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They were like twins , born more than thirteen years apart. Double Identity is a thrilling , climactic drama. The story explores fears , trust and life-changing family secrets. Double Identity Rating:. Without explaining, her parents drive away, leaving Bethany with many unanswered questions. Where are they going? And most of all, why is her mother always crying these days?

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Devastating Family Secrets Bethany learns that her parents once had another child named Elizabeth. Dad returns all of Van Dyne's money. Van Dyne has long talks with Joss; she says he is such a lonely man, he thought no one but his own clone could love him. He changes his ways and becomes a philanthropist. Bethany continues to learn who she is, apart from Elizabeth, and discover she is valued as an individual by her family.

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Bethany quotes one of her old teachers, who said "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Joss is a minister. She wears a sweatshirt and jeans with a hole in the knee, which shatters Bethany's image of what a minister should look like.

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Joss tells Bethany Myrlie thinks she Joss is at the wrong church. When Joss sees the mess in her mother's closet, she jokingly asks if her mom has ever read the passage in the Bible about not storing up treasures where dust and moth can consume them. When Bethany learns Joss majored in both theology and biology, she asks if that was a confusing combination. Joss says it wasn't, because science and religion deal with different questions. Science is the how things happen, and religion is the why. She chose to study theology after losing Elizabeth and her father and dealing with many questions about the nature of God.

She wondered if God goofed, and she was the one who was supposed to die. She also wondered, if it wasn't a mistake, why God would want her dad and cousin dead. Bethany begins to ponder why her parents played God, if God might want her, too, since He wanted Elizabeth, etc. Joss says questions like that are hopeless, because you can drive yourself crazy trying to make God's will so categorized and simplistic. She explains she doesn't think God wanted anyone to die, but He let it happen because of free will.

She mentions Einstein's quote that God doesn't play dice. When reading Dad's letter, Bethany learns her parents chose her name from the Bible. Joss explains that Bethany was the town where Lazarus died and Jesus brought him back to life. In a way, Bethany's parents had tried to do the same with their first daughter. Joss tells Bethany that life always wins in the end.

Bethany comes to understand that better. She recognizes that because of Elizabeth's death, Joss became a minister and another of their friends became a police officer to help others. She sees how her parents cheated Van Dyne, but now he is helping troubled kids. Myrlie says she really needs to go. Bethany, whose parents never took her to church, asks Myrlie if she'd get in trouble with her daughter for skipping, as if Joss kept track of her attendance.

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Myrlie explains that going to church helps her feel better when life is emotionally taxing. It helps her feel more focused on what really matters. Myrlie jokes that her great-aunt Agatha would have been scandalized by the idea of them all playing cards on Sunday, and with a minister, no less. Joss says that around the time she was in college, a wacko religious sect called the Raelians claimed to have produced a human clone.

In an interview prior to prison, Van Dyne says the first person who can prove he's created a human clone would be a modern god. In fact, he would replace God. Mom and Dad, grieving and misguided, clone their first daughter and raise the replacement child in fear and overprotection. Mom spends years depressed and overwhelmed with guilt. Joss and Myrlie lovingly invite Bethany into their family and roll with the punches as they struggle to keep her safe and determine what's going on with her parents.

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Violent Content. Crude or Profane Language. Drug and Alcohol Content. Other Negative Elements. Pro-social Content. Objectionable Content. Summary Advisory. Plot Summary Mom cries all the time. Christian Beliefs Bethany quotes one of her old teachers, who said "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.