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Given that there is only one straight path, Imam Khomeini writes that all the above are instances of one and the same path. The application of the straight path to humanity, its leader the Prophet s and Imams a , the religion, and the bridge on the Hell is compatible with there being only one such path, since they are all paths to the Heaven and to God.

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According to hadiths from Ahl al-Bayt a , sirat is a bridge over the Hell which is sharper than a sword and narrower than a hair string. The Hell mediates between people and the Heaven; all people should cross the bridge.

Some of them cross it as fast as light, some cross as fast as a horse, and some crawl on it, and some cross it with a lot of difficulty while hanging from it, with fire on parts of their bodies. Some scholars assimilated the narrowness of sirat to Imam 'Ali a 's lifestyle that was very cautious with his painstaking attitude to comply with divine orders.

Sirat - Sən son lirika (Chorus: Rza)

Some hadiths that take Imam 'Ali a as an instance of sirat support such an analogy. One difficulty of the sirat is that there are stations 'aqaba , or checkpoints, so to speak, on it. According to al-Shaykh al-Saduq , these stations are obligations and prohibitions that have to be observed in this world.

Each of the stations is called after one of these obligations and prohibitions.

Zohra Sirat

If one failed to comply with any of these in this world, then he or she will be questioned for thousands of years, and if one complied with it in this world, then he or she will pass it fast to the next station, and so on to the Heaven. According to Quranic verses and hadiths, there are things that help one not fall from the sirat to the Hell:.

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