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If you're retired but miss working, these 5 jobs offer decent pay, flexible hours

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How to maintain an active lifestyle with a long commute

Please use this form to submit any feedback you may have. I am a job seeker I posted this job. Take Sue Walbert. Her solution: working part time at the library. Walbert arranged to clock in two days a week through a job-sharing arrangement with a colleague who also wanted to cut back on hours. And it was fun learning how to do different things in the library that I didn't handle before, like online cataloging. After a few years, Walbert was ready to really retire from that job. Now she works part time as a bookkeeper, helping out with monthly billing for a horse boarding and training business, where she stables her own horse.

As it turned out, that was very profitable," she says. And in her spare time, Walbert is also slowly working on an associate degree in business at a community college. Whatever your motivation for working after retirement, here are five great part-time jobs to consider. Pay ranges, which vary based on experience and where you live, are derived from the U.

The nitty-gritty: Duties might include fielding questions, shelving books, helping patrons check out, tracking overdue material and sending notices, as well as cataloging and keeping an eye out for lost and damaged items.

Meet six women who've traded the 9-5 office haul for a life less ordinary

The hours: Schedules vary widely. Big libraries or ones on university campuses may keep the doors open 24 hours a day, while small local libraries might offer limited day and evening hours. Pay range: Pay can vary widely based on location and type of library, with some smaller ones relying on volunteers. Qualifications: Experience working in libraries is desirable, as is an undergraduate or master's degree in library science.

Larger libraries favor research skills using library resources, databases and other tools, as well as the ability to get along with people. Some skills that will help: word processing, data entry, online searching, the ability to keep accurate records, an understanding of library operations and general secretarial skills. Love of books is a given. The nitty-gritty: In small businesses, bookkeepers handle a full range of financial records. You might take care of purchasing office supplies and processing the payroll. Other duties can include establishing and maintaining inventory database systems, tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable, maintaining checking and savings accounts, producing financial reports, following up on delinquent accounts and overseeing audits and reviews.

The hours: Vary by business. Frequently limited to one week midmonth and one week at the end of the month for invoicing or bill-paying functions. Annual pay range: Pay depends on advanced training, degrees and location. Qualifications: A degree in accounting is desirable. Relevant experience or formal training in accounting or auditing services is a plus. Other key skills: doing data entry and being detail oriented, adept with financial and related computer software, and handy with a calculator.

The nitty-gritty: You typically help elderly, ill or disabled people with everyday activities ranging from bathing and getting dressed to running errands. Other duties might include light housekeeping, companionship, grocery shopping, meal preparation and medication monitoring. The hours: If you're working at someone's home, the client may require only three or four hours a day for two or three days a week. These jobs are often booked through a home care agency.

You might opt for a part-time position in an assisted living facility or hospice. But regardless, having the cert and teaching classes has, at least in my case, made me feel WAY more confident in having clients. Anyone else having this problem? Anyway, thank you Nicole for your honesty in this series. Ah I love hearing that this series was helpful! I know it can be SO hard having patience when it comes to blogging, but definitely hang in there.

Even then, my readership was still mostly other WordPress users. Love your Btone classes and this blog so much. Wish I could have you come talk to my high school students about your career path! I sure as hell have.

'I'm a warmer and more relaxed person than I used to be'

Great post Nicole! Ahhhh I loved this series so much!!!!!! Thank you for opening up Nicole! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your story Nicole! You follow your dreams, and keep dropping those awesome movie references. You rock! This is the perfect post to read for me today, very inspiring and helpful!

I am so ready to become a full-time blogger and say goodbye to the 9 to 5 lifestyle, whoo hoo!!! I feel seeing this on my bloglovin feed was a sign from the Universe that I am on the right path with my new beauty and lifestyle blog. Having had my fair share of fresh starts divorce, return to job I love, and life as a working mum I love to hear a story of someone being brave enough to follow their dreams, and also love the honesty behind this and other posts!

I have found this blog so different from other fitness blogs, love the workouts and the enthusiasm — keep it up! I admire your positive outlook all throughout your journey, a thing to always remember is that great things never come easy. I am currently in school working towards a bachelors in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

I love art, but I also love Health and Fitness… I love my classes and of course I maintain and live a healthy active life. Just wanted to share this with you, I enjoy your workouts! Love, from Atlanta!.. Good for you for going back to pursue your other interests! Love love this post Nicole! Im glad to hear that you had support on your journey.

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I am currently on the same kind of path and have been feeling discouraged because my husband is working while I am getting my training certification and shadowing to become a coach at a local studio. I am taking all the steps to further my career and have time to put into growing my blog, but I hate not having a substantial income to bring into the house. Thanks for letting me know that it will get better. Hang in there—sounds like the light at the end of the tunnel is already in sight for you! Nicole- You are making it in blogging and personal fitness.

Hey also I want to see more Sydney pictures from your recent trip. Good Luck. Working on a blog post about Australia right now! The corporate world is not for everyone. Working your own hours is the best thing. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. Your dedication is awesome. And that last line of your blog post made everything even MORE awesome. I loved reading your journey! Aw thank you!! Thanks for sharing and for providing some much needed hope. Best of luck and may your business bust at the seams.

I know I already commented lol but I just finished this chapter and I have to say again, thank you for sharing. As lost as I feel right now, this made me feel so much better. There are a lot of fitness and lifestlye blogs and websites out there but yours is genuine and real and therefore more inspirational. Everything you share sounds realistic, attainable and worth the hard work. Thank you for choosing this as a career and please never go away. No no, thank YOU for this comment!

Totally brightened my day! Thank you for sharing your story — it was very inspiring! My husband wants to leave the 9-to-5 world to focus on teaching and blogging about his sport, so I definitely plan to share this with him. I love your blog and your workouts — your passion for both definitely show! Hey Nicole! Love this post and following you is amazing!

TYPICAL DAY OF LAW GRAD II Managing my corporate job with my healthy lifestyle

Looking to get into working full time as a trainer. Thank you so much!! You have described exactly my decade of college and post college of ! I love the Bridesmaids and Dumb and Dumber references lol. Congrats to you and your big moves!!! Thank you for the laughs and additional inspiration! Thanks for the inspiration!

Hi Nicole! Just wanted to say this 3 part post is amazing. Similar path, I am near tears at my cubicle while I read this, thank you for the push your story is incredible! Reading your story going back to college has been such a gift to me! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hey there!

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I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger you probably figured that one out by now and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. It was with a lot of help and a little luck, but I was finally doing it. Visited 5, time, 1 visit today.

How to Stay in Shape on the 9-to-5 Grind

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