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Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am. Men in tuxedos Rhett Butler, of course!


Southern women know their prime real estate: The Mall The Country Club The Beauty Salon Southern women know the four deadly sins: Having bad hair and nails Having bad manners Cooking bad food Wearing too much makeup in the summer Southern women know men may come and go, but friends are fahevah! Southern belle's are a true God givin gift to the world, and of your a northern transplant, well just bless your heart, fake it!


We all know that you got here as fast as you could! Southern Belle unknown. A Southern Belle possesses an undeniable natural charm, has a warm and dazzling smile, and impeccable manners, calling each person she encounters 'sir' or 'ma'am' regardless of their age or position. A Southern Belle can be recognized by her unforgettable Southern drawl , unstinting hospitality and graciousness, and her recognition as Football as a part of her religion. Southern Belles are recognized as one of God's greatest creations and continously overshadow women from Northern US States.

She's flawless and brilliant. Look at her smile, look at her charm! I feel mezmerized by her! She's a Southern Belle!

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God's greatest creation ever. The most beautiful women in the world.

I'm from the South. The 10 Commandants for Southern Belles 1. Never cuss in front of your Mamma or your mammy. Your daddy and Rhett Butler is always the perfect man. Never wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. She cooks the remembrance meal and cooks food for those in attendance.

One of her specialties is Bissap or….

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Love dinner and great literature? Why not merge the two and host a dinner party and book club at the same time.

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To get you started I have picked a few of my favorite culinary…. Do not let the California address fool you one bit. Virda was born and raised in Lewisville, Arkansas, less…. As a Lowcountry native, I love adding Gullah style to my home. From art to books and everything in between, I love showcasing the unique Gullah culture as a part of my home and sharing…. Looking to add culture or heritage to your kitchen?

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We are here to help. Your kitchen is where the magic happens in a Southern home and we have selected a few of our favorite pieces…. Her mother, Thelda Walker Harris, was…. This May, the remains of the last known slave ship to reach America, Clotilda, were discovered near the historic river neighborhood of Africatown. A historic district and ancestral grounds for African Americans near Mobile, Alabama.

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Ownership of the land is a key tenement of the American Dream. The Natchez Weekly Democrat reported on November 22, , that lady readers will be interested to know that spotted short veils are no longer fashionable. Bracelets are now made to twine around the arm and require no clasp. In the new style of hairdressing, called the Josephine, chignons are entirely abolished. The hair is drawn up from the back of the head and piled on the top in thick coils or braids, and loosely frizzled in front.

By following the newspapers' reports, women had easy access to the information about the changing fashions, but only the wealthiest of them could actually afford to keep up with them. In some families, being overly concerned with the latest fashion was looked down upon because a southern lady was supposed to solely exist to support her husband, raise their children, and submit to God.

The Natchez Weekly Democrat also reported on October 25, , that an unnamed woman declared to her husband that she loved another more than she loved him, and was leaving him for the other man. She intended on taking their five children with them and the next day she took up house with her new lover.