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Starbucks opens at 5 a. To achieve my goal. Writing every day takes the work out of forcing myself to sit down to write. Most of life is just stupid habit. This can be difficult though, since I have a wife, kids, a few friends left, but not that many. Because I write every day. Every day. But the reality is, the writing part only takes so long, like a couple of hours.

Sometimes the writing is grueling, but usually if I sit down the words come. Which I do for hours. I buy into the drama. So in , I vow to write quickly and efficiently and then move on with the rest of my day, so I can have friends and be healthy. God knows I'm a pantser by birth and inclination, but I've learned that sometimes I need a plan. In writing as well as the rest of my life, there is a time for pantsing and a time for planning and it's important to get this straight.

Do you want to just have fun and create stuff for pleasure? Kudos to you. No planning required and I hope you have a lovely time. I might be a little bit jealous. Stay with me here. A plan doesn't have to involve flow charts and spread sheets and hours of tedious details, although it certainly can. Some of you organized minds out there totally get off on this sort of thing. My crit partner, I know, has a spreadsheet that includes detailed timelines of not only WHAT she plans to accomplish this year, but WHEN each component will be completed.

This just makes me shudder. And want a nap. And ice cream, chocolate, and a bottle of wine. Or two. On the other hand, I know that if I don't set some goals and some timeline markers, I'm not going to accomplish everything I want to do. Time is not linear for me. It expands and shrinks according to its own irrational whims, and if I don't pay attention I'll suddenly look at a calendar and it will be November and I won't have moved any closer to my ultimate writing career goals. In case planning is not your forte, I've included pantser-friendly steps to help you get this done. Start with the big picture.

Think about what you want to have accomplished by the end of the year. Pretend it's New Year's Eve and you're looking back on all of your accomplishments. What do you want to be able to say you have done at the end of ? Finish that novel you've been working on? Write ten short stories? Find an agent? Get published? The draft of XXX came out awesome and is on my agent's desk, ready for submission Figure out what is actionable. Okay, I sort of hate the word actionable, but it makes its point. There are things YOU can do, and things you can't.

For example, if one of your goals is to get an agent this year, you can't actually force an agent to sign on with you. So take a few minutes to break your goals down into smaller steps of things you are going to do this year to get you where you want to go. Set deadlines. I don't know about you, but I can get a hell of a lot done when I've got an impending deadline. If you don't have an agent or a publishing contract to do this for you, it's tricky.

This is the position I was in this year. It's much harder to make myself get up at 0-dark-thirty to write when there is no deadline. Who cares? It's not like there's anybody out there waiting on your words. The solution - or at least a solution - is to set your own deadlines. Choose a weekly word count goal, number of revision pages, how many queries you're going to send, whatever. Pick a date you're going to do this by. Tell a bunch of people.

Broadcast it on Twitter. I have to confess that I did not meet my self imposed deadlines for The Nothing. In fact, I was at least a month behind where I wanted to be when I finally finished the sucker and flipped it over to my freelance editor. But you know what? Without a deadline and a goal I'd still be writing it. Or maybe I wouldn't have bothered with it at all, because that book was a struggle for me.

Celebrate Everything. This is so important I consider it part of planning. This writing business is hard. It chews writers up and spits them out on a regular basis. Part of motivation and sticking with the plan comes from marking milestones. So live it up. If you made your weekly word count or your daily word count even, reward yourself. Sent out queries? You ROCK. Give yourself a cookie or a piece of chocolate or at the very least a pat on the back.

You didn't just sit there, wishing. You did something to make it happen. Recalibrate as needed. Things change. If it looks like your original plan is a bust, revise it. If you're a pantser, you're already good at this. The whole point and purpose of a plan is to be looking down the road a little so you know where you're headed. Lose weight. Go back to school. Start a new job. Everyone must strive to be better. What I am going to do, is start my own little revolution. I will never be Cindy Crawford no matter how much weight I lose—and my husband loves me anyway.

As far as a new job—the one I have will do just fine, unless or until I find one that makes me happier. My revolution also encompasses my writing. I just need to write when, and what, makes me happy. My banner will be a ripped-off cover of Strunk and White, because rules are made to be broken. As a life-long writer, Terri Benson has one published novel, award winning short stories, and over a hundred articles — many award winning - in local and regional magazines and on-line e-zines. Some quick bits of advice for the new writer or reminders for the experienced, though I expect them to just nod, because they know this and don't need to be reminded.

Even if your original words spring from a wonderful inspired rush, there is still dealing with agents, editors, reviewers. If you're e-published, there is a mountain of decisions to be made about covers and editing and promo, promo, promo. I remember when I realized writing was work. I was revising my first book which I'd written one summer without benefit of critique.

I was so new I had a writing buddy who has since quit so we could check out our writing BEFORE taking it to our critique group so we didn't embarrass ourselves. It was Saturday morning and I was not a morning person. I met my friend at a place across town at 7 a. Hers was fine. Mine, that I'd spent hours writing and revising was: "This is great but it doesn't belong in the book. Mental anguish finding just the right word.

Gone forever. Writing, and making a career of writing is not JUST fun. No, writing is not police work or firefighting, or other physically or emotionally taxing professions, but, yes, it can be hard. Yes, really. Everyone thinks they can write a book, and write one easily, and if you are lucky , easy books will come.

But this is a craft, a profession, a job like anything else. Whatever hours you put into training for your day job or regular career will have to be worked in writing, too. Sometimes when I have problems I haul myself and computer to a local coffee shop. One day I was there, and when I powered up and the word processing program came online, it showed my formatted work.

I think I had printed pages of revisions beside me, maybe some promo for my last books. A woman sitting at the next table with three other women a book club, I think slanted me a glance and said to her friends, "You remember when we all decided to write a book last year? They'd thought it would be easy. No one had gotten to Chapter 3. Some days pages will plink out word by word like drops of blood wrung from your brain and heart, slit from your wrist to hit the keyboard with your fingers.

If you are good enough, your readers won't be able to tell which words originated from your flushed inspiration and those that dribbled out. I attend a writing retreat in South Carolina every year, and one year a woman showed up who'd written an award-winning children's book. She'd done that on a fabulous wave of inspiration. She was taking this time to free her mind so she could repeat the process. She spent all that week waiting for the inspiration and it didn't come. I don't think she's ever written anything since. Stephen King writes about his muses, the boys in the basement.

Show up every day at the same time, and the guys will be more likely to show up, too. For me, that means that if you sit down, and your brain and body know you're going to work, it can be easier to do. Discipline is important. Put your butt in the chair and fingers on the keyboard and write. If fabulous literary words don't come, write workman-like sentences.

If workman-like sentences don't come, write whatever does. Give yourself permission to write crap. You can always revise. When it Comes to Royalties, Anthologies Vary. Some anthologies do not. Always ask--and get a clear answer--about the royalty structure before you agree to contribute your work to an anthology. If the anthology doesn't pay royalties to authors, the contract should state who receives the money earned on anthology sales.

One court famously stated that "even a peppercorn will do" if that's what the signatories to the deal agree on. In many publishing contracts, the "consideration" is money, but where the author is not receiving royalties on sales of the work, the anthology language may look something like this:. Note that the language includes the important elements mentioned above:. What the author receives : "inclusion in the Anthology if appropriate and author copies.

Whether or not the author receives royalties here, no : "no royalties are due, payable or owed to Author The contract may also allow the author to purchase copies of the anthology at a reduced price, and may specify whether or not the author can re-sell those copies at a profit. Publication alongside more established authors exposes the newer author to readers who may then purchase the newer author's works as well.

Finally, non-royalty bearing anthologies may offer an author a chance to participate in a project with other like-minded authors in circumstances which were never designed to generate a profit. Some groups publish anthologies at cost, or free of charge, as a service to certain communities or to readers.

Note: even here, the contract should state what happens to any profits or proceeds the anthology does generate. Some authors never contribute to anything which doesn't pay royalties. Others may choose to publish in non-royalty bearing projects now and then. As long as you know up front what kind of situation you're entering into, the choice is yours--and yours alone--and you should treat it as a business decision, taking all of the relevant facts and circumstances into account.

Has your work been published in an anthology? How do you feel about royalties in anthology situations? In every single book, I hit a point where I'm completely and utterly convinced that it's terrible. It doesn't matter that pretty much every writer I've ever talked to says the same thing, I always feel alone in my despair. It also makes no difference for my brain to remind my heart that I do this on Every Single Book.

With the luxury of hindsight, my published books all feel precious, wonderful and perfect. Like a woman who blanks out the pain of childbirth, I remember only the joy and wonder of the experience. Each book in this trilogy has gotten darker and more emotional. I suspect readers will want to kill me with THIS one. I thought about not finishing. I really tried not to go some places in the story.

None of that is working and I'm captive on this story train, hurtling to the bridge over the chasm that is surely destroyed. I was sure readers would hate me. I wanted to reel it back and didn't seem to be able to. I thought I might not be able to finish it. I screeched up to the deadline so my CPs and editor at Carina got the draft at the same time. So the CP comments and developmental edits arrived all at once. My editor knew I was doing this and was fine with it, btw. You know what? I was flabbergasted. Every single one of them gave me the fewest revision notes I'd received thus far.

In fact, it's really quite awful. In turn, Democrats took a beating in the mid-term election. Take Repub- licans were winning everything, but Lynch won re-election for governor. Results indicat- ed that a lot of voters must have picked Lynch and then chosen Republican after Republican as they worked their way down the ballot. Scala thought it was notable so many Republicans opted against running again for state Senate. A handful of senators chose not to run again. In a lot of ways it has been an exhaust- ing year for senators. Incumbency, as a factor, is a big deal, espe- cially in state Senate races.

Whether that wound has healed or not remains to be seen. She added that individual supporting groups in the tea party network are holding forums and work- shops throughout the state. Some groups are focusing on the Constitution, and others are holding speakers to talk about Austrian Eco- nomics and Voluntaryism.

Spiliotes figures the tea party will contin- ue to play a role in the grassroots. Bettencourt, the disgraced former House majority leader, resigned last month after news broke that he lied about his involvement in an internship for his law degree with the University of New Hampshire Law School. Two weeks before that scandal broke, House staffer Bob Mead came under fire for filing for reimbursement for travel to events at which he recruited Republican candidates.

Mead has resigned. GOP strategist Michael Dennehy disagreed. The reason why [Rep. The words are nuclear — but the point of the words is accurate. Scala wondered if the next step would be for conservative groups to generate interest in challenging some of those Republican senators. It will be business as usual from her perspective.

The tea party movement is not about indi- vidual candidates. The Obama campaign will try to make the case the pres- ident has done a good job with the economy, Spiliotes said. President Obama seems to be right on the edge of the knife of being an incumbent who could be easily re-elect- ed and someone who might not have much of a chance The economies in other countries, including places like Brazil and China, are starting to shrink, Arnesen said. It also makes the election less about whose fault the bad economy is and more about how to ride it out, she said.

If there was one group to watch it would be Republican-lean- ing women, not strongly Republican women, Scala said. That makes sense, politicos say. That includes clothing, bike racks, you name it! We'll apply the discount. Serving couples in the Greater Nashua area since ! Lynch has had a stranglehold on the seat since With Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith vying for the nomination, Republicans are try- ing to seize the opportunity this time around.

But Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley, who are running for the Democratic nomination, along with political newcomer Bill Kennedy, look like serious contenders, as well. Smith is trying to make the transition from advocate to candidate. Lamontagne has been expected to run for some time. Hassan and Cilley, of course, would have preferred to hold onto their Senate seats in , so they could run from that platform. Lamontagne garnered attention and recognition for his well-run Senate campaign that came up just short of defeating Kelly Ayotte in He garnered seemingly even more recognition for graciously throwing his support behind Ayotte instead of calling for a recount.

Hassan recently said at a candidates forum that she would veto any proposal for an income tax or a sales tax. To what extent do candidates dis- tance themselves from House leadership? The gubernatorial candidates are a bit of a blank slate for voters. On the Republican side, Smith is a relative unknown as well. Even Lamontagne, who has been in the news quite a bit since , is more unknown than people might guess. Given that, Scala said the race could be impacted by what happens at the top of the ticket. A strong win in New Hamp- shire for Obama, and perhaps the Democratic nominee pulls it out, or conversely, if Rom- ney wins New Hampshire, that could be good news for the Republican nominee.

A Democrat has held the office for four terms and that is unheard of in New Hampshire history. He lasted a long time, but other than that, not much, especially not much in the last term. In the last term, there was not a Democratic gov- ernor. There was lit- tle he could do. He stuck his neck out once in a while, but he had little power to exert. Cuts to hos- pitals. All that pointed to one person. That had nothing to do with the comer office. The real interesting thing is how does a Republi- can mn? Really, and where were you for two years? House of Representatives, 1st District Republican Rep.

Guinta won eas- ily in a match-up with Shea-Porter, the incumbent at the time, in , in wave election for Republicans. The district leans Republican, but Shea-Porter has a strong grassroots network. House of Representatives, 2nd District Republican Rep. Analysts expect a close race again. The district leans Democratic, and Kuster ran a much-lauded campaign in , but Bass is as close to a household name in New Hampshire as there is. Smith is making the switch from advocate to candidate and working hard, but Lamontagne seems to have the support of the GOP estab- lishment.

Hassan appears to be trying to position herself politically close to Gov. John Lynch, who has succeeded with a moderate approach. How well Democrats make that connection will probably determine the race. Longtime coun- cilor and former Manchester Mayor Ray Wieczorek is retiring. Bums is Hillsborough County treasurer. Pap- pas is a former state representative and is co-owner of the Puritan Backroom in Manchester. Look for Van Ostem to generate excitement in the progressive base. Thanks to redis- tricting, the district is now heavily Democratic.

Republican incumbent Dan St. Hilaire is not mnning again. Greaz- zo is a Manchester alderman and state representative, and Hikel is a state rep- resentative who recently got in some hot water for controversial comments. Senate District 16 Republican David Boutin incumbent Democrat Kathleen Kelley Boutin won a special election for the District 16 seat early in , then beat Kelley in the general election. Lambert is a state rep, and Soucy is a Manchester school board member. Hippo June 14 - 20, Page 18 ing for a recount I think he continued that through with all the house parties at his home.

He had a big head start. Bill Binnie garnered a good bit of attention this spring. Some thought he was positioning himself for a run. Binnie had plenty of his own money to use to get into the race, and he would have presumably filled the slot of the moderate Republican. He tried to fill that slot in the Senate race and ultimately lost badly.

But Dennehy was surprised. Arnesen said these rac- es are difficult to individualize. She figured they would be heavily influenced by how things go with the presidential election in New Hampshire. Most of the polling suggests Shea-Porter is doing a little better than two years ago. Shea-Porter lost by a wide margin to Frank Guinta in , when she was the incumbent.

Guinta was easily able to tie Shea-Porter to the Obama administration and general government over- reaching and spending. Making adjustments, Dennehy fig- ures Guinta has about an eight-point lead. He is the type of person and candidate in a district that will very likely outperform the top of the ticket. That gives Guinta an inherent advantage over Shea-Porter, who is seen as a progressive Democrat. In , Guinta cleaned up on the Route corridor. Shea-Porter will have to make some signifi- cant gains in that area to come out on top this time around, analysts say. She said Shea-Porter has much bet- ter name recognition.

Shea-Porter did hold the seat for two terms, after all. The problem for Guinta is that Congress has such a low approval rating. He, person- ally, has more or less fallen in line with the House Republican leadership. If Obama wins New Hamp- shire, it could be difficult for Guinta to win back his seat. I think the 1st District, even more than the 2nd District, could be the one to watch. Bass is a household name in a liberal-leaning district. Kuster ran a universally admired grassroots campaign in That means he has to out-work Anne Kuster and motivate the Republican base. With issues like contraception, abortion and birth control arriving at the forefront at times during the last few months in New Hampshire, Kuster and Shea-Porter have gender advantages in their races, Arnesen said.

Tmc to Lighten Mp! Monday, July 23 th through Friday, July 27 th. Registration deadline June Call for details. Catherine of Siena Parish Hemlock St. Swim, sail, canoe or kayak on the lake, play sports and games, make arts and crafts projects, sing, act and dance, hiking trips, archery, fishing, BBs, nature study and so much more. There is something for everyone at Camp Wiyaka! LIT Program for older campers ages 1 offers the chance to be a camper, and a leader within our camp.

Doors open at p. Saturday, June 16 Yard sale season is in full swing and there are at least two big ones today: the annual sale at the Unitarian Universal- ist Church of Manchester Union St. Thursday, June 14 Strawberries are ready for harvest, and the Amherst farm- ers Market is opening today at Amherst Village Common, from 3 to 6 p.

Local musicians San- dy LaFleur and Bill Perry will perform on guitar, mandolin and dulcimer, and free tote bags will be available while supplies last. The market offers fresh local foods including naturally raised beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck and pork, as well as eggs, milk, breads, jams, fruits and veg- gies. It will be held on Thursdays through Oct. Visit amherst- market. Tuesday, June 19 Why? You must be at least 16 and comfortable with basic yoga postures and swimming to par- ticipate. See www. One Hand Free www. Go to www. Taylor is a musician in his own right and thus there is no good reason for pointing out that he is the son of famed folkie James Taylor and Car- ly Simon and the nephew of Livingston Taylor, who is also performing soon at Tupelo — this week, in fact, on Friday, June 15, at 8 p.

Hippo June 14 - 20, Page 20 hedford Sit back and relax. Loveless, Jr. He was awoken around a. It was the double-glazed [studio] windows blowing up. She woke up to the sound and elbowed me to wake up, which I did. The studio was engulfed in flames by the time the volunteer fire department arrived. The fire marshal and chief later told Brooks that a live wire, which ran from the exterior of the studio to an above-ground transformer, was weighted down by heavy, wet snow and was pulled out of the building. Like the building, Brooks was ravaged by the fire.

All of my sketch books, photos, books — how does one recover from that? I was in a state of grief. People began showing up at his home, and his spirits started to lift, he says. Fifty-five people showed up. Someone even arranged for catering. Everyone was high as a kite. The spirit of helping was involved. Now, more than two years later, Brooks has replaced his studio, which consists of three buildings instead of four.

Brooks is also making artwork again — for exhibitions, clients, schools, museums. He is kind and humble and deeply affected by the support he has received. He and his wife have decided to host an open house at the new stu- dio on Saturday, June 16, to thank everyone who has helped them. It takes a village to raise an art- ist. You are my village. To get listed, Includes listings, shows, auditions, workshops and more. To get listed, e-mail Includes symphony and orchestral performances.

To get listed, e-mail e-mail arts hippopress. Visit millartists. June and July and at 15 Pine St. Visit happyretums. Visit facebook. State Library in Concord 20 Park St. Public programs coinciding with the exhibit will be offered, including basket making on Wed. Visit nh. Bamstead Road, Bamstead, Visit nhcrafts. Rain date is Sun. Visit manchester-artists. Call Rick Johnsen at , or visit facebook. Visit monadnockareaartists.

Free admission and downtown parking. Visit con- cordartsmarket. Call , or visit andresinstitute. Visit artround- town. Series will feature presen- tations by professional artists on the first and third Saturdays of the month, p. Extension, Nashua, Visit pdasociety.

Offered twice daily. Reser- vations required. Opening reception Thurs. Opening recep- tion Thurs. Open- ing reception Fri. Visit wcanh. Artist reception Sat. Visit seacoastartist. Gallery hours are Tues. For more, call Opening recep- tion Sun. Library hours are Mon.

Call before visiting since room is sometimes used for meetings. Hours are Tues. Main St. Branch hours are Mon. Public programs coincid- ing with the exhibit will be offered, including decoy carving Wednesday, June 20, at the same time. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Satur- day, 11 a. For more on this or other upcoming gallery events, call Stobart was bom in Leicester, England, and received training in drawing and painting at the Royal Academy in London. He came to the U.

A generous donor to Discover Portsmouth, Stobart also showed his works at the center last summer. The exhibit is free and open daily from 10 a. Gallery hours are Mon. Gallery hours are Thurs. Open daily, 10 a. Admission SS15 adults. Call , or visit strawberybanke. Goffstown, NH - www. Did you know that virtually all adults believe a smile is an important asset?

For the best selection of graduation gifts. Inspire your graduate! Jewelry 'Brighton and more Events and shopping online. Call today to book your appointment! Good until 5. American playwright and screenwriter David Rabe spoke these words, describing the alienation he felt after returning home from the Vietnam War. The play, which Rabe penned in , delves into such weighty topics as isolation, abuse and post- traumatic stress disorder. She embarks on a journey to figure out what is wrong with her, Haksever explains. I think the journey itself — the self-discovery — is also some- thing people can relate to.

Courtesy photo by Lisa DeFazio. Purnhagen, who graduated with Haksever and has been acting since high school, says the character of Chrissy has challenged her, pushing her out of her comfort zone. She is scattered. It gets my body unsettled and uncomfortable. Haksever says the play is not all heavy all the time, despite how it may sound. The show is intended for mature audiences only.

For more, call , or visit gltne. Manchester library Com- mercial St. Commercial St. Details on our f Page facebook. Not applicable with other offers. To learn more about our 33 undergradu- ate programs including specializations in writing and the visual arts, contact our Admission Office at or ORG tel.

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Mention this ad when you book the appointment. It will be presented July Also on deck are Our Town Aug. Show times are p. Tuesdays through Thursdays, 8 p.

Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p. The coalition, a state- wide all-volunteer organization, provides support to New Hampshire residents with breast cancer. For more, call , or visit palacetheatre. Open Tues. Now, Are You My Mother? A recent in-depth profile in the New York- er magazine showed why she continues to be a trailblazer. Visit ryanjohnlefebvre. Visit healingwithart. Submission dates are Sat. For details, call , or e-mail nhartassociation gmail.

Deadline is Fri. E-mail maskmakemh gmail. Call , or visit art- stamworth. For more, e-mail event organizer Josh Hamel at hameltattoo yahoo. All submissions should be e-mailed to ccallahan sps. Deadline is Tues.


Visit nashuanh. If interested, visit 3sarts. To apply, call Limited to 12 participants; pre-registration required. Call for show times. An artist reception will be held Saturday, June 16, from 2 to 4 p. Childs primar- ily paints with watercolor though he has also worked with ink line drawing and monotype printmaking. Visit his website at billchildsart. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a. The tour will be held rain or shine, and tickets, which can be purchased in advance at Discover Portsmouth Center Middle and Islington streets and Rolling Green Nursery 64 Break- fast Hill Road, Greenland or online at pontine.


Visit noty- ourmomsmusicaltheater. The tour will be held rain or shine. For more, call , or visit pontine. Visit majest- ictheatre. The series will continue with Godspell, Jr. Seussical, Jr. Visit notyour- momsmusicaltheater. Visit lowellsummermusic. I Closing Loans in 14 I 9 Underwater? We Can Help! River Rd 21, Bedford f i Gretchen Scott tunics for your skinnies, leggings, or the beach! Full Service. Call , or visit palacetheatre.

Visit a Thursday eve- ning rehearsal, 15 p. Broadway, Derry , call , or visit mhchorus. Like us on K1 Look great today for much less than you think! E-mail scripts to djmrllo aol. Visit nhtheatreproject. Year-round six- week sessions are available for this act- ing workshop. For dates and locations, call Lori at or e-mail at info whitebridgefarmproductions. Call , or visit nhtheatreproject. Visit ccanh. Visit merrimackrep. Leam technique, improvisation, stage combat, dance and more. The ensemble is Barbara Hopkins on period flutes and Judy Handler on guitar both pictured. All perfor- mances are Wednesdays at noon.

Register at svbgc. Classes include musi- cal theater for kids through 15 and classes for homeschoolers. Call or visit majestictheatre. See windhamactors- guild. Mondays: Kindertheatre, p. Magic Carpet Riding, p. Homeschool Youtheatre, a. Homeschool Improvisation, 1 1 a. Wednes- days: Audition Technique, p. Thursdays: You- theatre I, p. You- theatre II, p. Cre- ating A Role, p.

Lridays: Audition Technique, p. Improve Your Improv, p. Visit peacockplayers. Visit symphonynh. Visit straffordwindsymphony. Self-guided tour will include stops at seven gardens. Call , e-mail latem- perino comcast. Joseph Cathedral, Lowell St. Rehearsals are Thurs- days, p. Solemn Mass. Call , ext. Get your pro- gram listed by sending information to listings hippopress.

An engine is stored away over yonder to be rebuilt, some pieces from a bow-roofed cabin are in con- struction over to the left. A myriad of work benches weaves throughout the space, and the sun pours through the large warehouse windows, shining on the tools set for glass- making, casting and welding. Kilns by the back walls are hot and ready to fire. First- time visitors may not know what all the tools and materials are for, but they can find out: The space at 29 Crown St.

Workshop themes vary, ranging from ceramics to circuit boards, go- karts to screws. Last week, participants created glass structures under the direction of Makelt Labs board member Paul Hardin. During the Basic Glass workshop on June 3, participants created glass structures of their own design, colored and cut in stripes and flowers. After the initial design is created, the glass is fired twice — once to melt the design into the glass, and then again to shape it.

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It must be noted that the workshop instruc- tors do not tell you what to make. She is no stranger to the Makelt Labs world; she and Rob Masek are also working together building the parts of their bow-roofed round- ed cabin-to-be in northern New Hampshire. These workshops differ from many do-it- yourself art, glass or ceramic workshops. While the workshops and weekly open houses every Monday and Thursday, after 6 p. Makelt Labs opened in July in Lowell, Mass.

The group has met some challenges — making the building usable and safe, repairing windows and constructing a bathroom in the Makelt Labs warehouse. Now almost a year in and with about 47 members, the club allows for projects of all kinds, with rental space after all, who wants three kilns in their basement?

Paul Flardin works on his on half-sun cre- ations as he leads the Basic Glass workshop on June 3. Photo by Rob Masek. We share our equipment, but we do it in a responsible way. Everything is purchased, donated or created by members. Engineers, artists, doers and think- ers may find their niche here, as will someone who wants to find answers for a project he or she is working on. Visit makeitlabs. Makelt Labs 29 Crown St. Open house: Mondays and Thursdays, p. Leam about some of the new events, sign up for summer reading, and see bubbleology performance by Keith Michael Johnson.

Readers and nonreaders are invited to register and pick up a read- ing log starting Fri. The reading program includes the 3rd Annual Penny Carnival for ages 4 and up, Wednesday, June 20, at 2 p. Visit tinyurl. For students entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grade in the fall. Par- ticipants will solve wilderness challenges that are practical and thought-provoking, with navigation, land stewardship, self- awareness, shelter-building, knot-tying, animal identification and hiking smart. Spend the day fishing at local lakes and ponds. Pre-registration with payment required.

Visit amoskeagfishways. Free with Admission. Explore the math, sci- ence, engineering and culture of circles. Discover what makes the circle the best shape for both pizzas and car wheels, or why bubbles, the sun and the iris of your eye are all circles. Broadway, Derry, Make island smoothies, soft pretzels, decorative fruit tarts, guacamo- le, salsa and pita chips and more. Regis- tration required. Call or visit derrypl. Broadway, Derry, every Thursdays his summer starting Thurs. This bowl is marked Brookpark.

Pooled Ink: Celebrating the NCW Contest Winners by Jennifer Top

Is it old? There were several different lines and lots and lots of colors of this kind of plastic ware. Brookpark made not only bowls like yours, but complete dish sets, as well. The stuff is tough and meant to last. The bowls seem to be the most sought after. Condition is everything, though.

Even though they were tough, the surface seemed to scratch and wear down to a dull finish, and that would make it not collectible now. It was part of a set of three nesting bowls. The most important part of your bowl is that it is marked. I found a lot of modem makers producing them now, in vibrant colors just like the ones made in the s. Donna Welch has spent more than 20 years in the antiques and collectibles field and owns From Out Of The Woods Antique Center in Goffstown wwwfromou - tofthewoodsantiques.

She is an antiques appraiser, an instructor and a licensed auctioneer. Or e-mail her at footwdw aol. Or drop by the shop call first, Saturday, June 23, from 10 a. This day of dairy also features wagon rides, a bam hunt and a visit to the blacksmith shop. Free ice cream will be served from noon to 3 p. Call or visit farmmuseum. Be ready to think creatively, get messy with monster make up, and have fun with others.

Visit derrypl. No registration required. Semi- professional gaming geeks will be on hand to mentor new players in classic and modem games. See playdatenh. Game days are also hosted on the second Saturday of each month, noon to 4 p. Call or visit www. Call after 5 p. Guests welcome. Visit bowgardenclub. Call or visit derrygardenclub.

Contact Tom at or e-mail tomgroleau gsinet. Visit dunbartongardenclub. New members and visitors welcome. Visit hampsteadgarden. See merrimack- gardenclub. Visit nashuagardenclub. Refreshments are available and visitors are wel- come. Go to nhorchids. Meetings will involve book discussions, anime viewing, workshops. Visit rodger- slibrary. This club will provide local user support for Apple products. User meetings feature product demos and discussions of technol- ogy as it relates to Apple comput- ing.

Visitors are welcome. Visit web. Trade tips and techniques with others interested in family research and leam about genealogical resources located in the library. Visit rodgerslibrary. Bank Foreclosure? Bills Beyond Control? More Information at www. In New Hampshire, we have 18 miles of beauti- ful coastline in which to sun, surf and.

Tide pools, for the uninitiated, are pools of seawater that remain after the tide goes out, a period of time otherwise known as low tide. Tide pools may form among the rocks on shore or on the beach itself. Low tide happens about every six hours, Chick said, adding that the best time to tide pool is either two hours before low tide or two hours after. What kinds of creatures can you find in our area tide pools? Sea stars, also called starfish, common periwinkles, sea urchins, hermit crabs, dog whelks and bar- nacles are among the common creatures you might see, Chick said.

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You might also glimpse lobsters, small fish and mussels, she said. Chick said she and other naturalists at the Center recommend people view tide pool creatures while holding them under water, since these critters need water to breathe. She said a good rule of thumb if you want to view an animal out of the water is to hold your breath while you look at it. She said it helps to pick them up by the top of the shell to avoid their pincers. Explorers may have to do a little dig- ging in the sand, or turn over some rocks, to find tide pool creatures.

Chick said people often ask how sea crea- tures can survive the relentless crashing of waves, or the times when their tide pools dry up. She also asks kids not to throw snails or other creatures they find, as the animals can get injured. She said peo- ple should check the water level about every 20 minutes and be aware of where the waves are breaking, to help judge when they need to head back to shore. Chick said the entire staff is very excited by this new resident, which they recently discovered is female.

They have been working with her to teach her some targeted feeding behaviors, Chick said. Photo courtesy of Seacoast Science Center. The octopus has learned to unscrew a cap on a bottle and then tip the bottle to eat the green crab inside. Chick encourages people to come see the octopus over the summer, adding that they typically live to be 1 to 1 years old, and the octopus will be approaching maturity this fall.

Seacoast Science Center Ocean Blvd. The 2 p. Participants can bring their own food or buy grilled fare, ice cream and snacks. Beer and wine are available for sale, but participants may not bring their own alcohol into the park or concerts. Art in Nature, July , with examples of how art and nature intersect. If you speak French, enhance your enjoyment of the language by becoming a member of this club. Call Walter Parenteau at Call Bob Dion at Each month three topics are chosen for compe- titions.

Visitors and new members are always welcome. See nashuacameraclubnh. Flying Field, 1 B St. Broadway, Derry. Visit ne whampshirefly ingtigers. This informal club offers educa- tional programs for all ability levels and the opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Attend your first meeting free. See photographersforum. Go to nlfd. Meetings are open to the public. Visit snhflyingeagles.

Willow St. Contact Marc Berthiaume at Socratescafenh comcast. Visit snhrcc. Visitors are wel- come. Visit udnh. E-mail rimple- finn gmail. For ages 12 and older. Learn the art of needle-felting, and use this technique to create a teddy bear. Call or email nashuarg nhcrafts.

Learn how to three a machine, how to wind a bobbin, and more at this introductory class. Pick up a list of materials at the front desk. Registration required. Coil, wrap, weave, twine, knit, crotchet, knit, braid, twist and more to make all kinds of jewelry and accessories.

No experience required. Choose from a variety of styles of wishing stars to make and take home. Call or email kgerber concordnh. Leam the basic principles of felting. A felted canvas will be provided to design a one-of-a-kind picture. Students will then shr ink it down using elementary wet felting methods. Pre-registration required. Call or email nhcraft metrocast. Students can choose from numerous skill-level appropriate proj- ects and progress at their own pace with teacher assistance.

All levels from beginner to advanced students are welcome. Call or e-mail nashuarg nhcrafts. Doors open at 7 p. Cash bar and snacks avail- able, reservations suggested. Singles and couples welcome, as are dancers of all levels and ages. Full cash bar and snacks available.

Call Paul Lizotte at plizotte rivier. Last Concord contra dance of the season, featuring music of Gypsy Minor. Beginners, singles, families welcome. Call or visit homepage. Check in at the registra- tion table between 10 and a. The event will include food, fun and music, and aims to raise money to start a New Hamp- shire chapter of Best Buddies, a nonprofit dedicated to establish- ing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrat- ed employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Akwaa- ba Ensemble features West African drum- ming and dance. See akwaa- baensemble. Open to all. Recommended for ages 8 and older; kids young- er than 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Attendees will re-live the excite- ment and drama of the early days of space exploration, start- ing with the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, and following to the lunar landings and privately operated space flights. Recommended for ages 8 Manchester on Sat. No appointment necessary. Visit manches- teracupuncturestudio. Refreshments served, RS VP not required.

Receive tours of new facility and hyperbaric oxygen chambers and talk with staff. RSVP sug- gested — call Classes are in general first aid, emergency response and becom- ing a Red Cross instructor. Join Bob Ridgely for this series of begin- ning birding programs to learn identification by sight and sound.

Meet at the center and travel by van to the birding site. Registra- tion requested — - e-mail info nhnature. Visit nhfestivals. Extension, Manches- ter. Courses are ongoing. Prices and times vary. Learn about how May Gruber made it from working in sales at Gimbels to building Pandora into a multi-million dollar company. No appoint- ment necessary. Meet with Business Development Specialist from the U. Small Business Administration to meet one-on-one and provide business assis- tance to address concerns and direct to resources.

Contact Miguel Moralez at or miguel. Practical advice on starting, buying or franchising your own business. Veterans free. Visit merri- mackvalley. Loeb School of Communications E. Industrial Park Drive, Manchester on Fri. Call or visit loebschool. Com- mercial St. Learn from James Jendrzejewski and Mark Clifford how to properly combine product devel- opment with relevant support literature to save money and bring products to market.

Email heather abihub. No cost to attend, but pre-registration required.