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Awesome epilogue 10yrs on David done good on his surprise for Oliva, great to also see where the gang are at 10yrs on! Review will be posted soon!

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Sep 12, Jamie rated it it was amazing. This story gave me all the extra I wanted from the southern series. This is Olivia and David love story. After many years of dating it's time for them to get their HEA. It's a beautiful love story.

Nov 22, Lynn rated it really liked it. David and Olivia perspective. I enjoyed this short story. It was easy to read and flowed well. I think it was a sweet read, and both main characters were likable. I hesitated to read this because of the heroines doubts of marrying the love of her life. I thought there would have back been back and forth. I could feel the love between t 16 Chapters, Epilogue.

I could feel the love between the characters, and the sweetness won me over. I absolutely loved David's character. I fell in love with his character by the second chapter.

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So sweet and so loving. No way was I letting some other schmuck come in and take her from me. Tonight, seeing all of our friends happy and starting families… I want that. Hotness- and you don't have to wait to the end. His eyes are closed tightly, his grip on my hips strong, almost painful, but the smile on his face? I was shocked the characters were together through out the novel. Lately most of the books I have came across, the character's are apart for about ninety five percent of the book.

I would recommend this to those who are looking for a sweet but enjoyable read. Sep 10, Kaitlyn rated it it was amazing. And Olivia and David are no exception! Ryan did not disappoint. Sweet, heartwarming, and that southern charm I love so much when reading these books!! This group of characters will stay with me and in my heart. Oct 29, Pam rated it it was amazing. The Southern series has been one of my favorites of Kaylee Ryan and throughout the series David and Olivia has been a background couple.

Kaylee has written this series full of lovable characters that feel like they could be your neighbors. So reading this novella that sort of wrapped up this series was bittersweet. I did enjoy this short story full of fun banter between couples and real life day to day trials of a loving relationship.

David is a swoon worthy guy. He is sweet, patient and so so thoughtful!!! Olivia has watched her friends pair off and even though she loves David with her whole heart she still has fears and doubts that creep in. Reading how she grows to conquer those fears and live her dream was a perfect ending to this series. I definitely suggest you start this series in order and read this one last. It will all make more sense. This cast of friends is one you will quickly fall in love with and you will want to read through the whole series quickly.

I did! I highly recommend it!!! David Harris is everything you could ever want in a man. Sweet, kind patience of a saint. He is ready to give Olivia the world if she will just take it. Olivia has been seen throughout this series alongside David. Their relationship splattered through pages but never really the forefront or given much value. So when reading Southern Devotion I almost expected Ryan to ba 3. So when reading Southern Devotion I almost expected Ryan to back track giving us insight on what we missed. The turmoil, the angst, the heart ache of why these two were together.

Instead, Ryan gives us just a happily every after. While that may be exciting to some readers, I was a little sad I missed out on all the conflict between Olivia and David. They were just too perfect. Olivia's reason for hesitating was trival at best and honestly had little to no merit. I just needed more from these two characters.

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Like all of Ryan's books, this one I read cover to cover in one evening. Regardless if I thought this story was too perfect, I still enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite characters I've read over the last year or two. Each couple brings so much love to the table you find it hard to resist, which is why I continue to come back book after book, release after release to read a book by Ryan. Southern Devotion by Kaylee Ryan was way more than I could have ever thought possible. This Southern Heart series is ending and I loved that it ended with this short little story.

Most romance stories are about the beginning, those first flutters of love in your belly… in your heart. Southern Devotion skips over those beginnings. We get right into real life where the newness wears off, where the bills and daily life starts to set in. There was something so special about this book. The pure love and romance of it had me feeling completely weak in the knees.

Southern Roads

Even with just barely over pages, Kaylee Ryan is able to give these characters depth and real emotions. I quickly fly through her stories… the love and romance that she crams between the pages. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that Oh the Southern Charm I would suggest you do. Southern Devotion can be read as a stand-alone but after reading it I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the previous books and had more of the backstory on David and Olivia.

I just think if I had read the previous books it would have enhan Oh the Southern Charm I just think if I had read the previous books it would have enhanced the experience that much more. Southern Devotion is a sweet, sexy read! I loved getting to know David and Olivia. I do have to tell you, I have a serious crush on David. A true mans man. The man does have the patience of a saint though I will give him that much. I loved how sweet and patient he was with Olivia - he definitely put her needs before his The book is a quick read that will leave you with a smile on your face. Oct 30, Franci Neill rated it it was amazing.

I sat down with this novella and just soaked in this story. Dave and Olivia have been together for a while now.

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This man is totally swoonworthy and loves her with every fiber of his being and knows they can overcome any obstacles real or imagined in their way. So he proves it and big time!!! Oct 12, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , series. I loved getting back to this series and all of the characters in the series. I am so glad that David and Olivia finally got their story told. Its been building since the beginning of the series so with that I would recommend that you read the other books first but its not a must.

You will just get more out of it. Plus you will want to read them anyway as they are all amazing reads. This is a story of patience for sure. David is so in love with Olivia and she is not ready to commit. He shows her th I loved getting back to this series and all of the characters in the series. He shows her that his love is real and that he is willing to wait.

Olivia is in love with him and she believes that he truly loves her and is devoted to her but doubt creeps in and its holding her back from the life she knows she wants. Will Olivia finally see that he is what she wants and all the reasons she keeps him at arm length she can conquer and let go or will in the end she push his patience to the limit and see him moving on? Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Even the best laid plans can go completely off the rails… After pulling off the perfect wedding, Kayla Davis, now Kayla Bradbury need only sit back and enjoy her wonderful life with her amazing husband, internet billionaire and NBA franchise owner, Michael Bradbury. The two are so head over heels for each other that finding creative ways to extend their honeymoon a whole year seems like the only logical next step in their fool-proof plan for happiness.

Too bad life has other ideas for the newlyweds. With personnel hiccups in her small business, a husband balancing dual CEO responsibilities, and news that there will be not one, but two unexpected additions to the Bradbury crew, Kayla needs to totally reconfigure her life if she has any hope of keeping things afloat. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Envy; or, Yiddish in America-A Novella

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Overview Even the best laid plans can go completely off the rails… After pulling off the perfect wedding, Kayla Davis, now Kayla Bradbury need only sit back and enjoy her wonderful life with her amazing husband, internet billionaire and NBA franchise owner, Michael Bradbury. A second opinion on the issue is that the grandmother's final act was not an act of charity and that she is yet again trying to save herself from being murdered. Some say that Flannery O'Connor uses the excuse as the grandmother's final "moment of grace" to save the story from the bloodshed and violence.

It is also pointed out that by the time the grandmother touches the Misfit, proclaiming he is her son, he is wearing Bailey's shirt. Other opinions include that it is contradictory of her character or that she was simply again trying to save herself and that her selfishness was never overcome throughout the story. Not every interpretation hinges on a moral judgment of the grandmother, though. For example, Alex Link considers how, until the family encounters the Misfit, the South is mainly something to ignore, forget, package in a movie or a monument, or remember with distorted nostalgia, such that the Misfit comes to stand for the persistence of what cannot be bought, sold, or wholly understood, such as death, grace, and "the South.

O'Connor utilized the dark and morose in her writing to reveal beauty and grace. In the story, violence reveals divine grace.

Baby I'm Back - Ep12 - Olivia's Job Offer

Divine grace, or God's unmerited favor, is a concept fundamental to man's salvation in Christian theology. Christians believe the imperfect can be reborn spiritually, i. While the two seem to be different, the grandmother and the Misfit both are the same at their core: sinners in need of grace. From the beginning of the story, the grandmother repeatedly sins and uses God when it is convenient for her, a common practice of many southern Christians in O'Connor's time.

Only at her death does she realize her faults. After he shoots her, the Misfit claims "she would have been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life. She instead conveys a message of the sinful nature of humans; these experiences people may go through do not stick. The grandmother's life would have to be threatened every day for her to become a good person. The film stars noted New York artist Joe Coleman , [12] but according to most reviewers the film does not depict the story or its characters well.

An original modern chamber opera based on "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" was completed in by David Volk, a University of Georgia music doctoral student, as part of his dissertation requirements in composition. Volk teaches as Assistant Professor of Music. The American folk musician Sufjan Stevens adapted the story into a song going by the same title. It appears on his album Seven Swans.

The song is written in the first person from the point of view of The Misfit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New York: Little, Brown, , p. Critical companion to Katelyn Smith. Infobase Publishing.

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