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Here are some measurable examples:. It requires strategic planning for Social Media Marketing as you did for traditional marketing. Each of your Social Media Goal needs to be well defined with an anticipated, specific result. First, establish a benchmark. If you are expecting a miracle to happen when you start on social media, you are asking for moon.

Remember, planned, sustainable growth takes time. Be realistic with your capacities. Your goals should be time bound. This will give you a comparison timeframe to your previous benchmarks. Set milestone during your social media campaign to monitor progress and analyze results, and adjust the plan as required. For example, you decided to spend Rs. Fine tuning those may give you better results.

A well thought out and properly placed CTA call-to-action persuades and urges people to respond in a particular manner — in digital marketing or social media marketing usually by clicking on a link to take an action such as downloading, sharing, subscribing or purchasing.

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Now the question is how do you decide which would be an appropriate CTA for your social media outreach. The first step is to research your target audience, define their personas. Following are some rules-of-thumb for creating a super effective CTA:. Make sure your offer or request offers value to the audience in the first instance, otherwise they will not respond. Show social proof that people like them have already taken benefits of the offer. For example, say downloads so far on the whitepaper. Show your audience the testimonials of the existing customers so that they gain trust to click on your CTA.

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On your landing page, use distinct colors, keep a clean and uncluttered layout and use other visual clues to make the call-to-action stand out. People should be able to see the connection between the CTA on your social channel and on the landing page. Maintain the same message, look and feel, so that they have a seamless experience throughout.

Below are examples of the most common but effective call-to-action messages. It is always a good idea to conduct test campaigns to compare which messages get better responses. You will know this in the first few days of your campaigns. It is also called UTM tagging.

These links can be embedded in text or images on your social channels, or use a URL shortener such as bit. So, better you use bit. You can then track the results in Google Analytics. You can also assign a monetary value to those leads and compare them—by social channel—to leads generated through other mediums than the social channels.

Over time you will be able to analyze which social channels are working the best for you. You can refine your campaign based on the data for better results. Social media marketing campaigns require organizational alignment as it impacts various areas and departments of the organization. Consequently, it also impacts HR, IT, finance and operations. To achieve Social Media Marketing results you need to have proper alignment and coordination among all the departments. People, processes, and platforms must be in place to identify, engage and quickly respond to social opportunities, issues, and crises as well as report on results.

It is relatively difficult and challenging in the multi-location and multi-city organizations to align and coordinate.

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Regardless of your organizational structure, the steps below would help you organize and align your organization to respond to the social media marketing campaigns effectively. Set a benchmark by analyzing your current situation and social media marketing status, and then determine Key Performance Indicators KPIs and what defines your end result. Make sure all KPIs should feed into your overall business goals. This will help you and your teams involved in social media participation to measure the results against the benchmark and on the Key Performance Indicators and refine the campaigns whenever required to achieve the goals.

If you have a favorite social media platform, explore its every nook and cranny. Embrace these changes. Customer engagement is the golden rule of any smart social media strategy. If users are NOT interacting with your content or posts, you might be doing something wrong. Every platform today has its own analytics so you can see the numbers tell all. Analyze the patterns and think about how you can improve. Check your response rate. The more responsive you are, the higher your engagement. Plus, this helps to build your reputation and authority in your field.

About 81 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are now leveraging social media for sales and growth. Ask yourself: is my social media strategy providing value? If not, pause and customize. If yes, find more ways to improve your methods. This year, be smart when it comes to using social media for your business. This article originally appeared on seoexpertpage.

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Sign up for the B2C Newsletter. Of course, you also use it to make funny videos with 50 of your closest dorm mates and friends. So before you use that smartphone in your pocket to share something with 10 or 10, people, I have a few tips for you to think about when posting updates, videos, and photos. But first, I get it.

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YOLO, right? But more importantly than that, I want all of you to avoid losing scholarships, being kicked off great spots on sports teams, or damaging your reputation forever online. They want to be able to Google you and not just see a selfie from last month—they want to see something positive about you! According to Snelling. By now you might be wondering, what adjustments?

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  • How can you keep your personality alive in your online presence and not scare away potential employers or others who might have a vested interest in you, like scholarship administrators and coaches—not to mention your parents? Well, here are 10 quick and easy first steps for ensuring your online "profile" is everything you want it to be.

    By the way, this stuff applies to your younger siblings and even parents too, so share it with them! Tags: safety student life resume health and safety jobs job search career search online reputation Foursquare expert advice twitter facebook Snapchat social media. It might seem obvious, but get rid of any negative posts and pictures, both those you've posted and the ones you're tagged in.

    Coaches, employers, and deans do judge you by the company you keep.