MBK Community Challenge encourages communities cities, rural municipalities, and tribal nations to implement a coherent cradle-to-college-and-career strategy for improving the life outcomes of all young people to ensure that they can reach their full potential, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born.

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Nearly mayors, tribal leaders, and county executives across 43 states and the District of Columbia have accepted the MBK Community Challenge. You may copy the image or the HTML code directly below to place a banner on your website.

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  • Progress Report. Michael B. Reading at Grade Level by Third Grade All children should be reading at grade level by age 8 — the age at which reading to learn becomes essential. Graduating from High School Ready for College and Career All youth should receive a quality high school education and graduate with the skills and tools needed to advance to postsecondary education or training.

    My Brother’s Keeper Rising Event Switches Focus To People Changing Lives

    Completing Postsecondary Education or Training Every American should have the option to attend postsecondary education and receive the education and training needed for the quality jobs of today and tomorrow. Successfully Entering the Workforce Anyone who wants a job should be able to get a job that allows them to support themselves and their families. Keeping Kids on Track and Giving Them Second Chances All youth and young adults should be safe from violent crime; and individuals who are confined should receive the education, training, and treatment they need for a second chance.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    You Count. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza February 12, My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge National Convening At the Convening, representatives from communities across the country that accepted the Community Challenge, along with experts from the private and public sectors, discussed how we can make real progress to expand opportunity for all of our youth. Sign Up to Be a Mentor Commit to making a difference by pledging to mentor a young person in your community.

    Too many of them ended up in jails, and too many of them ended up in the grave.

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    Tragedy hit close to home for Smith when his half-brother Tory was killed in at 27 years old. Vacations together. Playing together. Because we need Tory.

    MBK 5: The Finale

    And we need the boys and young men of color like him if this nation is going to be successful and if our communities are going to thrive. Paul, Minnesota, and found his way back to Newark. He recently passed the New York bar and is waiting for admittance in New Jersey. I made contact with different attorneys, one attorney in particular named Kenyatta Stewart, who is now the corporation counsel for the law department in the city of Newark.

    Obama, John Legend attend MBK Rising! conference

    He told me that there may be a position that he thinks that I could flourish in, and that was the chief of staff position in the law department for the city of Newark. No father. The summit was an opportunity for a lot of these young men to get an opportunity that they would not have been given under any other normal circumstance. Any young, prominent young man in an urban community that has anything to offer to someone else needs to be involved with this initiative.