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From here, so much is accessible in a day trip: Skye, Cairngorms, Loch Ness just to name a few. And for mountain or marine activities Inverness is incredibly convenient. And, it has shaped itself into a welcoming and open city.

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And despite the small size, there is something for everyone. It pleases those looking for adventure and quaint Scottish vibes, and also those looking for a city break or night life.

Added to which, Inverness to be one of the cleanest and most scenic city environments to be found anywhere in Europe. Your email address will not be published. Foot suspension bridge and river Ness, Inverness, Highland, Scotland.

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During the Middle Ages, Inverness was stricken by hardships, including having parts of the town burnt down. By the time the 17th century rolled around, Inverness was a port and market town. It was also during this town that several buildings were erected, including a citadel and a hospital. During the 18th century, the city continued to be a thriving port and market town. Distilling also became an important industry. The 19th century saw many changes including the addition of gas lights, a newly constructed castle, and a public library.

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Shipbuilding, tanning, and wool became important industries during this time. By the time of the 20th century, the population had doubled. Regional shopping centers, an updated bridge, and housing developments have been built in recent years. The city continues to function as a busy port, and traditional industries including distilling remain essential to the economy, although there are now more high-tech industries in the city, and tourism is also beneficial to the economy.

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Since the 20th century, Inverness has seen rapid growth in its population. The quality of life, thriving economy, and its reputation as one of the happiest places to live in Europe make it an appealing place to call home.

The population was over 28, in the s and had grown to over 40, just 30 years later. The population has since grown to over 46, and is expected to continue to grow at a steady rate into the future. Home World Cities Inverness. Cite This Page.