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With his good communication skills and friendly respectful approach, Tony knows the need to service and fully meets the requirements of clients; he stands firm on getting the job done while satisfying all parties involved. With over 25 years experience as a shipping agent in the Quebec region, he possesses exceptional knowledge with the logistical handling and pressures in North America.

He brings to our chartering department technical expertise instrumental to the success of our operations. Anna Di Lella is our back office and operation manager.

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She controls and ensures that every task in our business is executed in a timely manner in order to maintain continuity of the process from beginning to end. Actively involved in every aspect of our organization since more than 20 years, Anna is an instrumental member to our reputation. Nina Forlini completes our operations department.

In support of Anna, she brings precision and attention to detail in all administrative and accounting related operations. Her skills in the grain Fobing activities are an additional asset to her daily functions. Myriam Blais is our chief administration and financial controller. Stephane Gayte is our European desk manager with over 15 years of experience in the shipping community.

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He is able to manage both port and vessel operations and quickly resolve any related issue. His expertise and precise attention to details give him an advantage to foresee any problem that might occur on a daily basis; Stephane lets very little get past him, if anything at all. Lawrence Seaway opening March 26th, marked the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. At the same time the St. Lawrence Seaway celebrated its 60th Anniversary. The Federal Kumano was the first vessel entering the St.

Lambert locks to kick off the season. Latest St-Lawrence conditions The ice situation in the St. Lawrence gulf is still progressing.

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The thickness is cm grey-white ice and in some area cm first year to thin first-year ice. We are starting to see ice pressure warning as you can see on […]. Latest St-Lawrence conditions Winter started early this year and the ice situation is getting difficult. An ice jam formed on Lake St.

Due to this restriction, 9 vessels downbound and 13 […]. Congratulation to Francisco for being […]. From the St Lawrence to the Wouri River! This year we had the pleasure to accompany our Canadian partners at Fednav on their first trip to Africa. Being one of our most important destinations, we chose Cameroon for this visit. The schedule included a tour of the Port of Douala and meetings with the authorities […]. Latest St-Lawrence conditions The ice condition in the St. Lawrence has become particularly severe; ice coverage has at least tripled in the past month and in some areas ice thicknesses range between 30 and 70 centimeters.

The cold weather and the large abundance of snow contributed to this difficult winter. Last week a large ice […].

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Lawrence, thus reducing maritime traffic and announcing a very harsh winter. Ice formation started before the Christmas break reaching rarely attained levels in early January, especially in the salty waters of the Golf of the Saint Lawrence. In recent days, strong […]. New horizon Our new office Open House held on June 19th was a great success with more than a hundred guests in attendance.

We thank all of our partners and friends who joined us to celebrate this happy event. Fill Form 6A in 2 copies. Forms are also available free of cost in Indian Missions. Documents Required One recent passport size coloured photograph affixed in Form 6A. Self attested photocopies of the relevant pages of the passport containing photograph, address in India and all other The page of passport containing the valid visa endorsement Form can be submited in Person or by post If the application is sent by post, the photo copy of each of the documents referred to above, should be duly self attested.

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If application submitted in person before the ERO, the original passport should be produced for verification What Happens after the form Submission: the Verification process Booth Level Officer will visit the home address mentioned in your passport and enquire to verify the copies of documents In cases where no relative is available or willing to give declaration for verification of documents, the documents will be sent for verification to the concerned Indian Mission Decision of the ERO will be communicated to you by post on the address and SMS on the mobile number given in Form 6A.

Electoral rolls are also on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer Name of overseas elector is included in a separate section for "Overseas Electors" which is the last section of the roll of each polling station area You can use Form-8 for making any correction in electoral roll Download. No person can be enrolled on more than one electoral roll i.