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A quarrel between two young visitors in ended in a suicide commemorated by Cocteau in a poem which salutes this "Jardin exquisement fatal!

At one point the notorious Fr Rolfe "Baron Corvo" offered his services to the Edens as a "poultry manager". Frederic and Caroline died in and respectively, after which the garden was bought by Lord James Horlick for Princess Aspasia of Greece.

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Aspasia's daughter Alexandra the wife of the exiled King of Yugolsalvia lived there, abandoned by her husband and quietly going out of her mind, until her death in Among other things, the garden had been a well-known cruising ground for homosexuals. Its last owner, an Austrian artist called Hundertwasser under whose stewardship the garden went into a steep decline, died in The gates are now locked against visitors and the garden appears to be sinking back into the Venetian mud from which it miraculously rose. In Eden, an invalid who was usually to be found on a sun-lounger surrounded by his beloved dachshunds or directing the operations of his Italian workforce, published a rambling account of his endeavours, written in the high Edwardian style and illustrated with black-and-white photographs and bowdlerised Italianate woodcuts.

Karel Capek's much-loved book started life in as a series of articles in a Czechoslovak newspaper.


These were gathered into book form in and the first English translation appeared two years later. It was illustrated with doodle-like drawings by Capek's brother Josef.

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The brothers lived and gardened together in Prague and although their book is not a practical gardening manual, it is solidly based on experience. In a useful afterword to this new translation, Geoffrey Newsome makes large claims for the book, setting it in the context of the independent Czechoslovak Republic formed in and the sense of national identity this fostered.

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The garden also evokes memories of the carpet of flowers left outside the palace by thousands of shocked mourners after her death in a Paris car crash on August 31, At the palace, where her sons Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, his wife Kate and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte live, visitors can view the garden from a public walkway. The white carpet of forget-menots, roses, tulips and scented narcissi among others will be added to with summer planting that will include ornamental grasses, cosmos daisies, and gaura flowers that look like butterflies in a breeze.

And she would stop and she would have a chat with the gardeners and comment on all their hard work.