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You'll make friends for life, maybe even find true love. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown! The heat is on when a no-nonsense Texas Marshal and a Hollywood detective are thrown together to stop a deranged hitman.

Can you catch the killer? Your summer on a luxurious tour of Europe takes a wild turn when you learn you're in line for a multi-million dollar inheritance!

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There's only one catch Adventure and romance await in the tropical paradise of La Huerta. Can you solve the island's mysteries? New city, new job, new friends Can you navigate the hilarious ups and downs of dating in the modern world? Love awaits in the royal court of Cordonia.

Travel to the beautiful kingdom of Cordonia with the Crown Prince. Will you accept his royal proposal, or will another suitor command your affections? You return to Hartfeld for your sophomore year, but things get off to a rocky start when you meet your new roommate. Take to the skies! Make friends, find love, and save your city in this action-packed adventure! Welcome to high school!

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The stipulation: Write a play intended to last 15 seconds. Published by Ugly Duckling Presse.

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The writing shows average human beings at their weakest points, leading to the horrible capabilities some people are pushed to in certain situations. Applause is proud to continue the series that for over 70 years has been the standard of excellence for one-act plays in America. This volume of the new millennium includes "Seven Card Draw," by Clay McLeod Chapman, John Guare, Neil LaBute, among others, tackling complex human issues through diverse theatrical styles and a wide range of character perspectives.

One actress plays three women drawn together in the grim aftermath of a high school shooting—the mother of the shooter staph infection , one of the shooter's victims early release , and the mother of that victim keynote speaker. For production rights and a copy of the script, go to Orginal Works here. The villains at Awkward Press are at it again with Awkward Two, a collection of tales so inventive they can barely be contained by the boundaries of their wood-pulp prison.

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The experience begins with the cover, a charming take on the theme of "Brevity" that has been lovingly hand penciled by illustrious illustrator Baarbarian. Peel back the cover and find yourself transported to an unexpected world in which pirates hold court over human resources departments, house painters become religious leaders, and ants show up in the most unlikely of places. Awkward Two features thirty-three original short works by twenty-five of the modern world's finest scribes in a package that is at once sophisticated and refreshingly humble.

Awkward Two is brimming with stories guaranteed to shock and amaze. Like a hard blow to the reader's solar plexus. Each book is comprised of all-new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the respective city. With a forward by Tom Robbins. Atkins, Meagan J. Robbins, Hermine Pinson, and Dennis Danvers. Chapman's prose is haunting, beautifully written, poignant, and elegiac I cannot spoil the plot of the monologue without ruining any element of surprise.

I can tell you that it's about a love between two people that transcends the body and is truly moving and disturbing. Applause is proud to continue the series that for over 60 years has been the standard of excellence for one-act plays in America.

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  5. Who indeed! This gorgeous collection of five imaginative fiction pieces makes an elegant conversation starter whether you're riding the rails or immersed in your morning bath. The highly-framable cover of Awkward One features an eye-catching illustration from the pen of universally-beloved artist James Moore, printed in vibrant red ink on a bone-white background. Designed by the internationally-exalted New York graphic-artistry firm Rumors, the book has been precisely engineered to withstand years of the repeat readings that you're certain to crave once you've sampled the arresting fiction contained within.

    The book contains modern English adaptations of six plays by turn-of-the-century Yiddish playwrights that have never before been available in English. Tales from the Rolling Darkness Revue tour. Published by Earthling Publications. The copies sold through Earthling were signed by as many of the contributors as possible; at a minimum by Rolling Darkness Revue co-founders Hirshberg and Atkins.

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    Imagine the finest anthology of writing possible including winners of the Booker Prize, National Book Award, the Pulitzer, the National Book Critics Circle Award; authors with real cult followings - Neil Gaiman, Denis Johnston, Paul Auster, and then imagine that writing put to music and expect an onslaught of media attention. For a play steeped in history, Volume of Smoke manages to offer some surprising insight into our own times. Premiere: February Directed by Isaac Butler and Chapman. Original music by Erik Sanko.

    Sections adapted from John F. Pierre Huyghe is known for smudging the line between reality and fiction, intervening in familiar narrative structures to investigate the construction of collective and individual identities. His exhibition at Tate Modern in London included a film of his puppet musical on Le Corbusier's struggles with a commission from Harvard and Huyghe's similar troubles at the same institution , and premiered work shot on location in Antartica and Central Park.

    For the Dia-commissioned Streamside Day Follies, the basis of this publication, Huyghe invited the public to celebrate the founding of a new community, Streamside Knolls, in Fishkill, New York, with a parade, costumes, music, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, pumpkin pies, ice cream, lemonade and green cotton candy. The resulting murals and short, fictional film refer back to a dizzying whorl of references including nineteenth-century utopian social projects, Hollywood films, Disney animation, contemporary writing and romantic landscape painting.

    This hugely imaginative first novel that traces the road trips of two complete strangers on a dramatic collision course with fate. Will has just returned home from sea to find his wife lying dead on the kitchen floor. Four states away, Phil has been waiting for his son to return home, only to discover his body decomposing at the bottom of a nearby swamp.

    In an attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives, both Will and Phil load up their cars and hit the road. An imaginative first novel tracing the fateful collision of two complete strangers, miss corpus floors the accelerator from the first page and never brakes. At once poignant, horrifying, clever and unnerving, miss corpus is a feat of literary acrobatics from an astoundingly gifted new voice in fiction.

    The Suitor (Short Story) by Mary Balogh | Books

    An edgy, darkly humorous debut collection of chilling stories that will take hold of your imagination without letting go. Their backgrounds and circumstances are unexceptional. Their stories, however, are anything but. Originating as a series of enthusiastically received monologues that this twenty-four-year-old author has performed around the country and abroad, Rest Area leads us into the minds of characters as real as they are original, and through a series of domestic horror stories that will leave readers breathless with amazement.

    A man waits for his daughter outside the bathroom of a highway rest stop where she disappeared—months ago.