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Illustration by William Small from Griffith Gaunt serialization. The cover of the House of Stratus edition. Werner Hinz was a German film actor. He appeared in 70 films between and She is probably best known outside Germany for her brief character in Stanley Kubrick's period film Barry Lyndon. She began as a dancer and later acted at the Burgtheater. Matz with the film director Karl Hartl in Gaby Dohm is a German actress. Not only that, but I feel like the entire group is ready to tackle it together as an ensemble. As a proud supporter of Bard on the Beach over the past 23 years, we are honoured to be the Emerging Artists Program Sponsor.

Katrina Darychuk — Equivocation Katrina is an emerging director and writer, and a recent grad of Studio Katrina also apprentices with Dale Genge, head of Voice. She is the student ambassador for Rumble Theatre, where she is producing 48Hr-Crockpot, a new initiative to bring together emerging artists from six different theatre programs. She previously trained at the Oxford School of Drama. New in ! They will support the Young Shakespeareans workshops and deliver the pre-show In a Nutshell talks in the Bard village while taking classes and preparing their own Shakespeare speeches and scenes for a free performance on August 10th at am.

Heung Foundation. The mission of Bard Education is to inspire our community through dynamic, engaging experiences with the language, characters and plays of William Shakespeare. There are many ways to get involved! Engaging the youth in our communities. Subscribe now at vancouversun. For more information on how to access or support these programs, call BardDream The use of electronic devices, including cameras, during the performance is strictly prohibited.

Three parallel stories are interwoven in this tale of love, magic and mayhem. The first begins in Athens, at the court of the renowned Duke Theseus, four days before his wedding to Hippolyta. Athenian law gives Hermia the right to make a choice: marry Demetrius, become a nun or die. Hermia and Lysander decide to flee Athens, but not before telling Helena of their plans. Helena, who is desperately in love with Demetrius, decides to tell him of their escape.

He follows the fleeing couple and Helena follows him, sending all four young lovers into the wood outside of town. Peter Quince, the carpenter has written the play, which will cast Nick Bottom, the weaver and Francis Flute, the bellows mender, in the title roles. The tradesmen decide to rehearse their play in the wood outside town so their performance will be a surprise.

The wood outside Athens is no ordinary forest: it is the home of Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the fairies, and their followers. The natural world is in turmoil because Oberon and Titania are fighting over a changeling child. To humiliate Titania and get the upper hand, the fairy king commands his servant, the mischievous fairy Puck, to fetch a magical flower that. While Oberon waits for Puck to return with the flower, he witnesses a scene between Helena and Demetrius.

The workingmen arrive in the same grove for their rehearsal, and Puck happens upon them. As Bottom sings to assuage his own fear, he awakens Titania and she becomes infatuated with him at first sight. As Oberon and Puck delight in this development, they realize their mistake with the young lovers. However, now both men love Helena, and no one loves Hermia. With everything turned upside down for the charmed Nick Bottom and the four beleaguered lovers, they find refuge in sleep. But what will they find upon waking in the light of a new day? This fully staged, theatrical production marks the th anniversary of this miraculous event.

This I happily accept. Instead, we must push on, grow, adapt, discover more. Bard has endured and succeeded after 25 years, an accomplishment in itself to applaud. We started humbly and small, but not small of heart, and expanded to include new stages, new works, new faces, and new ambitions. We adapted to the elements, to site challenges, to shifting demographics, and to theatrical interpretations.

And most importantly, we discovered vitality, excitation, talent, and access to stories that bind us and reveal us.

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And more? We always strive for more. What then, is this mounting of Dream in ? A chance to revisit an idea that was loved the first time around, and to be able to refresh and revive it for this anniversary season. At the forefront: to sharpen the clarity while retaining the essence of the original, to bring wisdom and experience to inform new energies, and to deepen the connection of text to, dare I say, Life.

Methought: it would happen only once. Methought: would it be as magical this time around? And then methought: how lucky am I? Thrilled to be with Bard for 23 years, to be friends with such talent, to be immersed in immortal words and stories that perennially speak to our souls and humanity, and for the contribution of the magical cast of shadows.

And, of course, to be here with you, with this production again — to be, well, living the Dream. For that I will be ever grateful. Clap if you still believe in fairies. Dean Paul Gibson. This year he appeared in Major Barbara for A. A graduate of Studio 58, Dean has adjudicated festivals, taught workshops and is the recipient of some nice awards.

Hamlet Quotes and Notes Act I

BardTempest The use of electronic devices, including cameras, during the performance is strictly prohibited. A Sandhill single vineyard wines are made with grapes grown exclusively at one distinct vineyard — a unique piece of land. Each and every vineyard possesses its own magical combination of geography, microclimate and human interaction. The complex, subtle, unique character of each vineyard reveals itself in your glass.

This commitment to purity of place is a greater challenge than blending. But the reward is well worth it. A massive storm rages on the open sea, tossing the ship carrying Alonso, King of Naples and his court. It appears that everyone has perished. The storm was not natural; it was caused by a magician, Prospero, who lives on a nearby island with his teen-aged daughter Miranda, his earthy slave Caliban and his magical servant Ariel.

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival House Program by Bard on the Beach - Issuu

When Miranda demands to know why Prospero raised the storm, he finally reveals to her how they came to be on the island. Years before, when Miranda was just a baby, Prospero had been the Duke of Milan. He was, however, more interested in studying magic than in governing, which he left to his brother Antonio. Ambitious to be the actual Duke, Antonio secured the help of Alonso in order to have Prospero and Miranda kidnapped in the dead of night, put into an old boat and cast out to sea.


Instead, they arrived on this unusual island. Now, all these years later, a ship carrying Antonio, Alonso, Gonzalo and others is passing by the island. As Ferdinand wanders about looking for his father and any other survivors, he and Miranda meet. They are instantly attracted to one another, just as Prospero had planned. He decides to increase their mutual desire by putting obstacles in their way, and he makes Ferdinand his slave. In another part of the island King Alonso and his followers search for the missing Ferdinand.

They try in vain to cheer up the king, who is in despair that his son may be dead. An enchantment causes all but Antonio and Sebastian to fall asleep. Antonio tries to convince Sebastian to murder his brother in order to become king himself. Just as they draw their swords to take action, Ariel causes the sleepers to awake, thus preventing any violence.

She shares the wine with Trincula and with Caliban, who has never tasted liquor before. He abandons Prospero to follow his new companions. But he must also decide which is better in the end: vengeance or virtue. Ever since we moved here 27 years ago, your support has allowed us to support you. Like our involvement with Bard on the Beach, now in our 11th season together. I am writing this before rehearsals start, sitting in my kitchen surrounded by books and sketches — I feel like Prospero before the storm, preparing to wrestle with great magic.

I have a plan but there are variables: powers unknown that wait in the wings to challenge and provoke. To inspire. In our daily lives we surround ourselves with the trappings of identity. Clothes and food and Netflix choices serve to say Who We Are. We tell ourselves the stories of our past to construct elaborate histories.

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But once in a while, we stumble upon a moment of reflection, when these stories lose their meaning. On a deserted island with none of our stuff to tell us who we are, who do we become? Do we let go? Or do we hang on to what used to be? This play is about forgiveness and release, about virtue over vengeance. The island is a mirror, shining a reflection of truth back at each character, and challenging them to reach for their essential natures.

We first wrestled with this play in and what I sit surrounded by in my kitchen is the messy and glorious result of that battle. The dedication and talent of the stage managers, designers, and actors is the inspiration for this present work. I look forward to forging that world all over again with new fairies, new lovers, new bad guys. I have stumbled upon an. Six years on, what have I relinquished? What have I acquired? Am I any closer to the moment of release Prospero encounters? The bank refused initially to accept his resignation, then said he would forfeit his pension and only changed its mind after very protracted discussions.

Married, with one son, two granddaughters and five great grandchildren, he lived in Long Eaton until five years before his death when he moved to Bishop's Waltham in Hampshire. All his novels were republished in by House of Stratus. Malpass's books have never been filmed in his native England. Rather, it was mainly in Germany again where his success story continued on the big screen.

Eric Malpass on IMDb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.